Cozy Up Out Back: Fabulous Fireplaces For Outdoor Living

It’s that time of year where a cozy fire makes all the difference.  I know those of you up north are in an area where it’s just too cold to sit outside fireplace or not for at least a couple more months.  But, in the west and in the south this time of year can be perfect for firing up the fireplace and scooting up in a comfy chair with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate, a glass wine or a coffee drink.  And, of course, your significant other and friends.

Super Cozy sitting area

 Better Homes and Gardens had some wonderful pictures filled with great ideas for warm, cozy sitting areas in front of the fire.  Take a look at this picture above and notice all the details here.  Remember, the design is in the details.  It’s what will take the space from so-so to oh-my-gosh!  In the picture above check out the chandelier, the pillars with the stonework and the comfy, inviting furniture.  All those gorgeous flowers don’t hurt either!  Doesn’t this look cozy?????  I want it in my own backyard.  Everything….all of it! 

fireplace with blackwicker

 For those of you who prefer a cleaner, less cluttered space you might like something like this patio above.  Beautiful fireplace, great furniture.  Love the black and red brick floor.

 Great fireplace

Great look here with the ivy growing all over the stone fireplace, the flagstone floor and the wonderful punch of red in the upholstery and the umbrella.  This combines cozy and clean.

 bead board

Great space here in this outdoor kitchen and dining area.  The fireplace can also add a cozy charm without the heat in the summertime by adding candlelight as shown above. 

pendants with fireplace

This stacked stone fireplace has a bit more rustic feel.  Love the height.

Stone Fireplace

Great patio with an amazing view. Look at the detail on this wonderful fireplace.  The urns on each side add decorative detail.  The greenery as a back drop enhances the stone’s texture and character.  The cozy wicker seating provides for a great conversation space.

It’s time to think about the style, color and size fireplace you’d like to have and start planning your own outdoor space.  It’ll be your new favorite place to hang out with family and friends.

Stay Warm and Happy Decorating!!!

Outdoor Living: Create Your Own Cozy Retreat


By now everyone knows what a craze outdoor living has become.  (Why it hasn’t always been the case is beyond me.)  Being outside always brings that natural element to the ambiance that just can’t be duplicated.  Whenever the weather allows that’s exactly where my family is – either out on the screened in deck or hanging in one of the living areas we have sprinkled around our backyard. If you are looking for some great backyard ideas for your own yard take a look at some of these pictures from Southern Accents:


 Would you like to add an outdoor kitchen?  Check out this spread.  Anything you could do indoors could be done in this outdoor kitchen.  And, who wouldn’t rather be outdoors?  Take note of the details:  the stone, the slate, the teak wood, that incredible vent-a-hood…..


Or would an outdoor living area where you can just lounge around and visit with family and friends better suit your needs?  This great space is as visually appealing and comfortable as any indoor living area.   Again, notice all the details here – the screen, the lamps, the chandelier, etc….Would you have thought to incorporate all those cozy details outside?


 This outdoor living area has the added benefit of a wonderful stone fireplace.  Outdoor elements like the large stone pieces create the cocktail table and colorful plantings surround the seating.  The seating has the “indoor touch” of colorful throw pillows. 


 This interesting walkway takes you to a wonderful outdoor dining area and fireplace. 


 Well, the view speaks for itself, but notice the mix of textures and inviting seating, lamp and potted plants.  All of these elements create an inviting living space.


 It doesn’t get much better than this gorgeous outdoor space.  The stone wall, the rattan seating and dining area, the stripe rug.  Mmmmm….yes, I could see myself here sipping on a glass of wine.  Couldn’t you?


 This is an interesting contemporary take on outdoor living.  Clean lines, retro table (it reminds me of The Jetson’s – remember them?)….all the comforts of an indoor space brought to the outdoors to enjoy.



More of a country setting with the bench table, rattan chairs, antique brick floor and stone fireplace filled with candles. 



This is a great setting with this poolside seating, bistro table, fireplace and pergola.


1726579-private-porch-xl How about a great, unusual fountain like this one against the brick wall, angular stone work floor and dark contemporary style rattan?  Great for conversation or reading the paper.



This enclosed patio brings the outdoors in, but not the exposure to the elements.  This bright, yellow stripe brings more outdoor color to the space creating a happy, warm atmosphere.

Consider what you’d like to see in your own backyard and what your budget will allow.  Is it a living area, a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen…..or maybe all of it?!  Now that fall is here you might be thinking fireplace, but spring as always, is just around the corner so be thinking about that, too.  It’s not too early to start planning.  Map out your area and treat it like you would the indoors. 

1) Consider what type of living area you’d most like to see and what it needs to include – comfy seating, fireplace, kitchen?       2)   Determine your budget     3) Define your style – contemporary, traditional?  4)  Decide on a color scheme    5) Plan how much seating and space you need for entertaining.              6) Depending on what you decide to do and how much you can do yourself you will probably need to contact a qualified professional to help you.  (If you’re in my area I’m happy to help!)

 It’s time to get motivated and create that cozy outdoor retreat of your own!

Happy Decorating!



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