Custom Art With An Architectural Twist


Some of you know that I recently did a giveaway on my blog.  And, my friend, Gaylynn McBrayer, founder of La Montage – a “to the trade” studio in Lewisville – was the one who contributed the artwork for it.  It was by one of her amazing artists, Steve Taff.


When I went by her place to pick it up for the winner I, of course, had to meander through the showroom again and look at all the new wonderful goodies she had.


And, as usual, she did not disappointment.  There was incredible wall art by Steve as well as other fun “stuff” by some of her other artists….


Like these incredible books.



Are these freaking awesome or what?


Love ‘em!


Every piece in there is unique and interesting….


And incredibly creative.




How about these cool frames to display your photos in?



Did I say…….unique?


All of it – everything -  just amazing!


And, well, truth be told – so is Gaylynn!

Happy Decorating!

Before And After: A Dentist Office Goes From Drab To Fab


 I have worked with Terry and Stacie off and on for years now – known them since their children were itty bitty.  Now they’re so big!  And one is driving!     I’ve helped with the decorating on two of their homes as well as Stacie’s dental office.  So when Terry called to see if I could help snazz up his office (yes, they are both dentists, but in two different locations) I was happy to help.

Dentist Office 

Before Pictures:

PB160702The bones were there.  Great flooring and great walls.  But the decor was lacking and it just needed some serious TLDC  (that’s Tender Love and Designer Care!) to take it to that next level. 


 Not a lot of personality in the furnishings.  Kind of like wearing that perfect little black dress with all the wrong accessories… just ruins the whole affect!






No accessories on the ledges.




PB160711 No art to dress up the walls.

After Pictures:

P1071304Rich, interesting furnishings and accessories fill the waiting area with personality. 


Great rug at the entrance.

Terry-a Large, comfortable seating in leather and paisley fabric.

Terry fInteresting artwork helps warm the space and bring in some personality. 


Terry-bCozy touches help deflect a sterile, dentist feel. 




Iron étagère replaced the original less interesting shelving.  It helps to bring some character to the niche.

P1071307Fun accessories help bring in color, texture and warmth.

Artwork helps dress up the hallway and make it more welcoming.


All most spaces need is a little TLC or rather TLDC.  The right touches make all the difference as it did in this dentist office.  The richness and warmth of texture, texture and more texture do wonders for creating “atmosphere” — even in a dentist office.

And if you’re having fun looking at all the beautiful, cozy decor, maybe it’ll take your mind off what they’re about to do to your teeth!

Happy Decorating!



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