For those of us who love to go wandering through model homes just for fun it’s always fun to see the special attention to detail.  Isn’t it?  Then daydreaming about how much fun it would be do the same thing in our own homes…..getting ideas we intend to implement somewhere, somehow, someway! 

So when I was designing a model home recently in San Antonio with my friend and partner, Kristy, we made sure to make details a priority.   Because, well, we know that design really is in the details.


One of the fun details we implemented was this barrel ceiling in the entry tiled with linear glass copper tiles.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, but I can promise you it is stunning to walk through the front door and see this overhead.


Just below the barrel ceiling is this gorgeous slate floor in a fun herringbone pattern.


Have you ever wondered if it’s “too much” to have several different floors in full view of each other?  Many times one type of flooring material offers a consistency that provides a smooth, cohesive flow which is a great look.  But, here we decided to do something different to create interest and a bit of drama.  We have four of the same materials repeated in different patterns:  Slate in the entry, marble with slate insets and a wood band in the dining room, wood in the family room, and marble and wood in the kitchen. 


So you can see how the materials are repeated in each space, but with an entirely different look.  The result is dramatic and unique and still maintains a proper flow from one room to the next.


We went for drama again in the master bath combining porcelain tiles with glass mosaics.  Again – the result was rich, warm and stunning.





Porcelain and pebbles in one of the guest baths…..



Linear glass tiles were installed in a vertical pattern for the game room bath….


Stone on the kitchen wall, back splash and pass through bar (somewhat of a signature for this builder)….


And, an apron front sink…..


Paint with tea stain glaze in the master….



Fun combination of accessories…..
















So remember – don’t overlook the importance of the details so your home will have the polished, professionally designed look you see in model homes.

Hey, and check back in a couple days for Part 2 to see the model  finished out with furnishings!

Happy Decorating!

Fabulous Art Finds That Will Bedazzle Your Home And “Wow” Your Guests!


I wanted to share with you some fabulous art work at a local “to the trade” showroom called La Montage here in North Texas.   This studio is comprised of art from several different artists – each piece unique and reflective of the individual artist’s style.  They offer pieces off the floor or they can have pieces custom made.  Notice all the design details in each piece – the great use of color, movement, rhythm and all sorts of fun architectural touches to create the character and personality unique to each and every piece.  This is a great way to bring your own personality, style and character to your home or business.


Wouldn’t this make a fabulous Christmas gift for yourself or someone you love?  I mean… cool are these?!


How fun!  Notice all the different details used to create this art?  Love it!



Interesting, beautiful way to display your favorite pictures! 



Great for displaying on an easel or grouping together for a larger scale look. 


Painted canvas tapestries.  So cool!  A new twist on a traditional tapestry.

 IMG_0538 Wonderful mix of architectural pieces create this beautiful wall hanging.  (Talk about a conversation piece)



Did I mention they were unique?  I wasn’t exaggerating, was I?





They even have unique children’s art!  Too cute!









In addition to these beautiful pieces they offer much, much more, including traditional oil paintings matched with hand selected frames of your choice.

So treat yourself to a special Christmas gift of art this holiday season!

If any of these pieces interest you please email me at: for a quote.

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Happy Holidays and Happy Decorating!


Design Details: That’s What Makes The Difference


 If you’ve wondered what it is that designers do that makes such a difference in the way a space look I’ll let you in on the secretIt’s all in the details.  Designers pay careful attention to detail. All the details in the space in every corner of the room.  From the drapes, to the walls, to the ceiling, the lighting, the furnishings, the accessories, every nuance and detail.  Everything that goes into the space is important to the designer.  Extremely important.   There’s not a pillow or an accessory that doesn’t matter.  If it doesn’t work, well then, it doesn’t belong. 

Take a look at some more of these amazing rooms I was fortunate enough to see at the Kaleidoscope of Homes in Southlake a couple of weeks ago.  Make note of all the extreme detail in each space.  It truly is the details that makes a difference.

IMG_8683Notice the walls, the unusual furnishings, the lighting…….all of it!  All in the details. 



 Love these iron balusters.


Notice these incredible chairs!  Fabulous! 



Everything in its place…..a place for everything.  The clean lines in the simple drapery panels compliment the clean lines in the chair.  The carefully placed bench in front of the fireplace adds an interesting, cozy touch.  The simple floral dresses up the table without competing with the amazing lighting above.  And a simple, uncluttered mantel lends a subtle, understated quality to the space.  Very classic and classy.


IMG_8687The two tone cabinets with their interesting design look amazing with this beautiful granite.  The backsplash is elegant, yet simple and compliments the granite as well.  The lighting over the island adds depth and flair.  Details, details, details.!



Look at the detail work in this ceiling and this copper faux finish on the walls.  Stunning!

Yes, the design is in the details.  And the details are soooooooo important.  One screw-ball accessory, the wrong color on the walls, an inferior window treatment on the windows in the space can throw a wrench in the entire room.  So when trying to pull a room together with that “designer flair” pay careful attention to all the details in the space.  Better to have nothing in a space than the wrong thing in a space. 

So if your are currently working on a project be sure to take your time.  Think the project through and remember it’s the details, details, details

Happy Decorating!



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