A Little Bit Rustic–A Whole Lot Of Chic


Being in the field that I am I’ve learned to love and appreciate just about every design style that’s out there.  Every style of design and decorating can have its own appeal and unique contribution to a space.  This post is about the marrying of rustic to chic.  Notice the use of rattan (which isn’t too rustic, but has a casual vibe) with natural wood products.


See what I mean?  Somehow a coffee table carved out of a tree – with its natural edges and movement – goes from rustic to chic in a flash when placed in this cool setting.  Paired with different styles of rattan chairs and contemporary wooden accessories – super chic.


I like the bamboo wall hanging here.  Rustic meets chic.


Interesting lighting and picture frames.


How’s this for rustic meets chic lighting?  Very cool.


Lots of natural wood mixed with rattan.  With the cool lighting the overall look actually veers towards the contemporary.


Tree trunk table and accessories.  Definitely not a look for everyone….but in the right space, paired with the right complimentary pieces can be very interesting, rustic, but also very chic.







Do you like this twig table?  Too much…..or too cool?




Everyone has their own look, their own “style”.  If you like rustic, but absolutely must have a chic environment – maybe these pictures will help get you started and give you some much needed direction.

Happy Decorating!

Define Your Style: Another Look At Your Dream Kitchen


If you could plan your dream kitchen…….any style at all…..what would it be?  Would you prefer clean, sleek lines, no clutter, stainless steel and smooth rich stained cabinets (no grain showing)?

Or do you see yourself in a cozy country kitchen with different paint colors on your cabinets – maybe distressed – some bright, fun flowers, a little decorative clutter, and café curtains on the windows?

Maybe you prefer Old World, Rustic, Transitional…….how do you define you style?

Do you know what you like?  Or maybe only what you don’t like?  Take a look at the kitchens below and see what style suits you best.

Do you like the look of these contemporary kitchens?  No clutter, clean lines, rich stain?

contemporary 1


contemporary 4

contemporary 7


Maybe that’s too contemporary?  You want more stuff, more color, more curves and textures.  See if these country kitchens are what you see yourself in:

country 4

country 7

Notice the curves, the two tone cabinets, the baskets, the country hardware as opposed to the sleek style of the contemporary kitchens above?

country 6


Still yet, you may prefer the “Old World” charm.  Like the oversized farm sink, a cozy iron pot rack, the oil rubbed bronze fixtures, rich earthy colors and lots of European charm:

old world 2

old world 3

Like these rich, earthy textures, and the touches of iron?  Make sure to check out the ceiling in the picture below.

old world 5

old world 4


Maybe you prefer some  rustic touches?

rustic 6

Like this flagstone floor and stone entrance, beams on the ceiling.

rustic 1

Or the tree trunk chairs, bead board ceiling, leather and iron chairs.

rustic 4

Or these log walls.

If you’re somewhere in the middle of all these you might be dreaming of a more transitional space like these below:

transitional 4

transitional craftsman 1

transitional 3

images by BHG

So what’s your dream kitchen?  Can you define your style?

It can be a tough decision remodeling a space like this.  Remember your kitchen is one of the most important, if not the most important selling feature in your home.  So in addition to designing a space for you to enjoy with your family and friends, be sure to keep that in mind. 

If you are seriously considering a remodel do like I always suggest and start a file.  Pull tear sheets of everything you like.  Take pictures of models, restaurants, friends kitchens, etc….  You’ll start seeing some consistency there in what colors, textures and overall style you like.  It will help you immensely once the selection process begins.  Remodeling can be a very costly venture and one that you might find best done with professional guidance.

 I hope these pictures helped you to define your style!

Happy Decorating!

Hill Country Furnishings With Southwestern Flair: Could This Be Your Style?


Do you like leather furniture with a flair?  Do you like the look of  different types of  hides on sofas and chairs?  With curves and lots of detail work?  A room with rustic furniture, maybe some Southwestern accents, the look of logs, or natural wood?  Then perhaps you lean toward Hill Country Style.  Hill Country decor offers a unique warmth and personality to a space. You won’t get quite this same “vibe” from any other style category.  These pictures below from Anteks detail the look with flair. 

Living Room Notice the curves on the sofa back and arms of this interesting piece; also the scalloped edge above the legs. They’ve combined a couple of leather textures here, added detail in the wood edging and detailed the arms with nail heads.  This piece is paired this with the upholstered club chair on the right and the interesting chair peaking in on the left.  Great look!  (You don’t have to carry it this far with the Indian accents if that’s a bit much for you.)  You can tone this down a bit and still have that swanky, ever-cool Hill Country vibe.

Log Bunk Bed For those of you who love that rustic look these unique bunk beds made from logs might be perfect for you. 


Bedroom I like the painted wood floor with this rustic bedroom.

Master Bedroom Rustic meets elegant with this beautiful bedding.


Log Cabin Bedroom Not so sure about animal heads in my bedroom can you say ca-reepy?!), but some people might like this sort of thing.  (Whatever floats your boat!) I like the rest of the room, though! 


Cozy dining area.  Great chairs, don’t you think?


Hill Country Dining

Elegant dining with a cozy, interesting flair.  How about that chandelier?  Notice the front of these chairs are different from the backs?

Dining Room

Again, rustic meets elegant for “fine” dining.  Check out the interesting lighting…..and the brick walls.  Details, details…..they make the difference.


Cow Hide Chair

Love this cowhide chair and tree branch lamp.    

Living Area With Oversize Ottoman

Wonderful seating:  Camel back sofa with the combination of leathers and curved arms.  Great chair with its own unique personality.  And how about that incredible ottoman!  Gotta love it!  Hill Country at it’s finest!

More great chairs with the Hill Country flair:

Southwestern Highback


Club Chair


Cow Hide And Leather Chair


Leather Chair

As I’ve said before I LOVE the Hill Country look.  Love it!  If this is your style pay close attention to all the details above when planning your space.  Remember – the details make the difference.  You can play up the Southwestern flavor or tone it down a bit and still have that classic, unique Hill Country space. 

Happy Decorating, Y’all!


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