Out With The Stuffy, In With The Sassy: Have Fun With Your Furnishings!


Looking for a way to express yourself??? Express your style??? Well, think outside the box, go beyond your stuffy comfort zone and have some fun!


How about bringing in some sassy furniture? Like these sassy, unique dining chairs?


Going just a tad further and mixing the fabrics like this looks cool, too, huh?


How many of you non-hunter types would like this sassy not-so-little bird hanging on your wall??? Pretty, isn’t she? Could be quite the conversation piece.


You could just go a little wild with touches of zebra…..


Give your space a gothic flare with these incredibly cool chairs…


Or, just bring in some fun furniture like this cool chair and ottoman.


And, how gorgeous are these stone and iron tables? Notice the rugged, jagged edge here.


Full of character and interest.

Maybe it’s time for you to get rid of the stuffy, get a little sass…..and bring in the fun!

Happy Decorating!

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