Catchy Kitchen Backsplash Designs

One of the most nerve wracking moments for a homeowner remodeling their kitchen is designing the kitchen backsplash. 

1) What color tile is best? 2) What kind of tile – porcelain, ceramic, natural stone?  3) What sort of design would look good?  4) Lots of detail, no detail?  5) How much will it cost?

Lots of nervousness and agitation in something that seems so simple.  At least until you’re picking out your own and realizing how permanent it is.  Well, semi-permanent.  It can always be changed……just at a price.  And whatever we select we want it to be something we’ll enjoy for years to come, not grow tired of in a year or two.  The best solution – (well, hire an experienced interior designer) the next best solution – look at lots and lots of pictures and kitchens to get an idea of the look and feel you are after.  Below is a broad – very broad – range of styles in different design patterns and colors.  Take a look and see what style works best for you.


Here you see neutral tones in natural stone, with a picture frame design over the cooktop using mosaic tiles for a border and etched tiles for the patterned “picture”.  Subtle, but full of impact.


A Tuscan theme with the gold’s and rusts – staggered natural stone subway tiles (that’s the 3×6 shape)  and painted tiles to create a mural.


Another look with painted tiles.


Admittedly, not for everyone, but wouldn’t this animal mural would be a conversation starter?


Natural stone on a diagonal with 2×2 inserts.  Notice the horizontal row at the bottom outside the cooktop area.


More natural stone.



Simple, elegant.


Incorporating metal tiles and accents with natural stone is always an interesting, fun look.


Glass mosaics make a striking backsplash.  They come in a multitude of colors:






Fun and interesting kitchen backsplash for the daring and fun-loving..


There’s always the new approach to good old white ceramic tiles of the past.  Very clean and timeless.


And for the more industrial or modern types check these out.


There are a multitude of styles and colors and patterns to choose from.  Your overall  design style will dictate much of it.  Are you modern, Tuscan, traditional, funky, etc….?  Kitchen remodeling can be expensive and scary so as I said your best defense is hiring an experienced interior designer.  Aside from that I would suggest you peruse magazines, books, wander through home improvement centers, tile stores and model homes – snapping as many pictures as you can to start forming your own style.  You’ll start to notice a trend in the colors, shapes, styles you are drawn to.  And, if you see a look you really like tear the picture out of a magazine or take a picture with your camera and just duplicate the exact same look for your own kitchen.  That’ll ease your mind and you’ll know what you’re getting.  No surprises.

But, take your time and be sure you know what you want.  It’s an expensive thing to fix if you make a mistake.  So take a deep breath, take your time and do your homework before you make those final decisions.  Then have fun and get excited!  You’ll soon be cooking in a new kitchen!  How exciting!

Happy Decorating!

Tuscan Style: A Kitchen Brimming With Cozy And Chic


 Could you have a love of all things Tuscan buried deep inside you, but never new how to define it?  Tuscan style is rich and warm with color and texture.  Think fall colors – shades of rust, reds, yellows, greens, plums – all mixed together and working with each other to create a warm, harmonious, inviting ambiance.  Dark heavy baskets,  iron work,  distressed wood, lots of fruit, wine, roosters…..all of these things create that magical Tuscan warmth that makes a kitchen so cozy and inviting.  Accents of Salado has a wonderful selection of Tuscan accents to create just this look. 


 Baskets and fruit always make for a cozy Tuscan kitchen.




 Fall colors are used throughout the space to create the Tuscan theme.


Combining textures is common. 




 Lots of distressed wood and iron embellishments fill the Tuscan kitchen.


Detail work and wonderful curves in the woodwork is common in traditional Tuscan decorating.

onlinetipsorg1This oil painting says it all – wine, fruit, iron, texture and lots of fall color. 


rialto_IronCandleHolder Iron candle holders always add Tuscan flavor to a space.


 Pot racks and roosters – very common in the Tuscan kitchen. 




Love this colorful, interesting, fun vent-a-hood and backsplash.   Rich in fall colors and texture.  You don’t have to be overly serious about everything.  Bring in some whimsy and fun!

                                                                                       Images by Accents of Salado

  The Tuscan kitchen with its warm, welcoming ambiance is the heartbeat of the home….like the warm and cozy comfort of  a fireplace in the winter.  So break out that bottle of wine, peruse some Tuscan decorating magazines and books (and my blog, of course) and think about creating this same inviting look in your own kitchen.


Happy Decorating!


Fabulosity In Fort Worth: A House Of Tuscan Splendor


When I started working with Marion on her dream home in Fort Worth the builders (Fred Parker Construction) had barely broken ground.   But, as building a home tends to go we needed to make some fairly quick decisions and get to work selecting the stucco color, the roof tile, the stone to use on the patio, etc….  After that it was onto the next item, then the next and the next.   A whirlwind of constant selections and decision making whether it was with the landscaping, the pool, the interior, the driveway, the garage….you name it.  But we had a ball working together and it actually turned out to be a two year labor of love.  Marion is fun, funny, an absolute blast to work with and the biggest sweetheart you can imagine.   Not to mention she has spectacular taste!  We were laughing the other day at how we were practically joined at the hip for a couple of years, then suddenly the project was finished.   Take a look at our fabulous “labor of love”.

Tuscan Style Home

We added iron balconies to the windows after I took this picture which adds a lot of charm to the exterior, but for some reason I don’t have a picture of it.  So here it is before we added them.


This is the amazing two story fireplace.  We had it installed so that it looked like it was completely dry stacked.  (The box in the middle is where the TV would go.)


Marble and Wood Floors 

Beautiful marble and wood floors in a diagonal pattern grace the living and dining rooms.



This kitchen is one of the best features in the home with a large bar area off to the left, loads of cabinets, beautiful tile back splash and great pendent lighting.   It has a combination of textures that create a rich warm vibe with the granite countertops, hand scraped wood floors, stone bar front and wood bar front.


Tumbled Stone

Beautiful, spacious bathroom with a lovely medallion in the center. We used a combination of honed marble and tumbled stone to create this fabulous look.



Gorgeous granite countertops!



This is the stairway leading down to the wine cellar.  We gave the stairs some pizzazz  by using large stone tiles on the step and small staggered 1×2 slate pieces on the risers.



Cool cellar door leading into the wine cellar.


Wine Cellar

This amazing wine cellar is big enough for a dining table for entertaining.  The floor is actually porcelain tile that looks like natural stone.

 Large Stone Steps Leading To Outdoor Shower

These large steps lead up to the outdoor shower facility.  Just passed this door is the  enormous outdoor shower.


Outdoor Kitchen

In the back yard is a fabulous swimming pool and a large outdoor kitchen.  Great space for entertaining or just hanging out with the family.  Notice the stone around the pool, the stamped concrete deck and brick floor in the kitchen area.


Upstairs Balcony

This is the view from the upstairs balcony.  We used slate again placing it on a diagonal here and framing it with 1×1’s to create this pattern.


After this labor of love, and so much fun making all the selections and building this beautiful home they decided not to move in after all.  (I know, can you imagine!) But, in the end when all was said and done, they decided they just couldn’t leave their children and friends, or all the land they were used to living on with their horses in Aledo,  a small town outside Fort Worth.   So they sold the house and stayed put!  But, I must say, it sure was fun working with Marion,  going through this process to build this fabulous home and see the amazing end result.  I’m sure the new homeowners will love every square inch of our blood, sweat and tears……..and all the laughs and fun we had along the way.


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