Move Over Shabby Chic: Here’s “Hillbilly Hip”


Most everyone has heard the phrase “Shabby Chic” and can instantly conjure up an image of the style it denotes.  But, I propose there’s an even shabbier style one step beyond that……


A bit rattier, tattier and yet still quite chic.  I call it “Hillbilly Hip”.


Even in it’s extreme ratty tatty state it’s still cool….


Once upon a time would you have ever consider an upholstered piece with a patch on it?  I guess if kids can be cool in tattered jeans – we can be cool in tattered upholstery…..right?


The more chipped, the messier looking…..


All the better!


Don’t some of you out there have an old cherry wood desk you’re sick to death of?  Wouldn’t it be fun to do something like this to it?  Takes it from stuffy to hip in New York minute!  (Okay, well maybe a little longer process than that, but you get the picture!)


Take a close look at what they’ve done with these pieces…


All the drawers and doors framed out in some scrap piece of something different….and all mis-matched hardware.  I love this!


A distressed mess….at it’s best!


These pieces almost look as if they’ve been scraped to be painted….but, this is the finished product.




So don’t be afraid to go one step further from Shabby Chic to downright “Hillbilly Hip” and create not only a unique character of your own, but lots of fun with no fuss stuff, too.

Happy Decorating!

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