English Interior Design: Big or Small – Create Your Own English Manor


I don’t think you’ll find a much cozier design style than an English interior.  There’s just something about the layering upon layering of florals, patterns and textures that create an element of coziness all it’s own.


A well done English design just invites you in to curl up and wallow in it’s lushness.  If you can’t afford all this finery take tidbits from this look and make it your own.  You can find cream colored duvets and shams at Bed, Bath and Beyond, various department stores or online in all sorts of price ranges.  Can’t afford designer fabrics?  Go to your local fabric store and find something similar.  The quality won’t be the same, but you can make it work.  Believe it or not even certain Wal-marts have inexpensive fabrics that are pretty and can be fun.  You can use this same fabric to fabric the walls on a budget.  Go to Home Depot or Lowes and have a board cut for the canopy.  Just staple gun your fabric to the board and hang in on the wall like you would a shelf.


Can you see what I mean with these inviting spaces?  Go to flea markets, second hand stores – you’ll be amazed at what you can find to knock off the English interior.  Whether dark and study like…..


Or bright and sunny-like….


It just makes for a friendly, warm environment.


See what I mean????


Layers and layers of prints….


Mmmmmm……just fabulous!


Don’t stop indoors….bring the English charm to the back yard, too!


Don’t be intimidated by this incredibly polished interior with all it’s layers and patterns.  Remember – think garage sales, flea markets, resale……it can be done!


Or go for a mixture of textures for a more quiet, subtle look….


A sense of “old” – it feels so warm and cozy.  Don’t you think you could find pieces like these to recycle and recover from a garage sale, flea market or a resale shop?  I’m telling you you can!

So if the English style is your style I say get motivated, get out there and do it!

Happy Decorating!

  2 comments for “English Interior Design: Big or Small – Create Your Own English Manor

  1. susan egbert
    January 16, 2012 at 10:27 pm

    OK, I still love, love, love English design!!!!

  2. G
    December 20, 2012 at 6:26 am

    OHHH THIS IS SO LOVELY………… I loved it… thanks . Merry Christmas.

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