Decorating with Beige: It Doesn’t Have To Be Boring:


For many people when they think of beige they think boring!”.  But, beige doesn’t have to be boring at all.  In fact it creates a very soothing, warm ambiance when done correctly.

2012-12-29 09.21.03

The key to a monochromatic color scheme is using different textures and introducing other interesting items to create interest and keep the eye moving.  Take a look at this space above.  Notice everything is a version of beige, but you’d never say it was boring.  The woven woods, the addition of wood, rattan and other textures in the space hold your interest and please the eye – creating warmth and welcoming you in.

2012-12-29 09.35.55

Here you see, again, the combination of textures and varying shades of beige.  The addition of the sleek espresso table adds a new texture and breaks up the beige upholstery tones just enough.

2012-12-29 09.09.10

Look closely here….beige, beige and more beige.  But, lots of texture to break it up and maintain interest and charm.

2012-12-29 09.08.39

You’ll notice the same thing here….

2012-12-29 09.10.22

And, here……

2009-02-28 14.55.18

But, if you really wanted to you could bring in that fun pop of color. 

You see……beige is not boring at all!

Happy Decorating!

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