Fun On The Fourth: Celebrate In Style


With the Fourth of July right around the corner and family and friends coming together to celebrate all over the country its time to think about how to decorate your place in the true spirit of the Fourth!  It’s a special day here in the states and the atmosphere should clearly reflect our freedom, our wonderful military men who make freedom a reality, and our wonderful country… style!  What better way to welcome our guests than to have a great, vibrant and festive celebratory display of our food, drinks and tables – in red, white and blue!!!  Nothing screams the pride in America like the bold and beautiful colors of our precious flag!


Simple and inexpensive – what a great way to show off our theme!


Use bandanas for napkins to bring in the red, white and blue.


Decorate some cupcakes with raspberries and blueberries on white icing.  Simple, fun, festive and yummy!


Red, white and blue candles in glass votives play up the theme.


Star cut outs make great place cards; inexpensive flags make a sweet, but dramatic bouquet; and white daisies brighten and cozy up a table.  Strawberries add a splash of edible red and lemonade just always looks refreshing on the Fourth of July.


Colored sand in glass votives and vases with flags and daisies.  Adorable!


Festive and fun!





Let your sweet little one in on the fun, too.  How sweet is this?  They’d be so proud to help out!


Bring out your Christmas wine glasses – perfect for the Fourth!!



Have a spectacular Fourth of July weekend!  God bless you and your family, God bless America….and as always….

Happy Decorating!!!!

Going Green: A Fun Color Splash!


Before going “green” was cool and meant eco friendly, environmentally correct spaces….it was simply a color choice.  And, that’s what this post is about today:  The color green.   There is much fun to be had with the color green – whether it be a simple, subtle green or a bright, bold, crazy green – your decorating can have tons of charm, the “wow” factor and it can awe your guests.


It takes a certain person with a certain style and a certain amount of boldness to have a place like this space above, but if you’re so inclined, look at how much fun you can have!  How’s this for a “happy place”?


This dreamy media lounge with the green and mirrors and all the cool textures has a sexy vibe to it.  The green gives it punch and makes it fun.


This space has a subtle, soothing vibe to it with these pale green walls and the cottage style furnishings. Very cozy.


The flip side is this modern space:  These green walls – also a soothing back drop -  offer personality and interest, a nice compliment to the modern furnishings.


This serene green works well in this traditional setting above…..


…just as this shade of green works well in this traditional space.


It works beautifully in this child’s room….


….this modern space….


….and even this rather bohemian space.

Whether your style is traditional, modern, bohemian, etc, it might just be the color splash your space needs!  So make a statement - if you dare – and consider “going green”. 

Happy Decorating!!!!

Spanish Villa’s: Rich Interiors, Dramatic Exteriors


There is something alluring about a Spanish Villa.  They have an air of mystique, a certain interesting quality to them – unique to that particular style.  They can conjure up images of Spain, Mexico, Tuscany, a California Winery… many places.  And, they bring with them an element of charm….a distinct “resort-like” quality.


Aren’t these “villa’s” so full of charm and personality?


Doesn’t this feel more like a resort than a home?  Would you love to walk out onto this balcony for a cup of coffee in the morning?


Or hit this pool in the afternoon with a pina colada?

Great interior design in a Spanish Villa is no less magnificent.

living room

Notice the rich colors used in the decorating here…..the use of wood and texture.


Meticulous details everywhere.  Check out the floor, the ceiling, the drapes at the doorways, the dining chairs, etc….  Just breathtaking.


Here’s a bathroom at the Spanish Villa’s at Caesars Palace.  Check out the rich wood paneling and that amazing floor.


Again, rich wood; attention to detail everywhere.  (If I had a bedroom like this I see no reason to ever leave…..ever!)


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – good design is in the details… the floor, the ceiling, the lighting……above and below.


If a Spanish Villa is what you dream of then bring these interior details to your own home!  Just because you don’t live at Caesars Palace doesn’t mean you can’t duplicate the look by bringing these details to your own space.

Dare to dream big! Dare to recreate this look in your own home.  It can be done on a grand scale in a huge house or on a grand scale in a tiny, cozy cottageIt can be done!  Be resourceful, be creative.  Or, if it’s in your budget hire a professional in your area to do it for you!

Happy Decorating!

A Fresh New Use For Wallpaper: Fun DIY Design Tips

Most of us have had wallpaper in our homes at one time – many of us going back to the days of bold floral wallpapered kitchens and bath’s everywhere.  Remember that?  And, although the painted faux wall is all the rage now, like most things in design, wallpaper is definitely making a come back.  Below are some fun, new uses with wallpaper that you might find a great way to freshen up an old piece or “tired” space.


How’s this for a new look on an old wall cabinet?  So feminine and fresh looking.


I like this little touch here.  Just a peek of paper adds interest to an otherwise ordinary wall cabinet.


Just placing it in the back of shelving adds lots of pop and color.  This is a very popular look right now.

Desk top

And, what about dressing up an old desk?  Layer the wallpaper on top of the desk under a piece of glass to give it personality.  If you don’t adhere it you can switch it out easily.  I did this to my own desk to add some personality.  (Not the one shown)


Another fresh look on the back wall of shelving.


And, have you considered wowing up your ceiling like this?  Great look!  A fun way to bring in personality.


A wonderful way to create a colorful headboard or screen. 

black and white

Snazz up the wall above wainscoting.  Isn’t this a sharp look?


Or just accent one wall in a bedroom in a fun print….that’s all you need to punch up a space.


All images by Better Homes and Garden

Bring in a fun, updated pattern to your powder bath.

How fun are all these ideas?  And most of them you could do yourself!  Remember, don’t be ordinary… extraordinary!  Have some fun with colorful wallpaper and bring a fresh new look to your space.

Happy Decorating!

Sweet Dreams For Your Little One In The Dreamiest Baby Nurseries Ever!


If you are looking for some unique ideas for a baby nursery…..a magical, “fantasy like” space for your precious little one…..take a look at some of these amazing nurseries below.  Don’t think for a minute you can’t duplicate some of these ideas on a budget. Be creative, don’t limit yourself and give your little one a fairy tale room that’ll make them (and you) smile every time you walk through the door.


How’s this for a fairy tale?  Look too expensive for “little ole you”?  Then take it down a notch.  Paint the entire room, ceiling included, a soft pink.  Paint the closet doors like a castle or buy a second hand armoire and paint it.  If you have no talent whatsoever (and I doubt that’s the case) hire a high school art student at minimum wage to do it for you.  Buy a second hand table and chairs and paint them, too.  Just take the idea and overall feel of the room and translate it to your little one’s space and your own individual budget.


  Is this a fun crib or what?  And of course – the sweet mural behind it.


Having twins?  Look at this precious room above and these adorable rooms below.  Great over-the-top ideas!  Look at the chandeliers, the canopies, the lamps, the bedding……all those sweet, precious details.



(I want this room…for me!)



Happy, sweet, fun!


Notice the unexpected ceiling here?


I think it would be impossible to have a cranky baby in this space above!  (Well, except that giant moon looks a tad scary!)


Love this blue with the white furniture and dark hardwood floors.


And, is this sweet or what!

Awe! All of them so dreamy and special!

Take some time to think long and hard about what you’d like to do for your precious baby to be.  Girl or boy, rich or not, you can have such fun planning and decorating a space for your little munchkin.  It just takes imagination and creativity.   Remember the cheapest tool at your fingertips is paint so be creative with paint first and foremost.  Don’t box yourself in with something ordinary - have fun, be resourceful and fill your own childhood fantasy!

Happy Decorating!! 

Going Gray: Distinguished and Grand!


We’ve taken a look at black walls, we’ve taken a look at navy walls and today we are going to take a look at just how beautiful gray walls can be.  Many people think of dreary-town when they think gray, but it actually has quite the opposite affect on a space when done correctly and paired with classic pieces.  It has a certain serene, classic essence about it that you might not expect.  And just like a fine gentleman….going gray can give your space a very distinguished, polished air and appearance!


Take this gray space for example.  Isn’t this wall covering fabulous?  And, paired with this sleek, classic, contemporary sofa it has both a serene vibe and a classy air and flair!


The gray walls with this crisp white is tailored, clean and cozy.


Looks great with cream and black.


Stately and elegant.


This soft gray is subtle and relaxing and sets the tone for this elegant dining room.


Very unexpected to use gray in this cozy little “sunroom” type of space, but it works.  An interesting, soft back drop for the yellow and teal.  Notice they carried it right up on the ceiling.


Light taupe and cream with the gray – very soothing and warm.


Works well in a contemporary space……





A transitional space….


And in traditional settings.


So if you are looking for a new color for your space and would like a “distinguished”, warm, serene, soothing vibe – consider defining your look by going gray! 

Happy Decorating!

Décor That Dazzles The Domain!


Don’t forget that just like adding accessories to your outfit can change your look – dressing it up or down, for glitz or for fun – so do the accessories you choose for your home.  And, just like creating our own unique style of dress tells a lot about who we are and what kind of personality we have, we need to create our own unique style of décor for our homes for the same reason.  And, my motto is never be ordinary.  Whenever possible always lean to décor that is unique and makes a statement.  Like this wall art below:


Cool, huh?



Love the drama and attitude this brings to a space.


These pieces make much more of a statement than an ordinary print or something along those lines.  Make a statement in your space.  Loud and clear!


Screens are a great way to incorporate color and interest.  Tuck one into a corner, behind a bed for a headboard, use as a space divider.


How’s this for a unique coffee table?


Or this?  I put this in a clients living room and it looks amazing.  She was a little nervous at first, because it’s so unusual, but that’s what she loves about it now.  Be unique!


Great lamps.


Love this accent table.


I put these in the same clients house on the black coffee table above.  They look spectacular.


So fun!


Time to dazzle your domain with cool décor, too.  Like I’ve said before don’t be ordinary….be extraordinary. Let your personality shine through and find unusual accessories to display throughout your home.  Make a statement with your space!

Happy Decorating!


Hats Off To Mothers: Easter Seals Benefit Luncheon (And Decorating Tips, Too!)


It seems wherever I go I’m inspired by the colors or design or decorating scheme around me.  And there’s no better place to look and be inspired than a beautifully designed hotel.  Like the Hotel Paloma in Dallas, Texas.  I was recently invited there in honor of my friend, Judy, and seven other women who were honorees at the Easter Seals “Hats Off To Mothers” Benefit Luncheon.  A huge honor for these dedicated, busy, working moms and a testament to what they contribute to their families, their jobs, and the community.


Although, happy to be there to support my sweet friend I, of course, couldn’t help but notice the modern décor in the lobby on the way in and out!  Check out this space above.  Love the contemporary lines and soft, muted tones in this space.  Clean, uncluttered, classic contemporary.  For you modern lovers out there this let this serve as inspiration for you to study and copy for your homes!  


Notice the clean simple lines, the“no frills” art, and the interesting mix of color.


And, how cool is this fireplace surround?  Wouldn’t that be fun to duplicate in your own space?  Check out the simple accessories on the mantel.


Another sitting area – same style of art , but different colors.  Going contemporary allows you to mix all sorts of fun color.  Just about anything goes.


Here, another neutral palette.  Great lines….clean, uncluttered style.  


And, I like how they did this floral arrangement in the corner.   Three tall vases in the back, three shorter vases in the front and two smaller vases in front of those.  Simple greenery, yellow flowers and branches.  Very nice!  Why not duplicate this in your home, too!

But, onto the real reason for the event:


I was there for Judy, after all!…..Not for decorating ideas! 


(But, I did take note of this lovely table spread they had, too!)

And, since it was “Hats Off To Mother’s” there were hats everywhere.


This is Judy with her three gorgeous children.  Some of you may recognize Judy and her daughter.  Judy was once a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and is now the choreographer.  Her daughter is currently a cheerleader and both can be seen on the cable show “The Making Of A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader”.


She’s come a long way from cheerleader – to mom of a cheerleader – to an Easter Seals honoree.  Here she is with friends.


Her proud sister, Jan, above with Kelly and her proud (and adorable) parents, Hal and Juanita, below.




Hats were everywhere….


They were worn by the young…..


and they were worn by the old.


But, you’ll notice not by me!  Judy failed to mention the “hat thing” to me until the day before the event.  Thanks, Judy!  So I didn’t have time to get one to go with my outfit.  But, Kelly (shown here contriving a makeshift hat with her napkin!) didn’t wear one either so I had some company. 


Hat or no hat, it was a beautiful, meaningful event and we were all proud of our little Judykins!


Judy, her sister Jan, her mother Juanita and myself:  All three my good friends for almost – dare I say it – forty years! 


Judy and her proud family.  With her brothers on stage to support her Cassie – representing all three kids – gave a beautiful speech honoring her beautiful mother.  Good job, Cassie!

It was a lovely event, great food, wonderful cause and a good excuse to spend time with old friends again.   And, to top it off – I walked away with design tips for my blog.  A very productive luncheon, I’d say!

Hats Off To All You Moms Out There!  And, of course…..

Happy Decorating!

Color Inspiration: Navy Blue Walls?


Last week I did a post on how interesting black walls could be, what they bring to a space and how it can work with just about any style.  Today I am going to show you some navy blue rooms.  Yes, navy blue.  It’s another color that a lot of people would shy away from for something as large and looming as the walls of a room, but it’s a color you should take another look at.


Just like black, these navy blue walls add lots of drama and personality to a space.  Paired with this dramatic gold color and this zebra rug – stunning!


And look how fun and interesting this bedroom is with the navy and white mix.


It works in a small space like this little kitchen nook …..


As well as a large space like this large formal dining room.


It adds interest and creativity to this enormous kitchen….


As well as this charming little powder room.


Notice how crisp and clean navy looks when paired with white or cream?


So much blue……so much fun…



I’ve loved navy blue and have decorated with it in my own home for more than thirty years.  Here’s a peak at my master bedroom.  I’ve change out my bedding, fabric and accessories over time, but these blue walls have been here for seventeen years and I still love them.  (Actually, if I were to ever change them I would probably change to black!


Sorry for the camera flash in the mirror!


In the picture above and below the walls look almost purple, but trust me they are a true navy.


So don’t limit yourself to using blue as an accent piece.  Have some fun and take it to a whole new level:  Be inspired and use it as your mainstay color!

Happy Decorating!!!!!


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