Christmas Dessert Idea’s: As Decorative As They Are Tasty!


Are you having any parties this holiday season?  Do you need some really great ideas on how to “do up” a dessert display?  Something creative and fun that will knock the socks off your guests? Below are some dessert displays that are so fun you almost hate to eat from them for fear of messing up the perfect presentation.


How amazing is this spread?


Of course,, it is dessert after all and the point is to eat them!  But, why not make them stunning visually, too?  What kid (or grown up) wouldn’t love reaching into this dessert display? Don’t think you could pull this off?  Look for shelves at a garage sale or thrift store and paint them bright green.  Buy lollypops and clear jars at the Dollar Store, turn party hats upside down for cotton candy holders.  Fun, fun, fun!  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


christmas dessert

All of these so festive and happy.   Remember if you don’t have all this “stuff” or the money to go buy all this “stuff” just pick bits and pieces of the holiday display you like the most and create your own fun look.  Remember the Dollar Store is our friend!  They have lollypops for, well, $1.00 each, of course!  And, they also have rolls of Christmas paper – how about using that as a fun back drop, they have ribbon and plates, etc.  All for a dollar apiece so it would be a cheap way of creating your holiday “look”.


How sophisticated and serene this look is.  All the white and blue……so soothing.  The munchies just blend right in with the décor. But, look closely now…’s a look you could pull off, too:  Blue ribbon, Christmas balls, white roses and white serving platters…


Colorful and fun – again – you can duplicate a similar look….


or this kid friendly and fun display?? 

For impressive treats how ‘bout these fun desserts? How sweet! (No pun intended!)


Get creative with your desserts like these little snowmen….


And these little gingerbread cookies wrapped with Christmas ribbon.


Display your drinks with a touch of elegance on a silver tray.


Cool whip, strawberries and raspberries – always a great choice for Christmas desserts.



A colorful 3 tier fruit tray…..very pretty and holiday-esque!


Beautiful. yummy drinks.  Click here for this visually appealing and tasty recipe. 

For a closer look at some of these pictures and more recipes check out the following blogs:;;;;;

See how much fun you can have????  Not going to lie – it requires a little time and effort for some of these holiday desserts and displays.  But, look at the results!  Time to have some fun and impress your guests (and yourself) with your creative talent!

Happy Decorating!

  2 comments for “Christmas Dessert Idea’s: As Decorative As They Are Tasty!

  1. Adri
    April 11, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    I love the little glasses on the tray! I’ve tried to find them, but to no avai. Can you tell me where you bought them from??

  2. April 19, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    I didn’t actually buy these, but you might check Bed, Bath and Beyond. They have this sort of thing at times. Or even the kitchen department of some large departments stores??? If I stumble across some I’ll certainly let you know!

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