Teen Bling: Hollywood Glam Bedroom For The Girly Girl With Style!


Okay, we actually did this project a while back, but I rarely see my daughter’s room so crisp and clean so when I walked into her room last night and it was shockingly organized and neat I thought I’d seize the moment and do a blog post on it! Hope you enjoy the post as much as I enjoyed actually getting some rare pictures of a clean, organized, “Hollywood glam” teen room!

But, first things first… Before it was transformed to her “Hollywood digs” – it looked like this:


It was originally my office.  I had outgrown the space and decided to switch with my college son’s room since it was more accommodating for my needs and he was rarely home.  (I guess I could have cleaned before snapping this picture – Oops! Note to self for next time!). 


My daughter, Alyssa, loved the fact that this room was sort of set off by itself and had these little steps leading up to it.  She said it made it “feel like an apartment” and she “really, really wanted it to be her room”.  And, though the thought of switching and completely redecorating two rooms was daunting enough, I agreed to add a third.


So we cleared out the room…. (Which was a nightmare I might add)


Then recruited my friend, Leslie…..


And, Alyssa’s friend, Jaime…


And we all taped and patched and painted (Sherwin WilliamsBohemian Black) and cleaned till we were ready to drop….


But, in the end it was worth it when her Hollywood glam “apartment” was complete.


She wanted black and fuchsia and lots of crystal like these chandeliers.


I surprised her by making this black velvet headboard to add to the Hollywood theme….(I’ll show you how on another blog!)


These crystal chandeliers are from Hobby Lobby – half price for $25.00!


Every girly girl wants a bed filled with pillows.


She wanted to add black butterfly chairs for an “apartment” feel.  These were $50.00 at Big Lots.



This pull for her ceiling fan is actually a large Christmas ornament that I looped to the chain.  (Again, from Hobby Lobby.)


We painted the letters she had in her old room black and she added the lights and boa’s herself.



She painted the frame and cross white and grouped them together for a “cool” look.


This chest was originally in her brother’s room and had a dark stain.  She painted it white and I had a mirror cut for the top.  She had some stick-on crystals on the drawers, but took them off when they started chipping.  (But, they looked great and we’ll probably put them back on.)  We did the same paint and mirror for her desk.  Eventually I’ll replace it all with true mirrored furniture for real bling.


(This was the original piece.) Amazing what a coat or two of paint can do.

She added her own personal touches to the walls:




(This was how my son and his wife told us all they were having a baby, by the way.  They gave us all gift bags with our own personalized one-sies in them!  Isn’t that a cute idea?!  Alyssa turned hers into a very sentimental “piece of art” for her wall.)


She wanted her closet to be glam, too, and chose this melon pink (Sherwin Williams – Amaryllis) for the walls.  Then she decided to add a black chandelier for an even more glamorous touch.


It actually turned out really cute – although, it’s almost NEVER this clean!


I made her this jewelry holder with foam board from Home Depot that I covered with black velvet.  We used straight pins and hooks to hang her jewelry from.



And, she added her little personalized touches here, too.

It was quite an undertaking to say the least, but she was a happy girl when we were done.  (And, I have to admit I was, too.)

So I can’t exactly claim this room as my own since it was my daughter’s color scheme and overall design.  But, I did help her and “allow” her to go with black walls – which went against my better judgment at first. (I didn’t want “Goth” and that’s the first thing that came to mind.)  But, happily, she talked me into it and she ended up with exactly what she wanted. Sophisticated, Hollywood Bling and Pizazz!

Happy Decorating!

  6 comments for “Teen Bling: Hollywood Glam Bedroom For The Girly Girl With Style!

  1. August 30, 2011 at 10:30 am

    Not many mommas can get away with painting a black room… but you can! Stunning!

  2. September 1, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    Thanks, Traci!

  3. lorrie borino
    November 6, 2011 at 11:50 pm

    what blog is it for the headboard that you made

    • November 7, 2011 at 12:04 am

      Well, unfortunately I never got around to doing a tutorial blog on it like I planned to do. Were you just interested in how to make one?

  4. Edyn.g
    February 20, 2012 at 1:15 am

    I want to make a headboard

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