Color Inspiration: Navy Blue Walls?


Last week I did a post on how interesting black walls could be, what they bring to a space and how it can work with just about any style.  Today I am going to show you some navy blue rooms.  Yes, navy blue.  It’s another color that a lot of people would shy away from for something as large and looming as the walls of a room, but it’s a color you should take another look at.


Just like black, these navy blue walls add lots of drama and personality to a space.  Paired with this dramatic gold color and this zebra rug – stunning!


And look how fun and interesting this bedroom is with the navy and white mix.


It works in a small space like this little kitchen nook …..


As well as a large space like this large formal dining room.


It adds interest and creativity to this enormous kitchen….


As well as this charming little powder room.


Notice how crisp and clean navy looks when paired with white or cream?


So much blue……so much fun…



I’ve loved navy blue and have decorated with it in my own home for more than thirty years.  Here’s a peak at my master bedroom.  I’ve change out my bedding, fabric and accessories over time, but these blue walls have been here for seventeen years and I still love them.  (Actually, if I were to ever change them I would probably change to black!


Sorry for the camera flash in the mirror!


In the picture above and below the walls look almost purple, but trust me they are a true navy.


So don’t limit yourself to using blue as an accent piece.  Have some fun and take it to a whole new level:  Be inspired and use it as your mainstay color!

Happy Decorating!!!!!

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