Mint Green And Raspberry: A Great Decorating Combo!


One of my favorite color combinations for years has been mint green and raspberry.  Actually together, separate – either way – I love these colors!  They just can’t help but create a happy space.


Like this incredibly adorable space above.  Would you look at how sweet, cozy and joyful this color palette is???  The yellow walls soften it a bit and add to the happy vibe.

classic04=theenchantedhome. blogspot

Or how about this one?  Minty-lime green walls with a bolder raspberry – it screams fun!


This soft pink does the trick, too.  Throw in some mint green accessories and you’d have a whole different look.


A fun color combo on this traditional furniture.  Takes stuffy to sensational!


Love this!


This green space above or this pink and cream space below…..different personalities….both warm and inviting.



Love, love, love these fun colors!  Don’t you?

Got a room you need to re-do?  Consider mint green and raspberry and create your own happy space.

Happy Decorating!

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