The Antique Garden: A Cozy Little Shop In A Cozy College Town


Whenever we’ve gone to Norman, OK to visit my sons who attend(ed) The University of Oklahoma we always stop by our favorite little shop for a peek.  It’s filled with some of the most original pieces, hip upholstery and, well, just lots of goodies to gawk at.  Yes, it’s one of those shops I’d like to curl up in with a cup of tea.  And that tells you it’s wonderful!

IMG_1079 The exterior is cozy and inviting and makes you anxious to get inside.


The entry “porch” is filled with fun accessories like this birdcage and iron.

IMG_1081 Somehow they make a chipped up, old rocking chair look appealing and “must have”.


Inside you’ll always find fun, chic upholstered pieces.

IMG_1100 And, more fun accessories like this Boomer Sooner sign. 


They always have lots of interesting finishes on their furnishings.

IMG_1106 And great lighting throughout the store.


Love this old, distressed piece in these fun, interesting mix of colors.

IMG_1108 And how about these old doors?  Aren’t they great?

If you’re ever in Norman you have to stop by this quaint little shop in at Boyd and Buchanan, Oklahoma’s Historical Campus Corner.  You will love it.  Or, that’s just not possible, you can visit there website here.

As for us, as much as we love that little shop, we had even more exciting things going on that day.  Forgive my bragging rights here:  My second son, Daniel, graduated OU!  Woo Hoo!!

IMG_1020 We were all so happy and proud!

IMG_1037 Our nearby family got to join us for the big day and help make it more special.


 His precious girlfriend, Melissa, was there to cheer him on. 


 Lots of happy celebrating!

We are so proud of him and excited for his future!

And, he’s almost off the payroll!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Two college graduates down… more to go! I think we might survive these college years after all!!

Happy Day and Happy Decorating!!!!


The Magnificence Of Massive, Old Doors!


Isn’t there just something so cool about old doors?  They have a definite character to them and all sorts of lines and crevices that seem to tell a story – kind of like people I guess you could say.  They have a certain “stateliness” about them; a distinguished regal quality – like a handsome, weathered patriarch that sits back quietly yet looms large, full of history, full of tales and life and secrets – that just floods a space with character, interest and well…….major oomph and coolness!  They can be used as exterior doors, interior doors, headboards, tables, architectural pieces or even just leaning against a wall somewhere. 

Check out these incredible pieces from Grassroots.


 How fun would it be to have something like this in your house?


Or this?



MmmmHmmm…..or this……



 Wouldn’t you love to know the history of these doors?  Where did they come from?  What kind of people walked through them?  Was it a church?  A mansion?  Some type of fortress?   How old are they exactly?????


Do you know the story behind these six panel doors above and below?  Notice the cross on the front?  They were originally created to display the cross for Christians.  Also called Cross and Open Bible doors or Christian Doors to denote that Christians occupied the home or building.  Cool, huh?!




 Oh my goodness!  How incredible are these?!  Wish I had a house big enough to have these as my front doors.  These could also actually be attached to custom built shelving to create an old looking armoire or interesting wall unit.  How awesome would that be?


 These would look great on or in a Mediterranean or Tuscan home.  Don’t they look so…….distinguished?


Nothing creates and adds more character and interest to a space than something like these amazing doors

Wouldn’t you like to add this kind of character and definition to your place?  (If you need smaller doors they’re out there, too!)

Why not bring some of this magnificence to your own home – and let their weathered, worn faces tell a story for you and yours????!!!!!!

Happy Decorating!


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