Savvy In The Suburbs: English Cotswold Manor – Texas Style!


If you’re of the mind that floral fabrics, wallpaper, plates, tea cups, tea pots, all these traditional English feminine influences are passe’ well think again.  For the design lovers of all things English and those with a bent toward traditional European décor these things are very much in the current decorating trend. 


One of my “besties”, Susan, is a profound lover of all things English and her home reflects this style throughout.  The drive up to her “English Manor” is breathtaking (I’ll do a post on her landscaping and elevation in the spring) and upon entrance into her drive (nestled on several acres in the middle of suburbia I might add) you feel like you’ve just driven up to a stately manor in the midst of the English Cotswolds.


When you enter into the lovely estate the feeling continues.   You are warmly greeted by the warm rich woods, the softly painted green walls and her collection of English china.


The dining room. just to the right of the entrance, is filled with this wonderful floral wallpaper, a floral rug, floral seat covers and these delicious black drapes.  A large traditional vase of roses graces the table.  Flowers, flowers and more flowers.  Very grand, very English, very warm and inviting


We’ve had many a dinner at this table and the atmosphere and ambiance is nothing short of spectacular.


Just to the left of the entrance is the fabulous sitting room.  Notice all the layering of floral patterns here, as well, and the rich black paneled walls.  Mmmmmmmm…….just stunning.



Just down the hall you enter into this magnificent large scale family room with a wall of windows and a view of the charming back yard.  She carried the green walls throughout the space and filled the walls and hutches with her collection of English china.


As large and grand as her home is the warmth and charm are not eclipsed by it’s vast size. 


Each nook and cranny is filled with personal touches….


Each room filled with lots of love and lots of joy…..a warmth that permeates the air and welcomes you as with open arms.



The spacious living room opens up to the breakfast table and the equally spacious family room. Do you just love these great beams?


A cozy space to gather for conversation or TV watching, here she has continued her English theme in every single detail.  Plates, floral drapes and floral pillows, rich velvety fabrics and squishy cushions, and a floral rug.  Have you ever seen a cozier space?


This large pass through leads to the guest bath and their exercise room.  Even here you’ll see English decorating in every detail.



And, what’s an estate like this without it’s own exercise room?  (It helps when your husband sells exercise equipment for a living!)


On the opposite side of the house is the luxurious master bedroom.


Rose colored walls, lace, floral drapes and bedding……


Feminine and fabulous!




Upstairs, in between all the guest bedrooms is this pass through/sitting area.  Big enough to be a bedroom itself this “hallway” has all the touches of English coziness as the rest of her home.


Each guest room as warm and inviting as a Bed and Breakfast.



Once a home for her three boys, now grown, each of their rooms as been transformed into a warm environment for family and friends, as well as her returning visiting children.


Susan’s home is a reflection of not only the warm, friendly, inviting qualities of the English style and countryside it is a reflection of Susan herself:  Warm, friendly, inviting and full of love.

Happy Decorating!

English Interior Design: Big or Small – Create Your Own English Manor


I don’t think you’ll find a much cozier design style than an English interior.  There’s just something about the layering upon layering of florals, patterns and textures that create an element of coziness all it’s own.


A well done English design just invites you in to curl up and wallow in it’s lushness.  If you can’t afford all this finery take tidbits from this look and make it your own.  You can find cream colored duvets and shams at Bed, Bath and Beyond, various department stores or online in all sorts of price ranges.  Can’t afford designer fabrics?  Go to your local fabric store and find something similar.  The quality won’t be the same, but you can make it work.  Believe it or not even certain Wal-marts have inexpensive fabrics that are pretty and can be fun.  You can use this same fabric to fabric the walls on a budget.  Go to Home Depot or Lowes and have a board cut for the canopy.  Just staple gun your fabric to the board and hang in on the wall like you would a shelf.


Can you see what I mean with these inviting spaces?  Go to flea markets, second hand stores – you’ll be amazed at what you can find to knock off the English interior.  Whether dark and study like…..


Or bright and sunny-like….


It just makes for a friendly, warm environment.


See what I mean????


Layers and layers of prints….


Mmmmmm……just fabulous!


Don’t stop indoors….bring the English charm to the back yard, too!


Don’t be intimidated by this incredibly polished interior with all it’s layers and patterns.  Remember – think garage sales, flea markets, resale……it can be done!


Or go for a mixture of textures for a more quiet, subtle look….


A sense of “old” – it feels so warm and cozy.  Don’t you think you could find pieces like these to recycle and recover from a garage sale, flea market or a resale shop?  I’m telling you you can!

So if the English style is your style I say get motivated, get out there and do it!

Happy Decorating!


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