Dynamic Dining Rooms: Define Your Style So You Can Dine In Style


Dining in a beautiful, elegant, cozy, comfy dining room is always more pleasant than in a bland, insignificant, uninviting space.  Ambiance and atmosphere set the tone for the entire evening.  Of course a great meal doesn’t hurt either, but a great atmosphere can even make an unpleasant meal more tolerable! 


Everyone has their own perception of beauty and comfort.  When you think of the atmosphere you like in a dining room – what style would that be?


  Do you like color, do you like clutter?  Do you like monochromatic, modern lines?  Or traditional styles with lots of curves?  Maybe edgy and off-the-cuff?   So many beautiful styles to choose from!  It’s time to create some atmosphere in your own home and enjoy entertaining family and friends in style.   Don’t settle for boring and insignificant!  Check out these photos of some amazing dining rooms and see if you can define your style.


A modern traditional look.  The wall color compliments the chairs and the clean lines of the furniture bring a subtle elegance.  The soft rug adds warmth and personality without overwhelming the space.


The clean embossed white dining chairs look absolutely fabulous with the rustic table.  The palm trees in the corner add warmth, texture and interest.  Very cool!


For the modern yet eclectic, and maybe a bit funkier folks….look how sleek and classic this dining room looks.  I love it. 


Hip, modern vibe with the teal chairs, drum light fixture and Pottery “Barnesque” table.


Classic, traditional space with a bit of modern twist. Notice how the mirror enlarges the space?  Great way to give the illusion of a much larger area than it really is.   With the tile floor and no area rug it gives an otherwise traditional dining room a more contemporary vibe.


Very timeless and traditional.  The round table with a draping cloth, traditional chairs and accessories – always a great look.  Simple, straight panels on the window – again timeless.  By the way notice the color of the walls in the next room?  Don’t be afraid to transition to color.


Black, white and chrome.  Modern, edgy, and incredibly elegant! 


They’ve created a cozy sitting room here that can easily transition into a dining room by pulling up the settee and extra chair.  Great idea and great look.  The zebra rug throws a really fun twist to an otherwise serious space.  Love the wall in the background.  It brings tons of personality and interest that a simple painted wall could not.  Great space!


Over the top, opulent and not for everyone, but for that funky, edgy, “showy” homeowner who’s all about grandeur……it screams perfection.  Notice what pop the lavender chairs create in an otherwise black and white space?  A little color goes a long way in a space like this.  If the over-the-top furniture isn’t your “thing”, maybe the one thing you can take away from this picture for inspiration is the overall black and white décor with a fun pop of color in the chairs.  Just tone down the grandiose style of furniture with simpler lines, but keep the color scheme the same.


Cozy – urban meets country – dining.  Perfect for the no frills, casual homeowner.  Great for a very relaxed, friendly dinner party or everyday dining.


Classic urban space.  Love the white chairs and lighting against the dark wood.  Classic, elegant…..perfect for “fine” dining.


Sleek, modern.  For those who love a modern edge these white chairs and sideboard paired with the bright red table and accessories possess true Hollywood glam.  Does this reflect your style?  Go for it and wow your guests!


This space is contemporary, but casual.  Sort of a modern country style with the daisies.  Love the all white space with the splash of yellow.  Bright, charming and fun.


And last, but not least – a traditional, French dining room.  For those of you who prefer a formal, almost regal European space here’s a look you might like.  The colorful rug pulls the blue and white chinoiserie fabric on the chairs with the gold silk drapes and gives it that “Old European” look.  Europeans are famous for combining a multitude of colors and patterns for an interesting, very “lived in” space.  It reflects the tradition of old where rugs and furniture were handed down through the generations so that a home was filled with pieces from different homes and family members.  It creates a uniquely warm, inviting , “European” atmosphere.

So did any of these pictures help you to determine your likes and dislikes?  If so, it’s time to create your own dynamic dining room!  Define your style and soon dine in style with your family and friends. 

Happy Decorating!!

Define Your Style: Interesting Bathroom Idea’s In Decidedly Different Themes


Again, in honor of National Kitchen and Bath Month I’m focusing on the bathroom today.  The master bath is another extremely important space in the house in terms of re-sell.  Why not make it beautiful and enjoyable while you are living there and add value to home for re-sell as well?  Remember to define your style and pay careful attention to detail.  It’s the details that make the difference.  Take a look at some of the interesting bathroom idea’s from House Beautiful. 

5-Wolf-0209-xlg-46904732-7481006 If you are contemporary something like this might make you sigh with a happy smile.  Would you like to soak in this fabulous tub?



Do you have a bent towards the rustic?  Or unusual?  Do you like a conversation piece to wow your guests?  What about this unconventional rustic bathroom?


0610-bath-mirrored-furniture-deOr are you more opulent?  You like the glitz, glamour and bling.  Maybe this Opulent French bathroom is something you’d like to see yourself in.



Would a traditional bathroom lure you in for a dreamy bath?  Maybe you’d prefer a more traditional look, but with a bit of a twist.  The addition of the black floor, black granite and bold stripes give this bathroom a modern traditional vibe.


12-warmth-bath-1107-xlg-23883405Do you prefer a modern twist on a country style?  Perhaps this modern country spa like retreat appeals to you. 



If you tend to like minimal clutter and the modern flair you might be most comfortable in this eclectic modern space.


bathroom-wallpaper-sink-0710-bathofthemonth-14-deThe wallpaper and country accents in this charming space may be just what you’re after.  If so you lean towards classic country.

                                                                                       Images by House Beautiful

Whatever your style you can make it happen in your home.  This is another area where hiring a professional would be a very good idea.  They are skilled at coming up with a polished plan, and paying careful attention to the details that will accentuate and define your style.  So give that idea some serious thought before you begin.

Have fun and happy decorating!

The Creative Kitchen: Great Idea’s For Your Home


Since October is National Kitchen and Bath Month I’m going to largely concentrate on these specific areas of your home for the next few weeks.  I will continue to blog about other things and other areas, too, but in honor of  NKABM  I will focus each week on these very important, personal spaces in particular.  Hopefully this month’s focus will give you some wonderful ideas for the kitchen and baths in your own home.  Today I want to concentrate on the kitchen.  The kitchen is probably the most important, most frequently used space in the home so giving careful attention to detail here is highly recommended.  This is not the place to skimp.  Not only is a grand, interesting, charming kitchen great for gathering with family and friends it is also an extremely important space to consider if you decide to put your house on the market. Whether you are a cook or not everyone wants a fabulous kitchen!


Blue And White Take a look at this fabulous kitchen with the incredible blue and white wall and barrel ceiling.  Consider all the interesting details here that make this such a warm, inviting space.  Notice all the textures and mix of colors?  The terra-cotta tiles, the iron stools, the stained island, the white cabinets.  All this mixing and matching is what gives this kitchen its charm.  It’s important to remember this for your own space.


Soft Blue Kitchen

How about this charming kitchen with its soft blues and whites and hardwood floors?  Notice the country charm with the farm table look for the bar and all the little country bar stools.  How cute is that?  The distressed white washed cabinets framed in the blue look wonderful as well as the glass front cabinets and row of pendant lighting.  Great look!



Okay, now…..talk about creative and cozy!  Check out the unique details in this space.  The shaped tiles on the floor, the interesting island, the busy, colorful backsplash, the soft green cabinets.  And, of course that amazing ceiling!  Wonderful, warm, unique and inviting.


This interesting, eclectic kitchen has a multitude of unusual elements.  The rather simple cabinetry and rustic island paired with the rather ornate, colorful backsplash.  The somewhat modern looking barstool with the country details on the island and simple pot rack hanging above gives the space character.  And the diagonal wood and marble floor lend a fun, unexpected twist.


This wonderful kitchen is ultra charming with it’s French flair.  The large space with it’s incredible vent-a-hood, huge urn filled with flowers and unique island exudes interest, warmth and charm.  Again, take notice of all the textures they’ve used in this space….the iron, the tin hood, the hardwood floors, etc.  All of these elements evoke charm, charm and more charm. 

white-brown-kitchenI think this brown and white kitchen is a vibrant, fun, “happy” space.  I love the checkerboard floor turned on a diagonal.  The chocolate walls with the stark white cabinets are hip and “happening!” and give a country kitchen a very modern, updated vibe.  Notice the backs of the chairs are monogrammed and the brown banding with the simple white shades give the windows punch. 


4-kitchen-otm-0508-xlg This eclectic space combines country charm with modern elements.  The wood floors, the distressed, rustic cabinetry and country table paired with the modern chairs is the perfect blend of the two distinctly different styles.  The clean, bare windows give off a modern vibe and the rustic lighting helps anchor the space’s modern country atmosphere.

If you are in the market or mood to re-model or enhance your kitchen take careful time to consider what “style” and colors you would like to see in your home.  Take the time to peruse magazines and books (and my blog!) and compile all your pictures and notes in your decorating file.  I suggest calling a professional for help with this tricky space as it can be a bit challenging.  Be brave and daring and don’t hold back.  Make this space as detailed, interesting, charming and creative as you can afford for it to be.  You and your family and friends will enjoy it for years to come and when it’s time to sell you have a wonderful, inviting focal point and great selling feature for your home. 

Images by House Beautiful

Happy Decorating!


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