The Front Door: What’s The Best Color For Your Home?


It’s not unusual for me to get calls to help someone select exterior paint colors and one thing that stumps a lot of clients in addition to trim is what color to paint the front door.  Most want to do something to give a little “punch”, but are a little gun shy about selecting a bold color.  And, certainly, certain bold colors for particular neighborhoods just don’t work so you have to take that into consideration.


One color that is almost always a safe bet, but definitely adds some punch is a red door.  Kind of like “lipstick” on your house – it just adds a little oomph and finishes off the front with a bit of class.


And, of course, the other no fail classic is a black front door.  Understated, but very nice.


But, if you wanted……if your neighborhood warranted such a thing…..what if you went all out with color like this door above?  Very cool.


Or what about a hot pink door?  Too much for your neighborhood? Or, maybe just the right touch?


Ochre yellow could be a nice choice….

yellow front door

Or maybe even this bright yellow.

green door

Soft teal has a soothing, welcoming vibe….

green door2

Grassy green has a catchy look…

green front door 2

Or even lime green ????


And, again…..if your neighborhood warrants such a color….how ‘bout this purplish pink?  Doesn’t it look cool in this charming, bohemian-esque neighborhood?


If not……you can always go back to another classic like this navy blue.

Lots of fun colors to choose from so don’t by shy.  Be reasonable, though, and don’t tick of your neighbors with something too outlandish.  Think curb appeal…..think about greeting your guests with a smile.  Your front door is the smile to your home if you will.  So give it some thought and give it some color!

Happy Decorating!

Creating The Ultimate Curb Appeal


We’ve all heard it before… vastly important curb appeal is.  It is after all the very first thing people see when they pull up to our home.  So why do so many people neglect so many important details?  I’m always astonished that people invest so much money in a home, whether it’s just $100,000.00 or much, much more, and then just let it go, taking no pride in the exterior appeal.  It’s an investment for all of us, the largest one most of us will ever make – why wouldn’t everyone want it to look it’s very finest when people come visit or just drive by?  Yes, it requires some time, effort and money, but it’s well worth it when you create a warm, welcoming entrance for family and friends.


Tip number one is just to keep it clean!  Sweep off dirt, pick up newspapers and flyers.  Don’t make people cringe when they walk onto the porch.  It will lead them to fear they are entering into a "pig-sty” based on what they seen on the exterior!


A fresh coat of paint, a front door that is clean, painted or stained and in good general shape speaks volumes.  If the front door is scuffed up and chipping, and the house paint is peeling away it sets a bad tone.


Keep your lawn groomed and shrubs trimmed.  A little effort goes a long way.  Guests will notice and appreciate your efforts.





Colorful flowers always create a pleasant, inviting atmosphere and welcome guests.




If you’re lucky enough to have a large porch add some charming furniture and hanging baskets.  But, keep them well watered, pruned and fresh looking!




Adding interest to the walkway with different types of stone, patterned concrete, etc, always adds charm and interest.





Dressing up the risers on your steps gives the entrance personality, too.

If you want curb appeal remember some basic steps:

1) Clean , sweep, de-clutter your porch and sidewalk

2) Add fresh house paint

3) Make sure your have a clean, freshly painted or stained front door

4)  Update lighting and hardware

5) Mow and manicure the lawn

6) Keep trees and shrubs trimmed

7)  Add fresh flowers when season allows

8) Consider stone or patterned concrete for your walkway

9) Dress up a large front p0rch with attractive furniture such as wicker and nicely kempt hanging baskets

10) Consider enhancing your steps and risers with brick, stone or tile


Primarily, just keeping it clean and groomed will speak volumes!  The rest of the upkeep can be done periodically when time and finances allow, but must be done in order to keep your home fresh and updated.  Remember this is probably the largest investment you have right now.  Make the best of it and take pride in your home no matter how small or large!  Remember the tiniest of homes in the most basic of neighborhoods can stand out like a jewel when it’s well taken care of.  And, the largest of homes can kill the neighborhood and frustrate neighbors when it’s ill-kempt and an eye sore.  Do your part to create your own ultimate curb appeal!

Happy Decorating!



Doors That Dazzle!


We all know how important curb appeal is – the importance of a nicely manicured yard and fresh paint on the trim.  But, sometimes we forget what a huge impact a simple front door can make.  We’ll repaint or stain our original door over and over or simply neglect it altogether.  But, how about giving your front porch a face lift and an entirely new personality with a new front door? You would be amazed at the transformation in your front elevation that a beautiful front door can create. There are a great many styles to choose from – styles that range from simple to over the top. Here are a range of beautiful styles from a company called Entrada Doors. 


Iron and glass.  How snazzy is this for an entrance into your home?


Double doors serve double duty in making a great impact.


I love the arch top on these doors.







If you want to tone down the look a bit then simplifying the iron and glass and adding the clavos might be a way to personalize the door to suit your style.  (That’s the little diamond shape iron embellishments you see on the bottom.)


This wooden door has several extra details:  Clavos, glass w/iron grill,                  v-groove design in the wood, arch top. Absolutely beautiful.






A closer look at the window and iron grill.  Cool, huh?


Clavos.  Many companies offer round clavos as well.


You can have a solid wood front or you can have the v-groove which is the etched grooves on the panel.  I prefer the v-groove.


For those who prefer a simpler look – the door above and below might suit you better than all the ornate details.  No iron, no clavos, no v-groove.  But, still beautiful.




Notice the eyebrow arch here instead of the full arch.  Simple style with v-groove and heavy iron embellishments.

If you are a fan of the ornate and the “out there” you might like something like this door below:


So take a look at your front door and ask yourself if this addition might be just what your front porch needs. But, be careful to choose a style that suits your house – not one that looks as if it doesn’t belong.  

Don’t over-simplify if an ornate door is what you need to wow up the entrance.  And certainly don’t over do if a simple style suits your home’s style best.

Happy Decorating!

The Front Porch: Cozy Curb Appeal


One thing I’ve always loved, always wanted was a cozy front porch I could sit on and watch the world go by.  Especially now that I’m a proud and happy grandmother – I tend to think of everything in terms of how it would affect my grandchildren.  And a cozy, big porch tops the list!  When my husband, Doug, and I were visiting his family in Port Washington, New York last summer I took a stroll through his old neighborhood (one of the coziest neighborhoods in one of the coziest towns ever!) and got some pictures of some of my favorite front porches.  Now I’m dreaming of my own……Someday……


I see myself sitting out front watching my granddaughter (grandchildren!) play while sipping on a glass of iced tea.  (A Southern thing!)  


 So charming!


What’s more inviting, peaceful and appealing than a large, comfy porch??  I could have white wicker chairs or I could have rocking chairs….I don’t know….Hmmmmm…. 


Tell me that doesn’t say I’m a happy home?????  Can’t you see my grandchildren frolicking in a yard like this or with me on the porch? I can!

P8092338  This porch is a little smallish, but still — so sweet.


When my daughter, Alyssa, graduates high school we’ll no longer be landlocked.    We can move anywhere we want.  And while it’s not easy finding this sort of thing in the suburbs of Denton or Dallas, Texas I’m not giving up hope!   We look constantly on the weekends and have managed to scope out some possibilities.

In a year and a half Alyssa will be preparing for college, my granddaughter will be almost three, and just maybe there’ll be another one here or on the way……

So I’m thinking by then this Mimi will be more than ready for that porch and that glass of tea!!!

Happy Decorating!


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