Refinished Old Screen To Place In Corner Of Room

Fabric Covered Night Table with Fun Accessories
Painted Closet Black – Faux Brick
Small Desk Acts As A Night Table and Vanity

I Created A Faux Fireplace With This Mantle, Candles and Grate

Iron Canopy Bed With Warm Colors, Cozy Drapes and Bedding

This is my Tuscan Guest Bedroom.  Once my oldest son’s room (who has since grown up, moved out and gotten married) I now have my first formal guest room since moving into the house.  Yes, I must admit it was very fun designing and decorating this space! With it’s textured, faux-chipped brick walls, the black and copper bedding, the faux fireplace and iron bed my guests now have a cozy space they can call their own.   It started as a serious challenge though.  I needed to find fabric to match the drapes I had already had custom-made for my son’s room when he was still here.  They were done in black and copper but had a masculine look to them.  It took some serious patience trying to find the right pieces to make the transition from 21 year old college student to cozy guest room.  I finally found my starting pieces with a collection of pillows that I purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby.  Love those 50% off sales! Beautiful, rich velvets with wonderful glittery beading.  My friend, Becky, donated the mattress and box springs from her college son’s old room.  My sister donated a floor lamp that just needed a new shade and a tassel.  I covered my late grandfather’s stool with some extra fabric for a vanity seat.  I added some gold rub to an old desk and turned it into a night table.  For the bedding I purchased two bed-in-a-bag sets, turned one with the black lining up for contrast, used the other one at the end of the bed with the face fabric showing to match the pillows that came in the same bag.  In the bag were some drapery panels (they would have been way too whimpy for the windows) that I cut and made into the canopy drapes by sewing them to some ready made copper velvet drapery panels I found.  I stumbled onto (well, actually, my friend Diane found it first)  the mantel at a showroom at the World Trade Center they were selling off the floor.  It was the perfect style, color and fit.  The iron fireplace screen was a sale purchase I got at Gardenridge.  The original color was antique gold which wouldn’t do so I sprayed it black and then dabbed on some gold metallic rub.  After much patience and effort the room finally came together.  It is now a warm, cozy, inviting space for my guests.   And, best of all it’s always clean!

  2 comments for “MY TUSCAN GUEST BEDROOM

  1. Judy Glaneman
    January 15, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    In your Tuscan bedroom are the walls done in a wall paper or did you achieve the look with faux painting? If so.. What were the color choices and how was the “look” aquired?

  2. January 16, 2012 at 7:15 am

    It is done with texture and faux painting. First step is texturing the walls with joint compound. Next is the base coat. Unfortunately I don’t have the color choices anymore, but I used a light beigey tone for the base coat and then topped it off with a terracotta glaze. I experimented with several colors before I landed on the right one – and I wish i could remember the color, but I’m sorry I don’t. I know it was a Sherwin Williams color, but that’s all I remember. I started out using a 4 to 1 ratio with 4 parts glaze to one part paint, but kept adding a little paint until the shade in the glaze was dark like I wanted. It was sort of a dark terracotta glaze I covered the walls with.

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