Wedding Time Wonderland


With my son getting married next May and so many of my friend’s kids getting married within the last couple of years – or in the next year to come – it has definitely given me a bit of the wedding bug.  Not in the “I want to renew my wedding vows” type of way – just in the “it’s such fun decorating” type of way. Between the showers, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions and more….it’s just such a happy, exciting time.  I mean – aren’t all weddings just so sweet and lovely?  I don’t think I’ve ever been to an ugly one, have you?  No matter how big or how small it is such a happy, lovely time.  I’ve done or helped with more showers, parties and receptions than I can count. And it’s all so fun!


The renewed excitement of my son’s engagement had me peeking at some wedding blogs out of curiosity.  Look at some these fancy, schmancy receptions. Are they fabulous or what?!


I love these tall candleholders.


And, these fabulous flower arrangements…!


The colorful sash around these white chair covers adds so much punch and color.  Look at how the personality changes at these receptions with the different color sashes below.



How dramatic!!


And look at these fun party favors:



27062NA_Sweet_Wedding_M-myweddingfavor com


22019NA_Fan_PRS_M-myweddingfavor com

I love the idea of these sweet fans to cool guests off.  Especially at an outdoor wedding.  And, they make great little favors.



Of course you can’t forget about the importance of beautiful flowers…


Absolutely stunning!



And what’s a wedding without that dramatic, tasty wedding cake!





And last, but most definitely not least, never underestimate the power of an amazing table setting.






Love this!!

So many fun, wonderful ideas!  Aside from the beautiful bride and her wedding party – ambiance is everything!  And the beauty is in the details.  Lots and lots of details!  From the location to the colors, to the table settings, to the centerpieces… sets the stage for the evening, the “attitude” and the atmosphere!  As well as warmly welcoming your guests to share in such a happy, exciting time!

Happy Decorating!

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