Teen Bling: Hollywood Glam Bedroom For The Girly Girl With Style!


Okay, we actually did this project a while back, but I rarely see my daughter’s room so crisp and clean so when I walked into her room last night and it was shockingly organized and neat I thought I’d seize the moment and do a blog post on it! Hope you enjoy the post as much as I enjoyed actually getting some rare pictures of a clean, organized, “Hollywood glam” teen room!

But, first things first… Before it was transformed to her “Hollywood digs” – it looked like this:


It was originally my office.  I had outgrown the space and decided to switch with my college son’s room since it was more accommodating for my needs and he was rarely home.  (I guess I could have cleaned before snapping this picture – Oops! Note to self for next time!). 


My daughter, Alyssa, loved the fact that this room was sort of set off by itself and had these little steps leading up to it.  She said it made it “feel like an apartment” and she “really, really wanted it to be her room”.  And, though the thought of switching and completely redecorating two rooms was daunting enough, I agreed to add a third.


So we cleared out the room…. (Which was a nightmare I might add)


Then recruited my friend, Leslie…..


And, Alyssa’s friend, Jaime…


And we all taped and patched and painted (Sherwin WilliamsBohemian Black) and cleaned till we were ready to drop….


But, in the end it was worth it when her Hollywood glam “apartment” was complete.


She wanted black and fuchsia and lots of crystal like these chandeliers.


I surprised her by making this black velvet headboard to add to the Hollywood theme….(I’ll show you how on another blog!)


These crystal chandeliers are from Hobby Lobby – half price for $25.00!


Every girly girl wants a bed filled with pillows.


She wanted to add black butterfly chairs for an “apartment” feel.  These were $50.00 at Big Lots.



This pull for her ceiling fan is actually a large Christmas ornament that I looped to the chain.  (Again, from Hobby Lobby.)


We painted the letters she had in her old room black and she added the lights and boa’s herself.



She painted the frame and cross white and grouped them together for a “cool” look.


This chest was originally in her brother’s room and had a dark stain.  She painted it white and I had a mirror cut for the top.  She had some stick-on crystals on the drawers, but took them off when they started chipping.  (But, they looked great and we’ll probably put them back on.)  We did the same paint and mirror for her desk.  Eventually I’ll replace it all with true mirrored furniture for real bling.


(This was the original piece.) Amazing what a coat or two of paint can do.

She added her own personal touches to the walls:




(This was how my son and his wife told us all they were having a baby, by the way.  They gave us all gift bags with our own personalized one-sies in them!  Isn’t that a cute idea?!  Alyssa turned hers into a very sentimental “piece of art” for her wall.)


She wanted her closet to be glam, too, and chose this melon pink (Sherwin Williams – Amaryllis) for the walls.  Then she decided to add a black chandelier for an even more glamorous touch.


It actually turned out really cute – although, it’s almost NEVER this clean!


I made her this jewelry holder with foam board from Home Depot that I covered with black velvet.  We used straight pins and hooks to hang her jewelry from.



And, she added her little personalized touches here, too.

It was quite an undertaking to say the least, but she was a happy girl when we were done.  (And, I have to admit I was, too.)

So I can’t exactly claim this room as my own since it was my daughter’s color scheme and overall design.  But, I did help her and “allow” her to go with black walls – which went against my better judgment at first. (I didn’t want “Goth” and that’s the first thing that came to mind.)  But, happily, she talked me into it and she ended up with exactly what she wanted. Sophisticated, Hollywood Bling and Pizazz!

Happy Decorating!

Party Décor Ideas: Festive, Fun Family Weekend


Last weekend was one of those busy, busy, busy – but very fun family weekends that turned out to be one long celebration – one event after another.  First on the agenda was my granddaughter’s second birthday.  Her mommy planned a “tea party” themed party for the birthday girl – with painful consideration given to every last detail.


The table was set with a burlap runner topped with trims and beads for that girly flair.  She hand made these cute floral centerpieces and the placemats – which were simply coloring book pages adhered to colorful craft paper squares.  How cute is that?!  And, fun for the kiddo’s, too.


Each little guest had their own sippy cup with their name on it.  These are mason jars that they drilled holes in for the straw.  A small piece of pink construction paper was cut to fit the lid and held in place with the screw on rim.  So creative and cute!  And, functional – helping to keep spills to a minimum.


My daughter-in-law, Katie, (Kaisley’s mama) made these little flowers with crepe paper by sewing along the edge to create a gathered look.  Then she rolled them into these adorable flowers and added the stems. 



She even melted down crayons into these little tea pot molds for the children to color their placemats with.  How adorable!


Each place setting was complete with their own teapot name tag. 


More flowers were made on a larger scale to hang from the ceiling for a festive touch over the mantel of colorful flags.


Excited little girls peeked out the window anxiously awaiting the arrival of fellow tea partiers (not to be confused with the political group!).


When the all the guests arrived the festivities began.  Here are all the little cutey-pies sitting politely at the table.  All very well behaved I must say!


One of the tea partier’s little brother’s refused to be left out of the action.


When it was time to open gifts you can see from Kaisley’s face this little “girly girl’ took her clothes quite seriously – almost as much as the toys….


Mom and dad look on while their big girl happily unwrapped gift after gift.



A successful tea party – and a very happy birthday girl!

But, the partying continued……


After nap time it was time for her great-grandmother’s 75th birthday that evening and a carry over celebration of Kaisley’s 2nd birthday party.  So I went to my “go-to” birthday dessert – a cupcake tower.  I got the colorful cupcakes from Kroger, then just added some matching flowers I got from the Dollar Store and some colorful ribbon I curly-q’d up and draped as streamers.  I covered it all with sprinkles.


Her birthday card matched so well I took it out of the envelope and stuck it on the top cupcake as a topper!


I used my fun martini vases for the gumdrops…..


And the nut mix.


I added a vase filled with Twizzlers, a vase of horn blowers and the party hats.  I just added more curly-q colorful ribbon on the table for fun……


And a vase of colorful lollypops – yummy and decorative.  (Inside the round box with the flower is her gift.  It worked great as part of the table decorations.)


And, here are the birthday girls decked out together in birthday crowns and birthday ribbons – courtesy of the Dollar Store, of course! (I think great-grandma and great-granddaughter look alike here!)


Even my daughter’s Chihuahua, Harley, (my granddog) got in the action.


Family and dogs alike…..


Harley’s cousin, Luke…..


All celebrated the birthday girls…..


Until one of the birthday girls was plum tuckered out after an action packed day……

And, then the next day we were all off to my soon to be grandson’s baby shower hosted by a couple of Katie’s friends – where there were more fun decorating ideas.  Like this adorable little diaper cake wrapped with neck tie’s.


So cute. (Yet macho!)


And how sweet is this mantel?  The awesome lettered blocks are going in my grandson’s room as part of his decor.  (Elijah Wyatt is his name)  They look great here as part of the shower decorations.  And I love the little clothesline with his cute itty-bitty clothes hanging on it!  Adorable!


Mom to be here in the middle with her sister-in-law and sister-in-law to be on the left and my nieces 0n the right. 


Me with my cute little mama and sister there to share in all the festivities.

A great family weekend with my great family!  Hope you got some decorating ideas of your own from my family’s fun, festive weekend.

Happy Decorating!

The Sweet Style Of Santa Fe: The Adventures In New Mexico Continue


Being in Angelfire, with the mountains right outside our door, they seemed to beckon us each morning to join them for a nice, long hike.  With the cool, crisp air and the beauty all around us it was much more a pleasure than a work out.


On one of our many 2 1/2 – 3 hour hikes we decided we wished we’d had a fanny pack for food, and being the innovative chicks that we are, we came up with what we called our very own DIY: redneck fanny pack! 

Yes, we took a grocery bag and filled it with snacks ….


Tied it on the belt loop on Barbie’s behind….


And voila……


When it was time to eat…..our food was ready!  Innovation at it’s finest! (I know……embarrassing that I even shared it with you, huh!)

After another glorious day of hiking we decided to take a day off and go to Taos.


One of the places we stopped to see was this beautiful Catholic Church, St. Francis of Assisi.


This beautiful church has been a source of inspiration for a great many artists, both travelers passing through, as well as natives.


The village of Ranchos de Taos was settled by the Spanish in 1716 and this magnificent church was completed in 1815, almost 100 years later.  It is said to be one of the best examples of “Franciscan Old World architectural ideals combined with New World building techniques”.  The fortress like adobe walls are four feet thick. So cool.


Love these doors.


This beautiful pot of flowers was taken right outside the church.  Looks kind of like a piece of art don’t you think?


After touring the church we did what we do best – shopped.  Love this little courtyard store. (Yes, my friends are hamming it up for my picture.)  The arch with the gates, the brick floor – love that!  I want it in my backyard!


Of course, coming from Texas we were mesmerized by the greenery and the flowers everywhere.  I want this in my backyard, too!


Love all the colors and patterns in “Santa Fe” style decor.  So fun and festive.



Lots and lots of color.



I was intrigued by all the colorful, detailed woodwork.




These wooden folk saints are a very, very popular part of the culture.


Cute little orange peel boxes.


Fun bench.  Great style, great colors.


This was a charming little outdoor area filled with quaint shops and restaurants.





Great fashions there!



And, isn’t this old door great that they used to display this piece of clothing on?


(I got my granddaughter a cute little dress like these in red.)


And, of course, everywhere we went – the flowers were amazing.



I really like this cool wheelbarrow packed with greenery and geraniums, my friend, Cindy, is standing next to. Wish I had a place for something like this.


After another wonderful day we decided all we wanted to do was rent a movie and snuggle down in the house that night with a glass of wine.  For some reason we decided a vampire movie was in order – very out of character for all of us – but it was a girls trip so whatever!)  Unfortunately the movie store was only open from 3:00-6:00pm, which we were unaware of. (By the way not only do they sell movies there, but you can get your nails done and even buy a giant pickle! – Who knew!) But, since it was closed when we got there Cindy suggested we go to the local fire station to see if we could “borrow” one of theirs. Yes, she really did.


So we thought, why not?!!! When we got there we ran into State Trooper, Officer Hicks, out front and asked him if he knew if they had movies in the firehouse. He said it was the first time in fourteen years there that anyone had the “moxy” to ask him such a thing.


He found out that the fire station didn’t keep any at this location, but was nice enough to offer his own movies to us. (Yes, he did.)


So we followed him outside town and into the mountains to his home…..


Where we were greeted by a half dozen or so dogs he had roaming around his, very dark, isolated place….


And just when we were convinced we had followed an undercover axe murderer into the dark unknown like a bunch of idiots – he actually brought us several of his own movies – two of which were vampire movies!  Too cool!  

(Of course we happily returned all his movies to his box at the firehouse with a little goody bag filled with dipped doggy bones for all his dogs.)

I must say it was a very good day!

Happy Decorating!

Decorating A Child’s Life: “CCA” Springs Into Action With Their Back To School Store For The Under Privileged


Some of you who frequent my blog know that I’m a volunteer with CCACL, Christian Community Action Charity League.  A very fun, but serious minded, goal oriented and diligent organization dedicated to helping CCA administer to the needs of under privileged children as well as families who are just facing unexpected financial hardships in this difficult economy. 


We’re all growing weary of the economic challenges we are facing today, but none more than those who are hardest hit and most directly affected to the very core of their finances – which in turn affects their children and every part of their lives.   In addition to the impoverished there are a surprising number of families in need of services at CCA that never thought they would see such a day.


For all of these families CCA offers a wonderful Back To School program for their children with a store filled with donations of new clothing, backpacks and more.  All items are brand new, nothing used, which is important to CCA for this special event.  Families are welcomed into the store with these cheerful painted signs with images of schools, buses, etc.


Their large conference/training room gets a complete makeover and is converted into a mini department store where parents can bring the children to “shop” for school clothes.  Each child gets a backpack, tennis shoes, 2 pair of jeans and 2 shirts, or 2 complete uniforms if their school requires uniforms.  They also offer bonus points for underwear, socks, jewelry, hair products, purses and belts.(Payment is not required, but families must have already qualified and be following guidelines set forth by CCA.) These families are sincerely working hard to better their situation.


Lots of generous donations come in to try and help meet the needs of the community, but more is always needed.


Volunteers do their best to try and make the store presentable and like a “real store”.  Used racks and shelves are put together to display items.



A make-shift check out stand is created and a volunteer rings up the “purchases” (although no money exchanges hands)  and makes sure each child gets everything they are supposed to.


The little make shift store actually looks very nice.


With the generous donations we are able to take care of most of the kids sizes. However, “cool” teen shirts and jackets are always a need.


Volunteers like the girl seen here in the blue take each parent and their child around the store to help them pick out all the articles on the list.


Backpacks are always serious business for the little ones.  They ponder and ponder and change their minds, trying on one, then another until finally the perfect color and style is chosen.  Precious!


More “happy” signs greet them as they continue to shop.


Here are the bins of underwear, socks and some miscellaneous items. 


The tennis shoes.  You can see some of the sizes go before others.  There are usually people constantly working in the back to keep stocking the floor with what we have on hand.




Sadly the girl’s accessories were almost non-existent.  One of my little shoppers looked at me with her sweet, shy grin and asked if there was a way she could please get a purse.  Unfortunately this sad little rack was all we had to offer.  Nothing a little nine or ten year old could use. Tugs at the heartstrings!   These precious little angels want to go to school feeling pretty and proud just like other, more fortunate children do.  CCA tries to provide them with that and their much deserved dignity.  I hated to tell her we had nothing to offer at this time.


Here’s the jewelry display.  Again not much to offer.  Yes, the clothing is more important (and we are so grateful for these donations!!), but how fun is it for little girls and teenage girls to have jewelry to pretty themselves up with?  And how sad is it that this is all we had to offer.  If you have a heart for these children consider donating these extra items to CCA or your own local charity.


This was all we had in the way of hair care, too.  Granted the store had been open a while and things had gotten a bit picked over, but there are still so many more children to take care of.  Wouldn’t it be nice to donate these inexpensive items so a little girl can feel pretty and good about herself?????  Just throwin’ that out there!


The school uniform section – khaki and navy in all sizes.  With our generous donations we were able to meet most all of these needs.


Our make-shift dressing rooms.  One little five year old girl bounced out of the dressing room with a giant smile on her face to show me each of her outfits.  Her mother said she insisted on modeling for me so I could see how pretty she looked.  So precious! Again…….those heartstrings!


My friend, Susan, who is the founder of the charity league working with me at the store.

You can see what a wonderful organization this is and what an amazing job they do to help the community.  If you’d like to learn more about it, volunteer or make donations please contact CCA at www.ccahelps.org.  Find the joy and satisfaction of “decorating a child’s life”!

Happy Decorating!!

Wedding Time Wonderland


With my son getting married next May and so many of my friend’s kids getting married within the last couple of years – or in the next year to come – it has definitely given me a bit of the wedding bug.  Not in the “I want to renew my wedding vows” type of way – just in the “it’s such fun decorating” type of way. Between the showers, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions and more….it’s just such a happy, exciting time.  I mean – aren’t all weddings just so sweet and lovely?  I don’t think I’ve ever been to an ugly one, have you?  No matter how big or how small it is such a happy, lovely time.  I’ve done or helped with more showers, parties and receptions than I can count. And it’s all so fun!


The renewed excitement of my son’s engagement had me peeking at some wedding blogs out of curiosity.  Look at some these fancy, schmancy receptions. Are they fabulous or what?!


I love these tall candleholders.


And, these fabulous flower arrangements…..wow!


The colorful sash around these white chair covers adds so much punch and color.  Look at how the personality changes at these receptions with the different color sashes below.



How dramatic!!


And look at these fun party favors:



27062NA_Sweet_Wedding_M-myweddingfavor com


22019NA_Fan_PRS_M-myweddingfavor com

I love the idea of these sweet fans to cool guests off.  Especially at an outdoor wedding.  And, they make great little favors.



Of course you can’t forget about the importance of beautiful flowers…


Absolutely stunning!



And what’s a wedding without that dramatic, tasty wedding cake!





And last, but most definitely not least, never underestimate the power of an amazing table setting.






Love this!!

So many fun, wonderful ideas!  Aside from the beautiful bride and her wedding party – ambiance is everything!  And the beauty is in the details.  Lots and lots of details!  From the location to the colors, to the table settings, to the centerpieces…..it sets the stage for the evening, the “attitude” and the atmosphere!  As well as warmly welcoming your guests to share in such a happy, exciting time!

Happy Decorating!

Adventures In Angelfire And True Hill Country Furniture At It’s Finest


Okay, a little “fun” in Angelfire before I show you the incredibly cool furniture we saw there.  Yes, I simply must….too much fun!  


We had lots of fun little adventures the week we were in Angelfire – one of which was unexpectedly getting to witness this amazing hot air balloon contest.


We were able to watch (up close and personal) the balloons get prepped and blown up before the big send off. Very interesting and tons of fun!!!!  Each balloon has teams of people who take their job very seriously.  Many of them entire families who do this together for fun as family hobby.  How cool is that?!


Becky was invited into one and then freaked out when she thought they were actually going to fly away with her.  Too funny!..….


Watching them all effortlessly float up in the air…sooooo breathtaking!

Okay, that was a fun little detour – here’s where the decorating comes in. There were several nights that we ate at the local country club (where we had fabulous meals and enjoyed a lovely ambiance by the way!)  We were immediately wowed by the beautiful Hill Country style furnishings that filled the entrance to the club. Here’s a peek:


How’s this for rich and cozy?  Notice the fabrics on the sofa?.  And, yes, it was soooo comfy!  And, how about that rug?  Cindy decided she wants it for her house.


Here’s a closer look at the ottoman…..I mean, isn’t it the coolest of cool?


And this chair is – oh so savvy!  Love the lush, interesting combination of fabrics and the ornate detail on the frame.


Great settee with it’s tufted leather seat and fabric back.


Cool lamp!


Fabulous chest!!!!!!!


And how do you like this floor?!!! 


Another great combination of fabrics on this high back piece.


How cool is this twig chandelier?!


And this fun piece of art – used as a divider.  Love it!

Was I kidding on my last post when I said there were lots of great decorating finds in New Mexico?  You can see from a peek at this restaurant some of the fabulous styles I found there.  And, just wait………there’s even more to come!!!!

Happy Decorating!!!!


Angelfire, New Mexico: A Little Slice Of Heaven (And Rustic Decorating Ideas For That Mountain Cabin Look!)


Recently I had the distinct pleasure of heading to one of the most understated, probably under-appreciated, and yet, most amazingly, beautiful places in the country: Angelfire, New Mexico.   The first part of the trip was a girls trip — woo-hoo! – gotta love that; the second part of the trip was with hubbies.  (And, that was fun, too!)


It’s unbelievably gorgeous with the mountains, the trees, the lakes, the mountain homes nestled in the trees….


This was our view from the front porch.  Breathtaking!


The weather was amazing – 70’s during the day, 40’s and 50’s at night so we were actually able to do fun things outside! I mean, who knew places like that still existed this crazy, hot summer!  A far cry from the 109 degree temps we were struggling through in Texas.  We actually found ourselves with tons of energy!  I mean……who knew!


The flowers there were actually still perky and pretty!





The weather made us feel as perky as the flowers looked.  Even when it started drizzling!  It’s been so long since we’ve seen a raindrop it didn’t deter us at all.


Didn’t expect a traffic jam on a hiking trail, but we came across this cute little family having tons of fun. 


Becky and Barbie decided to pretend they were “children of the corn”!  (Those of you older readers will understand.  You younger folks just need to Google it.) I told you we had boundless energy!


After a long morning hike it was time for some “R & R”.  These sunset margaritas are the best margaritas I’ve ever had. 


Oh, but the day was young.


We were able to get some shopping in at this wonderful store.


Filled with this cool Adirondack furniture.



And just inside are these cool stairs.  Love the slate risers and the cut log walls.  So “mountain-esque”.


More great furniture.


Fabulous headboards!


Cool, rustic frames….


And, look at all this fun artwork….








Isn’t it all so fabulous?  I need a mountain cabin to decorate!!!  (Barbie and I are actually scheming to remodel her home……just gotta convince her hubby it’s the thing to do!)

I’ve got more great decorating finds to come – Santa Fe styles and more – all found in and around Angelfire.  New Mexico is full of design jewels!  I’ll be sharing some more with you in future blogs so come on back.

Stay Cool & Happy Decorating!

Cool Cupcake Ideas For Your Next Party


When I was perusing the web for cupcake ideas a while back I came across these great suggestions at Good Housekeeping.  If you are looking for some cute ideas for a baby shower or a kids party take a look at these fun pictures below.


So cute for a baby shower.


A cool cupcake(s) for a cook kid!






Simple enough even for little old me!



A little more involved, but adorable none the less.   What little critter wouldn’t like a cookie monster cupcake?


This I don’t know about, but for you creative baker types it’s probably a breeze.  And so pretty and fun!


I think I could actually do the one above and below.  Simple, but adorable…..my kind of cupcake!


Great ideas for those of you out there planning a party or shower. A little tip:  You can buy the actual cupcakes at Wal-mart – $5.00 per dozen and just do the fun decorating part.  (That’s what I do – just the fun stuff!)

Hope this helped you cupcake lovers come up with a new theme for your next party!

Happy Decorating!

Red Walls: Not For The Faint Of Heart!


For those of you who are bold…those of you who love bold colors…you might consider bringing red to your space in a grand way.  Have you considered painting an entire room a bright, bold red?  If not, think again. 


Nothing makes a statement quite like a fun vivacious red.  Whether it’s a contemporary space….



Or a more traditional space:


Looks great with this fresh, white trim…..


Or this dark trim.


Powerful, yet cozy….


Elegant even.


Looks fab with this gray.


How grand!


Love the red walls (and ceiling!) paired with this black and cream floor rug.


Instead of paint – what about these dramatic drapes in one of your rooms?  Opulent, bold, sassy!

Get bold, get sassy and rock out your space with red!

Happy Decorating!!!!

Two Living Room Transformations: From Bland to Grand!


This is phase 1 of a project that I’ve been working on for two years.  This phase was actually completed months ago, but I’m just now getting around to posting it.  This client lucked into a great little house right on the lake in Fort Worth.  Great location and great view, but the house itself….well…not so much


Although it sufficed for awhile there came the time he was ready to update and make the interior view as beautiful as the exterior view.


You can see that not much had been done in the way of decorating and cozying up the place, but the spectacular view made it worthwhile.


(These chairs above are actually very nice and I ended up moving those to his office.)


Bland dining area, but great table and chairs.  I wanted to keep them, too.


Ho hum…..

living-before6 (2)

So after meeting with the client, doing the walk through, snapping some pictures and taking lots of notes I went back to my office and got to work.  I did a color board, put together a notebook of drawings, colors and pictures and drew up several space plan options one of which is below…..



Just one of the space plan options for the entire area….there were actually several possibilities depending on his needs and preference.


I sketched up a little drawing for a visual in the formal living room…..


Showed him several fabric combo’s for the drapes.  He selected this combination above for both living areas.


We selected these fabrics for the dining room.


And here is the dramatic transformation.  The formal living after.


A bit more charming and cozy I think, don’t you?



This dining room is right off the formal living so I thought I’d include it in the post as well.  These are the before pic’s here.


It went from bland…


To grand!


Below is the pass through area to the TV room before we gutted the kitchen and completely remodeled it.

pass thru-before1


pass thru-after

And after.  Pretty dramatic, right?

The pass through area leads you to the next living area.  His small TV room.

TV room-before1

Again…not so cozified and a bit bland.  It’s a tight space, but potentially very functional and cozy….

TV room space plan

There were several options here, too, but my preference was a sectional because of the small area we had to work with….


Which I sketched out…again to give him a bit of a visual.  But, he decided he wasn’t a “sectional” type of guy so we compromised and got the curved sofa, pictured below.    We had a custom TV cabinet built in the right corner for easy TV viewing.  Now it’s cozy and functional.


Again – from bland to grand!

A fun transformation don’t you think?  Now we’re discussing doing Phase 2 on the other side of the house where we will re-do the master bedroom and the guest room.  Still in the throws of planning and decision making.  It will be fun to see the outcome of that as well.  I’ll keep you “posted” (pun intended!) on the project.

Happy Decorating!


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