Tin Tiles: Ceilings That Wow And More


A great alternative to wow up your space is the use of tin tiles.  They have a unique look, a unique character and volumes of personality.  Take a look at some of these fabulous tiles below and the impact they have on the ceiling and the entire space:






Love these integrated with the wood.






See the personality they bring to a space?



And what about putting them on a bar front like this:



Here’s a glimpse at some individual tiles with their own unique character:


I love the colors in this tile above.



Imagine this in a Garden Room, or an Old World, Traditional or Victorian space. Isn’t it beautiful?



These would be great in a shabby chic atmosphere.



This would work well in a Neo-Classical, Old World or Traditional space.



And for those of you who like color and aren’t afraid to use it there are colorful tiles to choose from, too.

Tiles would be fun to dress up a bedroom, dining room, kitchen, family room……any space that you want to make unique, unusual and special.

Happy Decorating!

Define Your Style: Another Look At Your Dream Kitchen


If you could plan your dream kitchen…….any style at all…..what would it be?  Would you prefer clean, sleek lines, no clutter, stainless steel and smooth rich stained cabinets (no grain showing)?

Or do you see yourself in a cozy country kitchen with different paint colors on your cabinets – maybe distressed – some bright, fun flowers, a little decorative clutter, and café curtains on the windows?

Maybe you prefer Old World, Rustic, Transitional…….how do you define you style?

Do you know what you like?  Or maybe only what you don’t like?  Take a look at the kitchens below and see what style suits you best.

Do you like the look of these contemporary kitchens?  No clutter, clean lines, rich stain?

contemporary 1


contemporary 4

contemporary 7


Maybe that’s too contemporary?  You want more stuff, more color, more curves and textures.  See if these country kitchens are what you see yourself in:

country 4

country 7

Notice the curves, the two tone cabinets, the baskets, the country hardware as opposed to the sleek style of the contemporary kitchens above?

country 6


Still yet, you may prefer the “Old World” charm.  Like the oversized farm sink, a cozy iron pot rack, the oil rubbed bronze fixtures, rich earthy colors and lots of European charm:

old world 2

old world 3

Like these rich, earthy textures, and the touches of iron?  Make sure to check out the ceiling in the picture below.

old world 5

old world 4


Maybe you prefer some  rustic touches?

rustic 6

Like this flagstone floor and stone entrance, beams on the ceiling.

rustic 1

Or the tree trunk chairs, bead board ceiling, leather and iron chairs.

rustic 4

Or these log walls.

If you’re somewhere in the middle of all these you might be dreaming of a more transitional space like these below:

transitional 4

transitional craftsman 1

transitional 3

images by BHG

So what’s your dream kitchen?  Can you define your style?

It can be a tough decision remodeling a space like this.  Remember your kitchen is one of the most important, if not the most important selling feature in your home.  So in addition to designing a space for you to enjoy with your family and friends, be sure to keep that in mind. 

If you are seriously considering a remodel do like I always suggest and start a file.  Pull tear sheets of everything you like.  Take pictures of models, restaurants, friends kitchens, etc….  You’ll start seeing some consistency there in what colors, textures and overall style you like.  It will help you immensely once the selection process begins.  Remodeling can be a very costly venture and one that you might find best done with professional guidance.

 I hope these pictures helped you to define your style!

Happy Decorating!

Traditional Old World Style: Still Going Strong


As I’ve said before I don’t do a whole lot of retail shopping, but when I do there are those particular stores that I love.  One of those stores is  Anderson’s FurnitureIt is the type of store that is so beautiful….so magnificently merchandised..…. that it’s fun just to meander through and absorb all the beautiful vignettes on display.  (I could spend hours there. ) Chock full of Old World traditional pieces –rugs, furnishings, accessories, drapes – it’s like you’re in a castle wandering from room to room.  The style is very specific and for those who love old world or traditional it’s definitely the store to see.  Check out some of these dreamy finds.





They have lots and lots of beautiful painted furniture.  Tables and chests and more.  This particular table above comes in all these great finishes below.  How fab is that?!




They also have a great selection of squishy, comfy upholstered furniture with a variety of lush fabrics, pillows and fun trims.




This sofa below had been marked down from over $6,000.00 to $2500.00!  It’s sooooo comfortable. You just sink into it and never want to get up.  Love it!




Their bedding is amazing.  So full of lush, extravagant details.






And they have amazing artwork.  This one is by Elle Designs (one of my favorite artists).  They do fabulous work and will customize pieces for your home. 



Okay, was I kidding about how incredible their stuff is?   Everything in the store is absolutely spectacular.  If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area stop by and check them out.  If not, visit their website to see more of their wonderful pieces.  Also, be sure to check out Elle Designs website to see more of her unique, awesome artwork.  

Happy Decorating!


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