There’s Just Something Hot About Hot Pink!


One fun color that can cause extreme joy in some, but can make others cringe is the dramatic boldness of fuchsia or hot pink.  Others might like it just fine –for someone else – they just can’t imagine highlighting it in their own life in any way, shape or form.

Face it….not everyone can pull off hot pink…..

Emmy Awards Arrivals

whether it be fashion….

Or lips…..

fuschia room1[1]

Or, heaven forbid….certainly not interior design!  But, I – like most designers – can appreciate almost any color done in the right space for the right client.


And, hot pink is certainly no exception.

1330670526-pink chandelier.jpg-jumbo[1]

And, it’s not just for tweens and teens.


Which, of course, is always fun….


It’s for grown ups, too.


Look how spectacular these hot pink chairs are.  They pop!  And they create a drama and sense of style like no other color.


For the super daring how about an entire room in hot pink?

It can always be toned down with a soft white like this if it’s too much to do the entire room.  Dramatic and fun, yet classic.

Or, maybe you want to pull it into your décor, but in a low key way.  Try just doing a few accent pieces like this.  Doesn’t it make this space fun?

No matter how much you decided to use….a little or a lot…..there’s just something incredibly hot…..something incredibly fun and sassy about hot pink.

So I say….go for it!

Happy Decorating!

  1 comment for “There’s Just Something Hot About Hot Pink!

  1. Jan
    August 22, 2012 at 11:38 pm

    I love hot pink but NEVER dreamed of incorporating it into design. What a fab idea. Thanks.

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