One Chandelier, Two Chandeliers or Three?


Most everyone knows that a beautiful chandelier over a dining room table adds personality to the space and helps to dictate the style and overall theme.  There are ratio’s regarding size and scale in accordance with the table and the room, but when in doubt I always ere on the side of larger scale.  Not that you want it too big, but you sure as heck don’t want it too small.


While I’ve been told by a “lighting specialist” that in a dining room the bottom of the chandelier should rest at six feet above the floor, I would beg to differ.  I think even if it hangs at five to five and a half feet above the floor (or two and a half feet to three feet above the table) it still works just fine.  Like the chandelier shown above.


There are a couple of formulas to determine chandelier width for a single chandelier over a dining table.  One way is the take the length and width of the room and add them together to get the correct width of the chandelier.  For example 14×16 room would accommodate a 30” width.  Another is keep the diameter two feet narrower than the table length, and still another is to keep it around half to two-thirds the width of the table.  For me I find that half the table width is generally too small.


These are loose guidelines and ultimately it’s what is most pleasing to the eye (as long as it remains functional and doesn’t create an obstruction from one side of the table to the other.)


But, sometimes it’s fun to use two chandeliers instead of one.  See what an interesting dynamic this creates in this dining room?


On one of the remodels I’m working on right now this was my suggestion to the client… use two chandeliers instead of one.   We are converting a rather large living room into a formal dining room so it warrants such a move.  At first they were skeptical, but after giving it some thought and looking at some pictures I sent, some of which are on this blog post, they decided to go for it.  (It’ll be awhile before the remodel is done, but I’ll get pictures when it is!)


Whether it’s traditional lighting…..


Transitional or contemporary……


Sometimes two is just better than one…..





And, then once in a while three is even better!


So be sure to consider all your options and make the best choice for your space.  One, two or three chandeliers?

Happy Decorating!

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