Life At Home: My Sweet Dad


For those of you who follow my blog you will have seen a couple of these pictures of me with my dad before.  But they’re pictures that I love so I wanted to post them again, one more time, in remembrance of him. 

Sunday, the 9th, was the first anniversary of his death and the reminder that we’ve now spent an entire year without him.  My sister came down to be with my mom so we spent Saturday night and Sunday with her to reminisce and just help her (and each other) get through it. 

my birthday with mom and dad

We had some sweet,  pleasant talks about him – reminisced about what a great dad and husband and grandfather he was.  And, how much we miss him!


Time does make things easier – I admit that’s so true.  And that’s such a blessing.  But, there are times when the pain and grief just strike unexpectedly……like no other pain…..a deep pain that literally takes your breath away.  Which is what happened to me Sunday night and why I couldn’t post this till now.   (I know so many of you understand exactly how it feels.) 


And, when that kind of grief hits I stop and remind myself that he’s in heaven with the Lord now – free of pain and sorrow and fear.  I know he’s happy and at peace…and that gives me great comfort. 

I love and miss you Dad……

so much!


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