Christmas Dessert Idea’s: As Decorative As They Are Tasty!


Are you having any parties this holiday season?  Do you need some really great ideas on how to “do up” a dessert display?  Something creative and fun that will knock the socks off your guests? Below are some dessert displays that are so fun you almost hate to eat from them for fear of messing up the perfect presentation.


How amazing is this spread?


Of course,, it is dessert after all and the point is to eat them!  But, why not make them stunning visually, too?  What kid (or grown up) wouldn’t love reaching into this dessert display? Don’t think you could pull this off?  Look for shelves at a garage sale or thrift store and paint them bright green.  Buy lollypops and clear jars at the Dollar Store, turn party hats upside down for cotton candy holders.  Fun, fun, fun!  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


christmas dessert

All of these so festive and happy.   Remember if you don’t have all this “stuff” or the money to go buy all this “stuff” just pick bits and pieces of the holiday display you like the most and create your own fun look.  Remember the Dollar Store is our friend!  They have lollypops for, well, $1.00 each, of course!  And, they also have rolls of Christmas paper – how about using that as a fun back drop, they have ribbon and plates, etc.  All for a dollar apiece so it would be a cheap way of creating your holiday “look”.


How sophisticated and serene this look is.  All the white and blue……so soothing.  The munchies just blend right in with the décor. But, look closely now…’s a look you could pull off, too:  Blue ribbon, Christmas balls, white roses and white serving platters…


Colorful and fun – again – you can duplicate a similar look….


or this kid friendly and fun display?? 

For impressive treats how ‘bout these fun desserts? How sweet! (No pun intended!)


Get creative with your desserts like these little snowmen….


And these little gingerbread cookies wrapped with Christmas ribbon.


Display your drinks with a touch of elegance on a silver tray.


Cool whip, strawberries and raspberries – always a great choice for Christmas desserts.



A colorful 3 tier fruit tray…..very pretty and holiday-esque!


Beautiful. yummy drinks.  Click here for this visually appealing and tasty recipe. 

For a closer look at some of these pictures and more recipes check out the following blogs:;;;;;

See how much fun you can have????  Not going to lie – it requires a little time and effort for some of these holiday desserts and displays.  But, look at the results!  Time to have some fun and impress your guests (and yourself) with your creative talent!

Happy Decorating!

My Little Cozy Christmas


After dealing with the flood in my house and having to move out for a month and then back in again right before Thanksgiving I was so exhausted and sick of boxes and unpacking, etc…..I didn’t think I’d have it in me to do any Christmas decorating at all.  And with the passing of my beloved father – there’s definitely a lacking in the air this year.


But, when it came right down to it I just couldn’t not decorate.  We didn’t do it the weekend after Thanksgiving like we normally do – we gave ourselves a break.  But the next weekend we hauled more boxes out of the attic and began unpacking and decorating……starting with the front porch.


I always love a cozy entrance and to me garland and a wreath always does the trick.


I put artificial poinsettias in my pots and embellished them with these metal Christmas picks my friend, Barbie, gave me last year for Christmas.  (Thanks, Barbie!)



I added my age old sleigh…..


and filled my basket with Christmas greenery and berries.


In the entry good old Santa and a Christmas tree greets guests as they walk in the door.



And, of course, I embellished the stairway with greenery and gold.


Just inside the front door I added two more trees where I normally have my ferns and embellished the candleholders with Christmas greenery and a bow.


The landing – with my antique stroller than stays there year round – is the perfect place to use these cream poinsettias and Christmas birdcages. 


Here’s a view of the entry from upstairs.


Normally I have two trees in the dining room, one in each corner, but this year I just didn’t have it in me to add those.  So I put extra detail into the table and other places in the dining room…..








And it still looked Christmas-y and festive even without the trees. 


In the den we always have a tree in the corner of the room along with my Christmas Teddy…..




And extra Christmas touches here and there….



Of course, we had to have a tree in the family room, too — it’s our main hang-out area after all.  (I should have turned off the TV in the background for this picture….oops!)


This year I opted for a slim line tree instead of my bigger, fatter one that I’ve used for years.  We had to do a little rearranging with the tree this year and the new spot wouldn’t warrant a larger tree.


I was worried about it being too wimpy to be our main tree, but I actually like it…it’s much less cluttery.


Gotta have the stockings and greenery on the mantel.



I love this Santa book box I got in New Braunfels.  Adds a nice cozy Christmas touch.


On the breakfast nook table I added all different sized Christmas trees like last year.  Kind of looks like a little Christmas tree forest.  (The only reason this is feasible is because we hardly ever eat there!)



Greenery and pine cones on the chandelier for fun…..


And greenery and berries on the pot rack.


Just adding a small touch of Christmas décor to your existing decor is easy and cost effective and it sure adds that festive vibe.





And that festive vibe is a good thing.  It’s been a challenging six months, but I still have so much to be grateful for….. especially the reason for this wonderful season.   Decorating the house just brought the spirit of Christmas to our home and it’s just what we need right now.

I want to always count my blessings in the midst of life’s challenges….what better time than Christmastime.

Happy Decorating!!!

Tis The Season: Christmas Decor, Santa Clause, Parties and More!


I’ve decorated countless homes at Christmastime over the years including a great many model homes, but none more beautiful or more fun than the house I recently had the pleasure of doing.  When Kurt and Darla Buehler, two very successful realtors here in the Flower Mound area (check them out here), asked me if I would be available to do their home for Christmas this year I was more than happy to oblige.

After a tour through their home for a look at some of the Christmas items she had on hand I new I would need some more “stuff” - as well as some more help – to get it done in time for their annual Client Appreciation/Christmas party so I recruited my friend and faux artist, Julia Roberts to help me.  Yes, Julia Roberts – no, not that one.


After a quick shopping spree we got to work to create a cozy Christmas atmosphere for Kurt and Darla to enjoy and give the house a festive holiday facelift for the upcoming party.  First off we combined some of their Christmas décor with our new Christmas décor and created a welcoming holiday display on her entry chest to greet the guests as they arrived. 



Since Julia and I are both sort of “blingy” girls with a tendency to believe in the old adage that “more is more”  we decided to make the entrance into the dining room just off the entry hall a bit of a holiday “experience” I guess you could say.  So we dressed it up with some holiday glitz and glam…..


But, when we stood back for a look we decided it needed even more oomph! so we added this copper mesh ribbon to top it off.   It was just what it needed.


We dressed up her dining table by sprucing up the chandelier with greenery and ribbon; and created a lavish centerpiece on the table simply by adding large scale ornaments and greenery.  Sometimes the simplest touches have the most impact even for the girls who like the “more is more” approach.




Of course the office across the hall got it’s Christmas touches, too.



It’s always fun to decorate a staircase for Christmas and Darla’s was no exception.   This copper ribbon compliments the ribbon over the doorway that you see peeking down on the upper right leading into the dining room .  The combination of the copper with the burgundy creates a very “rich” look, don’t you think?.



Darla wanted to get this bust in her niche into the holiday spirit so we added more greenery, more Christmas berry picks and more copper ribbon.  I think he looks quite festive!


We gave these amazing pendants in the kitchen a holiday facelift with some fun, festive, over the top holiday bling….



As well as her gorgeous chandelier….



To the pot rack we added greenery and berries….


Just the right touch for her incredibly cozy kitchen.


Not a great picture of the tree, but it really was beautiful.


Here’s a closer look.


We sprinkled little touches of Christmas here, there….everywhere…








In the niches we added holiday picks and large scale pine cones. 

So fun!  And all in time for the special event! 

2011 Christmas Pics 008

Of course the Buehler’s invited jolly old St. Nick to the shindig to liven things up for the kiddo’s (well, and the adults).  Here’s Kurt and Darla partying it up with the big guy….And, to top it off they had a professional photographer there to take pictures of the guests posing with him.  Each guest received a flash drive with their Santa pictures on it to take home with them for Christmas cards, etc. I mean….how cool is that?

Basic CMYK

Ummmmmm…..did I mention Santa was there for the adults, too?  As evident in this picture – we never really outgrow him do we???   Here he is hangin’ with the Buehler’s staff.  Do you think they’re having just a little bit of fun?

Since Santa was making an appearance at the big party I invited my daughter-in-law and grandkids to come take advantage of the occasion.


My grandson, Eli, was fine with Santa, but my 2 year old granddaughter, Kaisley – well, not so much…..she was overwhelmed, petrified and refused to go near him!


As you can see Eli was quite comfy and content….


And, Julia and I had no problem snuggling up to Santa for a picture. 

DSC_2842 I finally got Kaisley over near Santa for a quick shot.  (I just sort of inched my way over and leaned in – that’s his noggin in the corner – not sure why he wasn’t in the picture, but I just love this shot of her.)  Is she precious or what?!!


Julia, myself and my good friend, Susan, who lives next door to the Buehler’s – all having a great time at the party.

And, it wasn’t just any party.  It was also a wonderful benefit to raise toys for the Toys For Tots program chaired by the US Marines. Each guest was asked to bring a toy to be donated to the charity.  What a wonderful idea!  They were able to collect enough toys to fill three huge Toys For Tots boxes and are still collecting more.  (If you are interested in donating please contact them here.)

  Great food, great fun, and a great cause……all the makings of a very Merry Christmas I’d say!

Happy Decorating!!!!


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