Tangerine Tango–The Color Of 2012


Many of you blog followers out there have read about the color of the year already.  But, there are as many or more that have no clue that the color of the year is called “tangerine tango”. 


The refreshing vibe from this vibrant color has made it’s way to just about everything…..


Whether it be lipstick…..




Or nail polish….

living room orange drapes amanda nisbet_thumb[1]

But, the biggest splash is in interior design.  Take a look at these vibrant tangerine tango drapes in a space filled with black and cream.  Imagine how different the room would look if the drapes were black or cream, too.  Boring!  This vibrant tangerine never fails to add snazz and pizzazz.  It doesn’t matter if it’s in a hip, transitional space like this….


Or a more modern space like this…….


Even a more traditional space like this.

dining-room-tarpon-l Chic Coastal Living

You can have just a tiny little punch of tangerine like these pillows….


Or maybe just a little more with a chair or two….


Just a simple throw on each chair in tangerine adds such a pop of color and fun.  It tilts the entire personality of the room to feel less “serious”.

Orange living Room Decor2

If you’re bold enough you can paint an entire wall.  Notice how the black, white and gray anchors the space and helps balance the weight of such a bold color?



You could always go for the gusto with a tangerine bedroom? Could you ever be so bold????

Why not?!  I say go for it?!

Because if you’re looking for a wow factor….you certainly have in tangerine tango.

Happy Decorating!

  4 comments for “Tangerine Tango–The Color Of 2012

  1. Gaylynn McBrayer
    June 13, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    I love this post!! So fun…tangerine tango is such a fresh pop of color!! Thanks for always keeping us up with the latest!!

  2. June 13, 2012 at 5:18 pm


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