Most everyone even the slightest bit interested in interior design and decorating has heard the term “Shabby Chic”.  And, it’s a look so appealing that even if you’re more the transitional or contemporary type you can’t help but appreciate the charm that’s inevitable in classic shabby chic. 


If you like this look, but you’re not quite sure what it is that constitutes shabby chic, it is generally a style comprised of items that are old enough to have the appearance of wear and tear or are distressed to look that way.  (Thus the shabby…)  This is paired with crystal, lace, opulent chandeliers, candelabras, florals, slipcovered furniture and flowy, billowy fabrics.  (Thus the chic…)


The colors in a shabby chic space are more often than not shades of white or neutrals, maybe some pastels.


Notice all these elements in this space?


This is an example of a sort of modern shabby chic.  Clean lines and less clutter, but the combination of a rustic table, simple flowers, the cream transitional chairs.  Not as much fluff and femininity, but shabby and chic nonetheless.


Here you’ve got the old distressed table and chairs, the old hanging “hutch” all in white, the white table cloth, crystal candle holders, lavender flowers, etc…..All so shabby and, no doubt, all so chic.


Creams and neutrals, white tables, chairs and lamps – neutral billowy window treatments and lots of slouchy, comfortable slip covers create this shabby chic space.  See a pattern here?


Lots of white, slipcovered seating and touches of pale blue…..


More white on white, slipcovered furniture, distressed cabinets……


A more modern take on shabby chic with the zebra rug and glass top table, but lots of white with slip covered furniture…..

Shabby Chic Dining Room

And, distressed furniture, simple flowers, cool iron chandelier, the cherub (often seen in shabby chic décor) and a little touch of greenery. 

Sweet, charming, warm and inviting.

Happy Decorating!

  1 comment for “MODERN DAY SHABBY CHIC

  1. Debra lee Darnell
    February 3, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    So inviting and peaceful! Beautiful spaces…

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