The Blue and White Living Room: Soothing and Serene


There’s something clean and crisp about blues and whites or blues and creams for decorating a space.  One of the living areas in one of the houses I’m working on is going to be in the creams and blues and it got me thinking about just what a fun color combination this is.


Here’s a soft, soothing space using soft powder blue with cream.  Isn’t it peaceful looking?  Just looking at it relaxes me.


This is a brighter blue, but look how crisp and clean this space looks.  The navy walls with the cream drapes sets the tone.  And no other color in the room except for the green chair.  Traditional, fresh and fun.


Turquoise blue like the pic’s above and below – another great choice of color.  Clean, peaceful, serene.  Don’t you feel it?


I really like these stacked cream shutters on the window behind these blue silk drapes.  Nice touch.


The addition of the green with this blue and white tilts the personality of the room towards a sort of chic “hipness” and fun….


And this yellow gives the space a bit of lively pop and “pep”…..


But, there’s just something about all blue and white……


or all blue and cream…..







…..that’s just the right amount of color.  Contemporary or traditional, soft blue or bold blue – the color combination just works.  Love it!

Can’t wait to tackle my client’s living room!

Happy Decorating!


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