Creative Easter Centerpieces For Your Easter Brunch, Lunch or Dinner


Anybody out there thinking about Easter yet? It’s just around the corner — April 8th this year so it’ll be here before you know it. Which means for those of you who are hosting Easter brunch or dinner it’s time to think about what you’re going to do with your tables and decorating in general. Yep, it’s time to get creative.


How about this look? This is a fun, cheery way to decorate a buffet table, your kitchen island or an entry table. And, it’s not an expensive thing to do. Very little investment in time and money and you can create this showy “flower tower” yourself.


A more sophisticated look here. Notice all the fun details? The pitcher of flowers, mismatched bunnies, the simple bowl of pastel colored eggs, napkin rings and basket name cards. Ca-uuuuute! And, if you’re smart enough to have invested in simple white dishware you know it goes with absolutely anything and everything. (Clear glass dishware is also a good, versatile investment.)


Look what fun you can have with birds nests. This little touch makes a great statement.


Love this row of birds nests filled with daffodils and eggs. And these adorable clay pots with initialed eggs in them. How fun!


Notice each has a daffodil tucked beside it. Sweet touch.


Another fun take on the birds nest theme.


How about clustering some potted plants together and just tucking a bunny in the middle? What a great idea! That’s a quick, easy way to create a unique Easter theme out of things you already have.


The branch look is all the rage for all sorts of party themes these days. Clip some branches from the yard, place them in a clear vase filled with rocks and glue some flowers and birds on them. When grouped with this bowl of colored eggs, pink flowers, and colorful napkins tied with pastel ribbon…..a perfect buffet table display.


Yellow and white…..always a happy combination.


This is a fun way to dress up your dessert plate. Small branches, a nest filled with jelly beans and a clipped on butterfly. (You could clip on a bird or tuck a small bunny beside it instead if you had those on hand.)


And, how fun would this be if you have a house full of kiddo’s?


Filling a clear vase with colorful, sliced fruit is always a beautiful way to dress up a floral bouquet. It adds such freshness and color without adding a lot of expense.

So there you go……lots of ideas to get you started thinking about your own Easter gathering. Time to get those creative juices flowing so you’re ready when it gets here. And, we all know it’ll be here before we know it!

Happy Decorating!

Fun Easter Tablescapes!


For Christians, like myself, Easter is upon us this month.  And for many, also like myself, you will be having Easter dinner at your house.  And, you’ll be thinking – maybe even stressing a little – about how you might create a beautiful table or tables for your guests……without spending a fortune.  Well, have no fear – below are some gorgeous Easter table displays and centerpiece ideas that will help put your mind at ease.


Bring out your pretty china to use on the table for color and personality.  Clip foliage from your backyard and cluster it in a vase or a teapot.  Throw some colored candy eggs in a beautiful bowl with some foliage for color.


Love this blue and white theme.  Don’t have this look?  Create your own with what you do have.  Bring out different dishware and layer it for an interesting fun look.  Create your own glitter eggs in your color scheme.  Sometimes an inexpensive flat sheet can act as a beautiful table cloth for a lot less money.   Large craft paper squares can act as placemats, and your local grocery store many times has excellent prices on fresh flowers.  Buy a few bundles, clip them short and cluster several small floral displays around your table.  The local Dollar Store has small crystal bowls, candleholders and dishware for – yes, you got it – $1.00 apiece.


Frame a pertinent Bible verse or saying and place it on your table for a lovely, meaningful touch.


This is a great look for a fun, fresh kid’s table.  Just a plastic purple tablecloth, lots of plastic eggs, colorful jelly beans sprinkled around and Easter bunny marshmallow candies.  Little clipped flowers sprinkled throughout adds brightness and color.


Here they’ve created their own three tier display for colorful Easter goodies.  A nice, inexpensive way to create a centerpiece.


Be creative with twigs and tree branches like these above and below.




More great ideas below:






If you opt for paper plates make it fun and colorful.  There are so many beautiful patterns to choose from there is no reason not to have a beautiful table and still have an easy clean up.





Fun ideas for floral arrangements!





A fun, inexpensive favor for each place setting.  This could also be a place card with an egg in the center bearing the name of the guest.

Lots of fun, colorful ideas here to help you with your own table.  Here’s the review:  1) Check out the Dollar Store for inexpensive dishware and doodads.     2) Consider colorful paper plates. 3) Use what you’ve got and layer 4)  Use Mother Nature’s own materials from your yard  5) Use things from all over the house for a creative look 6)  Take a look at colorful, patterned flat sheets for a tablecloth alternative 7)  Consider craft paper squares for colorful placemats 8) Use inexpensive Easter candy, Easter grass and Easter eggs and voila!  You will have the most fabulous table for your guests.  Have fun, enjoy your guests and most importantly – don’t forget the reason for this most important season!

Happy Decorating!!


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