Wedding Cupcakes Take The Cake!


With my son and his fiance’ planning a wedding for May there has been some discussion here lately on the type of wedding cake they want.  (And how unbelievably expensive they are!!!!!  I mean……it’s just flour and sugar, etc. so what the heck?!!!!)  One of the options they are considering is a  cupcake tower of some sort. 


Apparently there are so many fun possibilities with cupcakes….


So many themes and personalities… these classic looks…


And, these fun ideas below…






How’s this for over-the-top?


How’s this for fun???



And how are these for just flat out gorgeous???



You can display them in different shapes….


Or fun  colors…..



Each with their own unique charm.


Each with their own unique personality.

So cupcakes just might be a really fun alternative to the traditional wedding cake.  You just have to decide if you want to go fun or sophisticated, elegant or casual.  Colorful and splashy or white and sleek.  One more thing to think about for your wedding.  Decisions, decisions, decisions…..

Happy Decorating!!!

Party Décor Ideas: Festive, Fun Family Weekend


Last weekend was one of those busy, busy, busy – but very fun family weekends that turned out to be one long celebration – one event after another.  First on the agenda was my granddaughter’s second birthday.  Her mommy planned a “tea party” themed party for the birthday girl – with painful consideration given to every last detail.


The table was set with a burlap runner topped with trims and beads for that girly flair.  She hand made these cute floral centerpieces and the placemats – which were simply coloring book pages adhered to colorful craft paper squares.  How cute is that?!  And, fun for the kiddo’s, too.


Each little guest had their own sippy cup with their name on it.  These are mason jars that they drilled holes in for the straw.  A small piece of pink construction paper was cut to fit the lid and held in place with the screw on rim.  So creative and cute!  And, functional – helping to keep spills to a minimum.


My daughter-in-law, Katie, (Kaisley’s mama) made these little flowers with crepe paper by sewing along the edge to create a gathered look.  Then she rolled them into these adorable flowers and added the stems. 



She even melted down crayons into these little tea pot molds for the children to color their placemats with.  How adorable!


Each place setting was complete with their own teapot name tag. 


More flowers were made on a larger scale to hang from the ceiling for a festive touch over the mantel of colorful flags.


Excited little girls peeked out the window anxiously awaiting the arrival of fellow tea partiers (not to be confused with the political group!).


When the all the guests arrived the festivities began.  Here are all the little cutey-pies sitting politely at the table.  All very well behaved I must say!


One of the tea partier’s little brother’s refused to be left out of the action.


When it was time to open gifts you can see from Kaisley’s face this little “girly girl’ took her clothes quite seriously – almost as much as the toys….


Mom and dad look on while their big girl happily unwrapped gift after gift.



A successful tea party – and a very happy birthday girl!

But, the partying continued……


After nap time it was time for her great-grandmother’s 75th birthday that evening and a carry over celebration of Kaisley’s 2nd birthday party.  So I went to my “go-to” birthday dessert – a cupcake tower.  I got the colorful cupcakes from Kroger, then just added some matching flowers I got from the Dollar Store and some colorful ribbon I curly-q’d up and draped as streamers.  I covered it all with sprinkles.


Her birthday card matched so well I took it out of the envelope and stuck it on the top cupcake as a topper!


I used my fun martini vases for the gumdrops…..


And the nut mix.


I added a vase filled with Twizzlers, a vase of horn blowers and the party hats.  I just added more curly-q colorful ribbon on the table for fun……


And a vase of colorful lollypops – yummy and decorative.  (Inside the round box with the flower is her gift.  It worked great as part of the table decorations.)


And, here are the birthday girls decked out together in birthday crowns and birthday ribbons – courtesy of the Dollar Store, of course! (I think great-grandma and great-granddaughter look alike here!)


Even my daughter’s Chihuahua, Harley, (my granddog) got in the action.


Family and dogs alike…..


Harley’s cousin, Luke…..


All celebrated the birthday girls…..


Until one of the birthday girls was plum tuckered out after an action packed day……

And, then the next day we were all off to my soon to be grandson’s baby shower hosted by a couple of Katie’s friends – where there were more fun decorating ideas.  Like this adorable little diaper cake wrapped with neck tie’s.


So cute. (Yet macho!)


And how sweet is this mantel?  The awesome lettered blocks are going in my grandson’s room as part of his decor.  (Elijah Wyatt is his name)  They look great here as part of the shower decorations.  And I love the little clothesline with his cute itty-bitty clothes hanging on it!  Adorable!


Mom to be here in the middle with her sister-in-law and sister-in-law to be on the left and my nieces 0n the right. 


Me with my cute little mama and sister there to share in all the festivities.

A great family weekend with my great family!  Hope you got some decorating ideas of your own from my family’s fun, festive weekend.

Happy Decorating!


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