If you’ve read my blog post for very long you know that I love color and I love mixing patterns.  One of my favorite furniture designers, McKenzie Childs, has this art down to a science…or should I say this science down to an art.  I’m sure many of you know exactly who she is and what her style looks like, but for those of you who don’t, I wanted you to see her look for yourself. 

I for one love it so much, she inspired the direction I went with my office-turned-guestroom.  (Which I’ll blog about if I ever get it finished!)


In addition to color and pattern, almost everything she does has a bold infusion of black and cream.  One of my other all time favorite color combinations.  Would you have thought to mix all this color and pattern together?  If you have some fabric remnants left over and a piece that needs recovering…..why not give it a shot.  Just sayin……


How cute is this chubby little ottoman?


And this black and cream with this bold plaid.  I mean….isn’t it fun?




Totally presh!…..Notice the black and cream door knobs?


Could you just die?!  So cute!

Check out her website here for more info on her amazing work.

If I ever get finished with my guest room I’ll show you how she inspired me in designing my space.

Happy Decorating!

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