As you can see on my previous blog post one of the projects that I was working on during my busy spring was a model home near San Antonio in a town called New Braunfels.  It was an unusual project in that my partner, Kristy, and I selected all the materials for the home last fall…..then it got put on hold indefinitely…..until this spring when we got the call that they were ready to finish it out with furnishings.  With six months having gone by it was a bit of a challenge to get back into gear – we hadn’t even seen it since it had been finished.  In addition, the budget had been greatly reduced, original furniture and fabrics were no longer available, etc….Oh, and they wanted it installed and complete within two months! Smile


With so much time having gone by and the budget greatly reduced we had to re-think our original design with regard to drapes and furniture and such and go with a new look for many of the pieces.  Going with a “Hill Country” theme we decided to bring in a little more traditional style in conjunction with our original transitional style.  Here you can see we put our color emphasis on our drapes and accent pieces and went with neutral sofas and chairs. 


We still wanted an overall clean lined appearance, but working with what was readily available we went with these traditional upholstered sofas in combination with the more transitional style on the chairs.   Hence the curved arms and nail heads on the sofas and the straight lines on the chairs.   (Yes, you can do this and yes it works.)


We kept the table accessories simple with this large key placed on top of books about Texas.


Want an easy, inexpensive accessory?  Simply place a large candle and polished stones on a platter.



In the master bedroom below we went with blacks, gold’s, creams and reds…



And carried the Hill Country traditional theme throughout.


How about that view out back?  If you’ve never been to San Antonio it’s beautiful


In the game room/media room shown below, as in the living room, we went with more traditional curves on the sofa and transitional lines on the chairs and brought in this fun orange with the brown.


You can see the game table and chairs have more of a traditional style to them.  A cozy, fun environment.





Of course, we played up the movie theme…..(It is a model after all)





We created a little bar area with this free standing bar and matching bar stools.


In the kitchen we went more low key on the valance with regard to color since we had so much color in the family room windows and matched the fabric to the wall color for subtlety.  It’s actually a soft, subdued stripe although you can’t really tell it from these pictures.


And we simply added some fun accessories….




In keeping with the cream upholstery pieces in the family room we carried the same look into the breakfast nook with cream parsons chairs.  You see them here in conjunction with the wood chairs which adds a bit of charm.

So if you’re in the market for a home in the New Braunfels or San Antonio area be sure to check out Whitestone Custom Homes here……and when you get down there don’t forget to swing by and take a peek at our model! 

Happy Decorating!

Enhancing The Interior Of Your Home With The Warmth Of Exterior Stone


Using stone (and I mean rugged natural outdoor stone) to enhance the interior of a home is one of those things that not everyone is willing to do simply because of the expense.  And, no doubt it can be pricey.  But, as they say – OMG! – what a difference a dollop of stone can make.  It creates such a unique personality and character to a space and adds instant warmth to any room .  This home is a Whitestone Model Home in San Antonio I designed and decorated with my friend and fellow designer, Diane, for a local design studio.  


We wanted the Hill Country vibe so common in San Antonio and chose to use as much natural stone as we were given the thumbs up by the builder to do.  Notice the warmth in this kitchen just by virtue of the stone.  Cool, huh?

Kitchen 3

The stone is also placed on the wall behind the cabinets, and used on the back splash down to the granite countertop.  This combination of granite, the natural stone and the staggered brick pattern in the slate floor creates a kitchen that is full of charm and interest. 

Coffee Bar

This little area above is a coffee bar with the granite counter top and distressed cabinets in a black finish for even more texture.  Isn’t it cute?

Cabinets and Vent-a-Hood


Entry Hall

We bordered this entrance to the kitchen with hardwood encasing the slate tile.  We had the tile placed at a 45 degree angle to add a twist in the detail.  Notice the slate pattern changes to the brick pattern in the kitchen.  The slate floor compliments all the natural stone beautifully.

Stone Entrance

This cool stone doorway is off the dining room.  I love the way the arch here mimic’s the arch behind it leading into the kitchen and allows just a peek at the stone in the kitchen as well.


In the dining room we designed a stone wall with a wine shelf to fit just inside the stone casing.   This gives the dining room a “stately” wine cellar feel which is, of course what we were shooting for. PS:  We had fun collecting all the wine bottles for display!  (They had to be empty in order to leave them here – but, no worries – they were “emptied” over an extended period of time – and some were given to us by friends and restaurants.)

Stone Dining Room Wall

So if you are in the market for a new home or in the throws of planning a remodel consider the use of stone.  Yes, it does cost you a penny or two (well, okay, more than that), but it’s one of those details that just can’t be beat.  When compiling your list of priorities for your home, maybe stone can replace some other detail you can live without.  It’s worth checking into and pricing out. I have found that so often it’s the things you don’t do that were on the “wish list” verses the things you opt to do that causes more regrets.  Is it your dream home?  Is it your once in a lifetime remodel?  Think it through……you might just find you can swing it after all.  And, personally, I think you will be very glad you did. 


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