I’m currently working with a long time client on all of the bathrooms in her beautiful home.  Nestled in a lovely neighborhood with a golf course view it is a grand, traditional home with lots of paneling, hardwoods, winding staircase and wonderful traditional and antique furnishings.  A very classic, very stately home but, as with many of my long time clients, she’s at a place now where she feels it’s time to liven and lighten things up a bit!

So some of the first things we are going to “freshen up” are her bathroom floors.  All done in solid, flat white ceramic tiles 12×12 and smaller they have a lackluster, dated feel to them.  And none of them offer an ounce of creativity, personality or pizzazz.

After discussing and looking at many tile options she came to the conclusion that one thing she’s always loved – actually since she was a little girl – was the look of classic black and white tiles.


So I researched some of the options…


And, I gathered some different looks for her to choose from.

Photo Cred

There are a multitude of various black and white combinations; some with borders, some without.

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The wonderful thing about black and white tiles is that they seem to have a timeless look to them whether it’s a throwback, sort of retro look or a classic checkerboard….

Photo Cred

And they work well with different themes – from traditional style to transitional style to contemporary.


This Greek key border brings in the classic as well as a fun “hip” vibe so this is a great way to keep things fresh and yet jive with her more traditional surroundings. 

We actually decided on this Greek key style for her guest bath, hallway and pool bath.  It will border the hallway and wrap right into the pool bath.

Photo Cred

This pattern above is the look she originally liked for the guest bathroom upstairs.  Another classic black and white pattern.  Keeping with the black and white theme, yet it’s own unique look.

But, she ultimately decided on this:


A simple yet classic style – with no border. 

(I actually have this in my own guest bathroom and I love it)

Photo Cred

We’ll concentrate on the guest baths before the holidays, but after the holidays she’s decided to go with this beautiful black and white checkerboard style for the master bathroom.


Photo Cred

How spectacular is this with a combination of different tiles?  Stunning!

Fun transformations to take place. 

Bringing the fun and fresh with the timeless look of black and white.

Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Happy Decorating.

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