DIY: Picture/Recipe Plaque


I’ve decided to be crafty of late and made this gift for my sister and sister-in-law for Christmas.   It’s easy, inexpensive and actually something they can use.  I got the original idea from my daughter-in-law, (who gave me something similar for my birthday) who got her original idea from good old Pinterest.


I purchased this block of wood from Hobby Lobby on sale half price.  You can actually just use wood from Home Depot or Lowes without a finished edge, too, but I like this look. (And, I was already at Hobby Lobby and it saved me a trip to another store.)


I had this Martha Stewart Bronze Metallic paint on hand from a previous project you can check out here.  (I got this from Home Depot.)


I painted it the brownish bronze color.


Then got out my other Martha Stewart Living Pearl paint I had on hand…..


And ever so lightly dry-brushed on top.



I purchased this metal Fleur di lis from Hobby Lobby on sale half price, too, when I got the boards.


I lightly dry-brushed on the cream here, too, to highlight the detail.



When the plaque was dry I did the back.


And, lastly I screwed a screw right into the board so the fleur di lis could hang on it.  It’s a little heavy and I didn’t have the correct glue.  And this works just fine.  Then I glued on this tiny little clothespin.  (They come in bags of multiples at Hobby Lobby.)


It can be used to display pictures…..


Or, it can be used for recipes, notes or anything else you might need.


This is the one I made for my sister on display in her kitchen.

Ta-da!!!!!  Easy, inexpensive and cute.  Gotta love it!

Happy Decorating!!!!

Another Quick DIY: A Super Quick And Easy Girlie Gift For Your BFF’s!


When Thursday arrived and I was supposed to have gifts made for four of my bestie’s for our annual family Christmas party Thursday night you might say I was in a bit of panic.  At ten o’clock that morning I literally had no idea what I was going to make.  But, after mentioning it to another friend of mine that I was desperate for something quick and easy (and good) to make she texted me the recipe for this Sugar Hand Scrub that her daughter makes.  And she saved the day!


This literally  took me all of 5 – 10 minutes to make and it was a hit.  All you need is 1 cup of sugar.


Two tablespoons of corn syrup.


1/3 cup mineral oil. (Add more if needed – I did)


1/2 tsp. peppermint extract.


Little touch of food coloring.  The recipe called for green, but I chose red instead.


You just mix all the ingredients together.  Double or triple it when making for more than a couple of people depending on the amount you’d like to give.


I put it in these cute little jars from the Dollar Store.



Added a bow and some ornaments for that Christmas-y touch.


And, just for a little added “cuteness” I added these tiny, little silver teaspoons to scoop it out with.


Then I bagged them up into these adorable Christmas bags that I purchased – where else? – the Dollar Store….



And had them all ready for the gift exchange that night with these four besties.

I owe it all to my other bestie, Connie!  Thanks Connie for the tip!  It was a life saver!

Happy Decorating and Merry Christmas!

DIY Window Treatments: A Little Work, A Lot Of Savings


We ended up doing a lot of extra’s when we had to have our floors and walls re-done due to the flood (I know, I know….you’re sick of hearing about it by now….sorry!) But, the whole dilemma took over my life for 6 weeks or more so it stands to reason there are just “things” to share on my blog.  One of those things is my family room window treatments.  With fresh paint and floors going in I decided it was time to update my windows after having the same ones for the last decade.   So with money going out like crazy for so many different needs I convinced myself that in order to save a few pennies I needed to do the things I was able to do myself and farm out the things I could not.  One thing I know how to do is sew. 


So I did some looking, designing and thinking and landed on this design as my inspiration.


There are variations of the same style, but I always came back to the same basic design.


These are from Reilly-Chance…..a website you should check out, by the way.  I’ve actually come to despise sewing (although when I first started my business I made all my client’s window treatments).  I have the workroom I use for my clients make almost all my own stuff to spare me the time and energy.  But, in this particular case with so much money going out for other things I decided to drag out my sewing machine and go for it.  These are actually surprisingly simple.  All they require is a little time and patience.  (Not that I have much of either!)

IMG_1990 - Copy

So after some extensive research I finally found my fabric.

IMG_1995 - Copy

And, after weeding through a multitude of trims I settled on this one.  I was torn between doing tassel trim or beads so when I found this combination of both I knew it was the one.


I measured the width of my window plus a few inches out on each side.  In order to have enough fabric to create the swoop you see I had to cut the fabric 1 1/2 times the width of the window.  My window measured 48 inches plus the few inches on each side.  A width of fabric is 54 inches so I did each window with       1 1/2 widths of fabric (or 81 inches wide).  My windows are 72 inches long, plus the 12 inches from the window sill to the floor so I determined I wanted my valance to be 24” long.  (I added for the top and bottom seams and hems and cut the valance length accordingly.)


Notice the seam on the left where I sewed the fabric together to create the right width?  I did the same for the liner fabric.  Then I pinned the face fabric (the decorative, pretty fabric) to the white liner and sewed all the way around leaving a pocket on the side so I can turn the fabric inside out.  Then I sewed down the side seam.  I made sure to press all the seams so that it had a clean, flat look.  At the top I turned it under a good three inches and at the bottom I turned it under a good inch for a finished edge.  This keeps the white liner from showing.


I recycled these green velvet pelmets from my old drapes for my new ones.  I removed the old trim…..


And I turned under the top to shorten them.

IMG_1992 - Copy

And added new trim….


By gluing it on with a product called Fabri-tac – it’s like sewing with a tube.


I did the same thing with the beaded, tassel trim and pinned it into place until the glue set.


I made sure to wrap the trim around to the liner side to keep the edges clean.  (When you cut trim it immediately begins to fray so you have to be very careful.)


Then I played around with these tassels until I figured out what I wanted to do with them.


I ended up cutting them into two pieces and sewing one at the end of each pelmet.



I looked at several different styles of medallions before I settled on squares.  But, I had them hung in this diamond shape for a little more pizzazz.  (The pelmets hide where each end of the valances meet.)


I know they’re not quite as snazzy-whazzy as the Reilly-Chance valances, but it was all I had the patience to do.  And, I must say I like them just fine!  If you prefer, you can add banding or trim (or both) to the top of the treatment, or a row of banding to the bottom.  There’s a great many ways you could embellish them if you wanted to.  I just opted for a simple style…..mostly because I was too lazy and short on time to do anything anymore complex than that! 

Hope you’re inspired now to tackle your own window treatments!

Happy Decorating!

DIY: Refinish Your Table And Chairs In A Weekend For a Fun New Look


When I decided I couldn’t stand my kitchen cabinets anymore and they had to be re-stained – it left me with a bit of a dilemma:  My breakfast nook table would no longer match.  It would look old and drab now with new, richly stained cabinets, but I didn’t really want a new table.  I liked the style and size of my old table, I just needed to update the color to work with the new cabinets.  So I asked the guy who would be staining my cabinets what it would cost to do my table, too. To my surprise he said it could cost as much as $1000.00 depending on what was involved.  Ugh!  Well, that made my decision for me.  I would try to tackle it myself.  If it didn’t turn out the way I wanted we would donate it to a ministry that my hubby is involved in providing furniture for Chin refugee’s from Burma.


So I gathered my things and set up a table to “practice” on.  I knew what look I wanted, but wasn’t 100% sure how to create it so I needed to do some serious experimenting. 



I got a couple of large white foam boards and went to work doodling around with color and technique.  I had some paints and glaze left over from a client job that I was able to experiment with.  I wanted a rustic, crackled, aged leather type of look for the tabletop….but how to do it was the question.


So I doodled and mixed and doodled some more.


To start – I first borrowed my dad’s electric sander and sanded down the entire table.



It didn’t really take all that long to do.


Then I wiped it down with a rag and sealed it with this Martha Living Primer/Sealer.


Next I painted the entire table with this Martha Living Metallic Paint in this bronzy brown color.




When it was completely dry I topped it with this crackle medium by Folk Art.


Which gave it a shiny appearance like this.  I let it dry for several hours (that’s what the manager at the store advised me to do to make sure it crackled correctly).


Then I brushed on this Sherwin Williams paint called Hopsack that I had in my storage shed from a client job.


Which created a crackled look like this.  Cool, huh?


I’d seen some really cool, really expensive tables at the World Trade Center here in Dallas that I really wanted my table to look like so I decided take it a step further and try it on my table.  I purchased these stencils from Michael’s, a local craft store and placed them on the table where I wanted them. 


Then I dabbed on metallic gold with this little sponge. (I placed the fleur dis li at each corner of the table and the other design smack dab in the center.)


Which looked like this.


But, I wanted a more distressed look like I’d seen in a showroom so I kept going…


By mixing four parts of this glaze from Sherwin Williams….


With one part of this same Martha Stewart paint…


And for a little glitz I added one part of this metallic to the mixture, too.


Next I tore several sheets of this plastic wrap so they would be ready to use on the glaze mixture.  After mixing up the glaze I brushed it on the table in sections. Then I crinkled up the plastic wrap, flattened it back out and laid it right on top of each glazed section. I laid the palms of my hands down flat on the plastic wrap and smeared it all around to crinkle up the glaze. I pulled it off gently and then softened some of the edges with a rag. You have to work quickly when doing this so the glaze doesn’t dry and start to show overlap lines.


I actually ended up running out of plastic wrap so I finished off with these grocery bags.  They did the same thing to create an aged wrinkly, leather look.


The glaze on top of the crackle gave it an more rustic, old appearance that I really wanted and helped tone down the stencil color.




Which I also wanted to do. 



Next, I removed the seat covers on the chairs (this fabric was covered up with chair covers in a different fabric in case you were wondering)….


And sanded down the chairs.


I gave them two coats of the Martha Living Bronze Metallic Paint.




Then for a little added depth and bling I gently, gently dry brushed on this Martha Living Pearl Metallic Paint…..


By dipping it lightly in the paint and then dabbing almost all of it right back off on a rag.


When I oh-so-lightly brushed it on it turned like this….with just a little antiquey look.




I did the same technique to the table legs and I ended up with this look.  Just what I wanted the end result to be!  Rustic, crackled and aged.  Next step is to seal it again with Minwax sealer, but we are having some work done on the house now so I have to wait until we’re dust free again to do it. 

The best part is all the products together amounted to around $85.00 since I had the glaze and paint here already.  I’d say that’s a tad better than a $1000.00.  It took me the weekend, but it was definitely worth the effort.  Hope this inspires you to save yourself some money and do your own refinishing project!

Happy Decorating!

Party Décor Ideas: Festive, Fun Family Weekend


Last weekend was one of those busy, busy, busy – but very fun family weekends that turned out to be one long celebration – one event after another.  First on the agenda was my granddaughter’s second birthday.  Her mommy planned a “tea party” themed party for the birthday girl – with painful consideration given to every last detail.


The table was set with a burlap runner topped with trims and beads for that girly flair.  She hand made these cute floral centerpieces and the placemats – which were simply coloring book pages adhered to colorful craft paper squares.  How cute is that?!  And, fun for the kiddo’s, too.


Each little guest had their own sippy cup with their name on it.  These are mason jars that they drilled holes in for the straw.  A small piece of pink construction paper was cut to fit the lid and held in place with the screw on rim.  So creative and cute!  And, functional – helping to keep spills to a minimum.


My daughter-in-law, Katie, (Kaisley’s mama) made these little flowers with crepe paper by sewing along the edge to create a gathered look.  Then she rolled them into these adorable flowers and added the stems. 



She even melted down crayons into these little tea pot molds for the children to color their placemats with.  How adorable!


Each place setting was complete with their own teapot name tag. 


More flowers were made on a larger scale to hang from the ceiling for a festive touch over the mantel of colorful flags.


Excited little girls peeked out the window anxiously awaiting the arrival of fellow tea partiers (not to be confused with the political group!).


When the all the guests arrived the festivities began.  Here are all the little cutey-pies sitting politely at the table.  All very well behaved I must say!


One of the tea partier’s little brother’s refused to be left out of the action.


When it was time to open gifts you can see from Kaisley’s face this little “girly girl’ took her clothes quite seriously – almost as much as the toys….


Mom and dad look on while their big girl happily unwrapped gift after gift.



A successful tea party – and a very happy birthday girl!

But, the partying continued……


After nap time it was time for her great-grandmother’s 75th birthday that evening and a carry over celebration of Kaisley’s 2nd birthday party.  So I went to my “go-to” birthday dessert – a cupcake tower.  I got the colorful cupcakes from Kroger, then just added some matching flowers I got from the Dollar Store and some colorful ribbon I curly-q’d up and draped as streamers.  I covered it all with sprinkles.


Her birthday card matched so well I took it out of the envelope and stuck it on the top cupcake as a topper!


I used my fun martini vases for the gumdrops…..


And the nut mix.


I added a vase filled with Twizzlers, a vase of horn blowers and the party hats.  I just added more curly-q colorful ribbon on the table for fun……


And a vase of colorful lollypops – yummy and decorative.  (Inside the round box with the flower is her gift.  It worked great as part of the table decorations.)


And, here are the birthday girls decked out together in birthday crowns and birthday ribbons – courtesy of the Dollar Store, of course! (I think great-grandma and great-granddaughter look alike here!)


Even my daughter’s Chihuahua, Harley, (my granddog) got in the action.


Family and dogs alike…..


Harley’s cousin, Luke…..


All celebrated the birthday girls…..


Until one of the birthday girls was plum tuckered out after an action packed day……

And, then the next day we were all off to my soon to be grandson’s baby shower hosted by a couple of Katie’s friends – where there were more fun decorating ideas.  Like this adorable little diaper cake wrapped with neck tie’s.


So cute. (Yet macho!)


And how sweet is this mantel?  The awesome lettered blocks are going in my grandson’s room as part of his decor.  (Elijah Wyatt is his name)  They look great here as part of the shower decorations.  And I love the little clothesline with his cute itty-bitty clothes hanging on it!  Adorable!


Mom to be here in the middle with her sister-in-law and sister-in-law to be on the left and my nieces 0n the right. 


Me with my cute little mama and sister there to share in all the festivities.

A great family weekend with my great family!  Hope you got some decorating ideas of your own from my family’s fun, festive weekend.

Happy Decorating!

DIY: Create More Space For Dining – On A Budget


Like many of you I find myself with an ever-growing family and forever looking for ways to expand space, seating, etc…. One of the areas I desperately needed more space was my dining table on my screened in porch.  I have the typical oval iron patio table you can get almost anywhere – Home Depot, Lowes, etc. – that seats six people.  For years it sufficed for my family of five.  When my parents came over we could scrunch in an extra chair and manage just fine.  This is what it looked like originally – notice it seats six:

Outdoor Living - Table Setting 2

But, now that my oldest son is married with a toddler and another one on the way; and my middle son has a girlfriend (who is living with us at the moment) we’ve more than outgrown the table.   And except for a few months out of the year when it’s either too hot or too cold it’s our favorite place to have dinner together.

Outdoor Living-Table Setting

After looking at new tables and pondering what to do I decided I could “go cheap” and expand the table myself without having to invest in a new one. Because I’m one of “those” who love to have my table set at all times with a tablecloth and place settings I figured….I could just cover up my new makeshift table with a new, larger tablecloth.  Right?


So I headed to good old Home Depot to look for materials.  For my immediate family and my parents to sit comfortably when we are all together I needed to be able to seat at least nine people, but I wanted to be able to seat 12 – 14 at any given moment to accommodate more family and friends.  So I purchased one large 4’x8’ piece of wood and two 2’x4’ pieces.  I had Home Depot cut the 4×8 piece down the middle so I could add the smaller pieces as table leaves when needed.  (If you don’t have access to a saw just have them do it for you.  You get one or two cuts for free and then it’s something like $1.00 per cut after that.  Very reasonable and saves you the hassle.)


I bracketed the two large pieces together to create one stable piece.  (I just un-hinge it and add my leaves, securing them with brackets when I need to expand)


I added strength and stability to the perimeter of the table with 2×4 strips that I nailed into place.


I screwed in my makeshift legs (that I had cut to size by Home Depot).


I reinforced the legs with “L” brackets.


Yes, girls, you can do this all by yourself!



The iron table acts as my base and supports my new tabletop with the help of the new legs at each end.  Here’s what it looks like from the bottom.


And, here’s what it looks like from the top.


See how nice and big it is now?


And once I add my tablecloth, topper and place settings no one has a clue (till now) what it looks like underneath.  I added at iron bench at one end and two new iron chairs at the other.  (I’m thinking about painting all the chairs red, or maybe a mint green)


Right now you can see I can easily seat ten people:  Six in the center and two at each end.  But, remember I have two leaves that I can insert to expand the table to accommodate 12 – 14.  I have an extra table topper and an extra white tablecloth that I can add when the table is extended to keep it looking consistent and nice.  (I got the table topper and tablecloths from Wal-Mart, by the way)  A table this size makes a great space for birthday and holiday meals.

This can be done on an enclosed patio table or even on your indoor table.  And the total cost was less than $50.00! Much cheaper than a brand new table!  So if you are looking for an inexpensive way to gain more dining space consider this alternative. And, girls, you don’t need a man to do this for you.  You can do it by yourself.  So don’t wait around for him to do it for you.  Take the initiative and go for it!

Happy Decorating!!!

A Fresh New Use For Wallpaper: Fun DIY Design Tips

Most of us have had wallpaper in our homes at one time – many of us going back to the days of bold floral wallpapered kitchens and bath’s everywhere.  Remember that?  And, although the painted faux wall is all the rage now, like most things in design, wallpaper is definitely making a come back.  Below are some fun, new uses with wallpaper that you might find a great way to freshen up an old piece or “tired” space.


How’s this for a new look on an old wall cabinet?  So feminine and fresh looking.


I like this little touch here.  Just a peek of paper adds interest to an otherwise ordinary wall cabinet.


Just placing it in the back of shelving adds lots of pop and color.  This is a very popular look right now.

Desk top

And, what about dressing up an old desk?  Layer the wallpaper on top of the desk under a piece of glass to give it personality.  If you don’t adhere it you can switch it out easily.  I did this to my own desk to add some personality.  (Not the one shown)


Another fresh look on the back wall of shelving.


And, have you considered wowing up your ceiling like this?  Great look!  A fun way to bring in personality.


A wonderful way to create a colorful headboard or screen. 

black and white

Snazz up the wall above wainscoting.  Isn’t this a sharp look?


Or just accent one wall in a bedroom in a fun print….that’s all you need to punch up a space.


All images by Better Homes and Garden

Bring in a fun, updated pattern to your powder bath.

How fun are all these ideas?  And most of them you could do yourself!  Remember, don’t be ordinary… extraordinary!  Have some fun with colorful wallpaper and bring a fresh new look to your space.

Happy Decorating!

DIY: Refinish A Chest In Five Hours For Less Than $40.00–Including The Chest!


When I suddenly needed a dresser for my guest room for my son’s girlfriend, who was staying with us for a while after graduating college, I thought at first I’d  buy those plastic bins with the drawers in them to go inside the closet.  But, after seeing that they cost anywhere from $20.00 to $40.00 for three drawers and how flim-flam they were I decided to switch gears and buy an actual piece of furniture that I could just refinish. 

The problem was, due to some very serious family illnesses we were dealing with, I waited till the last minute to get started.  Like literally the last minute.  So on Thursday, a few days before she was to arrive, I found what I thought was the perfect piece at CCA’s (Christian Community Action) Resale Shop.  By the time I went home to double-check measurements and got back to the store to buy it someone else had slipped in and purchased it first!  With the clock ticking, and booked all day Friday with clients, I was beyond frustrated.  Fortunately the next day when my husband happened to be driving by a garage sale some furniture caught his eye. 


He stopped, checked it out and tried to call me to find out which of two pieces I would want.  I was in a meeting with some clients and couldn’t take the call so when he couldn’t get a hold of me he just decided to buy both pieces – a three drawer chest, and a taller five drawer chest – each for a whopping $20.00!  He got both pieces for less than one plastic bin of drawers!  (Knowing how limited I was on time he figured he’d go ahead and get them, because if one or both didn’t work we could just donate them to a local charity.)  Just in case you didn’t catch it – that was Friday; she was arriving on Sunday, which left me Saturday to get it done.


He did good – the smaller chest was the perfect size, but of course, was hideous looking.  This was it after I took the drawers out.  (I always forget to start taking pictures at the very beginning of a project.) By the way, I started the project around 12:30p Saturday afternoon. 


This is what the drawers looked like.


The first thing I did was gather some tools so I could smack it up one side and down the other to give it a mottled, distressed look.  (Although, it was already distressed in a bad way I wanted to give it distress with a purpose.)


So I clobbered it with this hammer….


and whacked it with this gardening tool.


When I was finished “distressing” it I gave it a good sanding.


I repeated the same thing on the drawers.


After going over the piece a couple of times with sand paper I wiped it down really well to get rid of all the particles and dust.


After that – I think it was around 1:30p -  I ran up to Home Depot to purchase paint.  (No, I wasn’t organized enough to have gotten all that before I started!) After perusing the paint section I decided on this spray paint that offered 2 times the coverage. 


I just sprayed the chest and the drawers with one coat and it really did give it nice coverage.  I was pleasantly surprised


When the paint was good and dry – around 35 or 40 minutes later I sprayed over the black with this Hammered Metal Oil Rubbed Bronze.  Just a light coating to give it depth and dimension.  Again, just as with the black paint, all I needed was just one coat to give it just a little more interest and character. 


I hadn’t originally planned on it, but after I had finished spray painting I decided to take it one step further.  Since I had some of this metallic antique gold leafing on hand I lightly dry brushed the chest and the drawers.


This process has to be done very delicately or you’ll end up with too heavy handed a look. 


So after you dab your brush into the paint you blot it really well on a towel to where it’s almost dry (hence the term dry-brush!).


And then very lightly brush it onto the piece….




Which gives it this sort of look.



When I was finished with all the painting I sprayed it with a sealer for extra protection.


By 5:30pm it was completely finished, dry to the touch and ready to move into her room. Yes, really, it was!


And, here’s what it looks like in her room.  Not bad for less than $40.00 in product (including the chest) and five hours of my time start to finish. 


It was ready and waiting for her when she arrived. Nothing like last minute, down to the wire projects!

Here’s the material price list:

Chest -  $20.00

Black Spray Paint = $ 5.96 (2@$2.98)

Hammered Metal – $ 5.27

Sand Paper – $  3.97

My Total Cost – $ 36.45 (including tax for paint and sandpaper)

(The gold leaf and the sealer would add approximately $7.00 – $10.00)

Oh, and one more thing…..

Just for fun I bought this tray at CCA (when I saw the original dresser I wanted) for $4.49 and used the exact same products to refinish it while I was refinishing the chest.







And, it’s perfect for my books, magazines and netbook.  Well worth $4.49 and 20 minutes combined time to finish it. 

Sometimes a last minute frenzy works to your advantage.  All in all it was very productive day!

Happy Decorating!!!

Creative Commercial Design: From Shell To Sensational!


When Jared contacted me to help with design of his new insurance building I was happy to take on the challenge.  We were under a bit of a time crunch so space planning, decisions and selections had to be made fairly quickly.  Aside from being one of the nicest clients I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with Jared has great vision and is quite the “DIY” guy.   He can knock out walls, put up walls, faux finish, tile floors and much, much more.  Not that he did that with this project, but with his DIY talents he had a bit  of a “designer’s” perspective on what my vision was and could easily integrate my idea’s with his own specific needs.  Jared, his talented wife, Cindy, and I all worked together tirelessly, yet easily, and were all extremely pleased with the end result.  Here is the transition from the original shell to the sensational end result.


This exterior was already complete when I started this job.

Jared-outside entrance-1


But, inside this was the original “shell” when I started the project.

Original Shell



 After taking the measurements and pictures and discussing with Jared what his needs were for employees, clients, etc. I drew up several optional space plans like this one.

Space Plan


We tweaked and moderated the space plans to accommodate all of Jared’s needs, selected all the materials, then began the construction phase.

Construction in Progress 


The walls went up to form the offices.

In Construction


The bathroom and kitchen were framed out.  

In Construction


After much patience the faux finish and trim were completed.

The Trim and Faux Were Completed


Separate offices were ready to go.

Separate Offices


The kitchen cabinets were installed.



 The bathroom tile and fixtures were in and it was ready to be decorated.

The Bathroom


 At last we were finished and they were ready to welcome clients to their beautiful new reception area.

The Reception Area


Large iron wall hangings separate the entrance from the work station and add an interesting, charming twist to the commercial space. 

Iron Dividers


Another view.  Notice the glass door to the right?  Jared put the film on it himself.


These stylish chairs welcome customers while they wait.

Stylish Seating


With the bargain we got on this rectangular rug we opted for this shape instead of the original circular rug we planned for.  But, it looks great.

Oriental Rug and Beautiful Table Welcome Clients


The faux finish actually turned out a bit more “mottled” than anticipated, but it ended up looking really nice when all was said and done.


The one piece Jared really wanted for his personal office was the Texas flag.  I was so happy to find this flag and have it custom framed for his own office space.

Texas Flag for Jared's Office


I found this cool console to display his work paraphernalia on.  It’s actually a wine console, but it makes for a fun, interesting piece for this space.   The artwork above is actually a print of an iron piece complimenting the iron dividers.



This particular commercial job was a fun challenge given the time crunch we were working within, and as I said working with Jared and his wife, Cindy, was an absolute pleasure.   (By the way if you’re in the Flower Mound/Lewisville, Texas area and need insurance – he’s your man:  Contact Jared Rosckes with Nationwide Insurance .)  A man of extreme honesty and integrity I can assure you that you will truly enjoy working with him.  Check him out! 

And if you pay him a visit be sure to let me know what you think of his office!!


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