Décor That Dazzles The Domain!


Don’t forget that just like adding accessories to your outfit can change your look – dressing it up or down, for glitz or for fun – so do the accessories you choose for your home.  And, just like creating our own unique style of dress tells a lot about who we are and what kind of personality we have, we need to create our own unique style of décor for our homes for the same reason.  And, my motto is never be ordinary.  Whenever possible always lean to décor that is unique and makes a statement.  Like this wall art below:


Cool, huh?



Love the drama and attitude this brings to a space.


These pieces make much more of a statement than an ordinary print or something along those lines.  Make a statement in your space.  Loud and clear!


Screens are a great way to incorporate color and interest.  Tuck one into a corner, behind a bed for a headboard, use as a space divider.


How’s this for a unique coffee table?


Or this?  I put this in a clients living room and it looks amazing.  She was a little nervous at first, because it’s so unusual, but that’s what she loves about it now.  Be unique!


Great lamps.


Love this accent table.


I put these in the same clients house on the black coffee table above.  They look spectacular.


So fun!


Time to dazzle your domain with cool décor, too.  Like I’ve said before don’t be ordinary….be extraordinary. Let your personality shine through and find unusual accessories to display throughout your home.  Make a statement with your space!

Happy Decorating!


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