Crazy For Color: Infuse Your Room With Fun!


Infusing a room with color is one of those things that can not only brighten up your room, but like I’ve said before, can even add a “little happy” to your life. 


In a time of such challenges bringing a little childlike, lighthearted pleasure to our little corner of the world and to our weary old spirits is a good thing.


Like this traditional style chair.  Upholstering such a “serious” piece in this bright, overt color takes it from ho-hum to unexpected and cheerful.


Adding this loud pattern and these bright colors to this sofa kind of just puts the fun in funky…..


There’s just something about walking into a room filled with color that helps set the tone for optimism and a happy attitude…


And, even stimulates creativity….


It makes furniture more hip…..


And, a somewhat formal space…..more lighthearted and joyful…..


And, can’t we all use more of that in our worlds.


So think about bringing a little more color, a little of the unexpected and a little more “happy” into your corner of the world.

Happy Decorating!

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