Adventures In Angelfire And True Hill Country Furniture At It’s Finest


Okay, a little “fun” in Angelfire before I show you the incredibly cool furniture we saw there.  Yes, I simply must….too much fun!  


We had lots of fun little adventures the week we were in Angelfire – one of which was unexpectedly getting to witness this amazing hot air balloon contest.


We were able to watch (up close and personal) the balloons get prepped and blown up before the big send off. Very interesting and tons of fun!!!!  Each balloon has teams of people who take their job very seriously.  Many of them entire families who do this together for fun as family hobby.  How cool is that?!


Becky was invited into one and then freaked out when she thought they were actually going to fly away with her.  Too funny!..….


Watching them all effortlessly float up in the air…sooooo breathtaking!

Okay, that was a fun little detour – here’s where the decorating comes in. There were several nights that we ate at the local country club (where we had fabulous meals and enjoyed a lovely ambiance by the way!)  We were immediately wowed by the beautiful Hill Country style furnishings that filled the entrance to the club. Here’s a peek:


How’s this for rich and cozy?  Notice the fabrics on the sofa?.  And, yes, it was soooo comfy!  And, how about that rug?  Cindy decided she wants it for her house.


Here’s a closer look at the ottoman…..I mean, isn’t it the coolest of cool?


And this chair is – oh so savvy!  Love the lush, interesting combination of fabrics and the ornate detail on the frame.


Great settee with it’s tufted leather seat and fabric back.


Cool lamp!


Fabulous chest!!!!!!!


And how do you like this floor?!!! 


Another great combination of fabrics on this high back piece.


How cool is this twig chandelier?!


And this fun piece of art – used as a divider.  Love it!

Was I kidding on my last post when I said there were lots of great decorating finds in New Mexico?  You can see from a peek at this restaurant some of the fabulous styles I found there.  And, just wait………there’s even more to come!!!!

Happy Decorating!!!!


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