I think I’m at the point where I’m ready for a bit of a change in my dining room, but I’m not willing or interested in getting rid of what I have just yet.  I still like it just fine……but, I think I’d like a little change – at least for a while.


Something softer and less formal.  So I’ve decided the best thing for me to do is just have slipcovers made for my chairs.  Right now I’m in the process of deciding what kind of slipcovers I want.  What style, what fabric, etc, etc, etc….

I like these slipcovers with the shorter skirt and the detail with the buttons along the back.  Casual, yet sophisticated.


My chairs are high back chairs, but I could do them similar to this with a simple fabric, style and longer skirt.


I’m thinking about adding a monogram and/or banding at the bottom of the skirt like the one on this printed skirt.  This gives it interest and a very custom look….which I’m all about.


Love the pleats and buttons here…




And, here…..

Slipcovered Dining Room-1

So I’ve got decide if I want simple…..


Short or long…..


Maybe a little bit of detail, but not too much….


And, just what the overall look and feel is that I’m after…


I’m gathering info and mulling it over.

I’ll let you know what I decide to do.  I’m excited about the change!

Happy Decorating!



After my daughter saw the wall I did for a guest room (shown below) using fabric she decided it was exactly what she wanted to do in her apartment to give life to a rather “lifeless” wall she had in her living room.  We had already painted some of the other walls so she wanted to get creative and do something fun with fabric like this. 


Problem was – I, on the other hand – wasn’t willing to pay hundreds of dollars on actual fabric for an apartment she’d only be in eight more months.  So I told her we’d have to look for inexpensive sheets and if we could find them in a pattern she liked I’d help her do it.


Fortunately I found this black and soft white damask print she loves in a king size sheet set at Ross for a whopping $16.99.  I needed king size because of the height and length of the wall.


This way I was able to staple the finished edge at the top of the wall at the ceiling, run it down the length of the wall and turn the sides and bottom under for a clean edge.


If you remove the outlets you can just use a box cutter or scissor to cut a small opening for the cables and/or switch plates.


One king size flat sheet covered most of the wall, but we had to add a small piece to finish.  So I had to cut the elastic edge off the fitted sheet in order to piece it together correctly.  (Two flat sheets would have been much easier, but these only came in sets so we had to improvise) Alyssa was my assistant, smoothing out the sheet while I matched the design and stapled.


It took a whopping two hours, tops, and voila – a fun, new wall.  We’re going to add some art or picture frames, but for now the wall has added life that a plain white apartment wall just doesn’t have.


So when she sits on her cozy little couch in her cozy little apartment to watch TV now (which, by the way, she decorated herself) she has the added drama of her new damask patterned wall.

A fun, easy-breezy, inexpensive way to decorate. 

Happy Decorating!



Ever wanted a sumptuous canopy for your bedroom, but you don’t actually have a canopy bed?  And, maybe you aren’t in a position to buy one right now?  Well, there is a very simple solution…….create your own.

You can duplicate the look just by using the following:

1) Fabric or ready-made panels

2) Some chain link,

3) Drapery rods or dal rods

4) Plant hooks for the ceiling


All you need to do is measure the length from the back of the headboard to the foot of the bed.


Mark the ceiling where the hooks will need to go to accommodate the outside edge of the panel.  Then secure them with planter hooks (preferably the ones that have the toggle bolts for extra safety).


Make sure you’ve considered enough space for your ceiling fan if you have one so the blades don’t whack the chain.


Measure the height (or drop) you’ll need to accommodate the drapes and purchase chain link in a color that works well with your décor (in my case it was white).  And, have them cut the correct lengths at the hardware store if you don’t have the means to cut it yourself.  They’ll do it for free. (By the way since this is what I call my “Cottage On The Beach” guestroom the crazy looking wall in the background is distressed to look like bleached driftwood – in case you’re wondering what the deal is with it.  Hard to tell in this picture Smile)


Find a rod suitable to your style, preferably one that will slip through the width of the link on your chain.  If you want a fatter rod that’s fine, you’ll just need to add a proper size ring to the end of the chain link to accommodate the larger size.


Find ready made panels if you can’t make them yourself and slip them onto the rod.  I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  FYI – I used two panels of ready made sheers per section for a total of eight.  At Bed, Bath and Beyond they’ll let you use one coupon for each item so save your coupons and take eight coupons to the store, one for each panel.  Yep, none of that one coupon per purchase stuff there. 


Then slip the rod through the ends of the chain link and secure the finials at each end.  (You can clip or twist off the excess chain link)


Let the drapes fall straight or tie them off with a tassel or ribbon.


I prefer them tied off in a bit of a slouchy look.

And there you have it!


Your very own canopy bed.

Happy Decorating!



I keep reading lately about the importance of the “word of the year” which, frankly, I’d never heard of before.  Have you?  I mean have I had my head in a hole?  I don’t think so….But, apparently it’s quite the thing of late and it got me thinking……what’s my word of the year?


I tried to think of all the things I’d like to accomplish this year and what would be the best word to describe it.  There are lots of words that I think would fit.


I think this is good word…..don’t you?  Renew your spirit, renew your faith, renew old friendships, and so much more…..


Or what about trust……trust yourself, your abilities, God….trust in others more….


This is a really good one for an interior designer…..cuz, you know……it’s kinda what we doooo and all……


Of course change is always good…..especially in my line of work, to be a chameleon and change from one design, style or color scheme to the next….or just allow yourself to grow and change – for the better of course.


One of the most important words in my book – positivity – was a real contender for my word of the year, because I so believe in the results of a positive attitude, mind and spirit.  I believe we receive what we put out there in the universe so to speak therefore positivity is vital for a happy life and soul.


And, we can’t forget prayer…..always something to strive to do more often, more deeply, more meaningfully.

But, after giving it some thought I’ve decided my word of the year is to be……


Yep, it’s going to be Christlike.  Yeah, I know – hard to fill those shoes all the time, and a little scary to claim it as my “word of the year”, but that’s what it’s going to be.  My motivational word for the year.  And, the reason I decided on this word is because in striving to be this I actually end up hitting all the other motivating words, too.  It’s actually a very empowering word – to be Christlike.  And, I don’t mean to try and be a goody-goody or something – not that that’s a bad thing by any means.  Of course it’s good to strive to be good. But, what I mean is that to be Christlike is to constantly renew your mind and spirit, to be vigilant about prayer, trust, to accept change.  To be positive, confident, assertive and emboldened.  In addition to those it applies to other action oriented words of the year, like love, timeliness, action, empowerment, motivate, respect, risk-taker, belief, acceptance, forgiving and so many more.

It’s not the most politically accepted word these days I’ll give you that, but even to the non-believer there is no denying there’s truth in the fact that this was a real man in history who walked the earth and who embodied all of these  powerful traits and more.  And, to those of us who are believers, well, it’s that and so much more.

So I find this word the perfect word for me this year and an empowering word at that.  And, that is why


is my word of the year for 2014.

What would you choose for yours?

Happy Decorating!



We’ve had a tough winter here in Texas – at least for us warm-blooded Texans – and it’s wearing a bit thin at this point.  We’ve bounced from beautiful 65 degree temps to 25 degrees in a twenty four hour period with the cold lingering around too long for our liking.  Like a friend said on Facebook “Go away Old Man Winter!”…..we’re just not used to this here.  All this cold leaves me pining away for the warmth of spring and all the beauty it brings with it. 

I can’t wait to get outside and get our garden whipped back into shape and full of color like this one below.


Not that our garden will ever look quite like this, mind you, but I love gardens, gardening and looking at garden magazines, garden books and the internet for ideas.  I enjoy seeing all the color combinations as well as the layout itself.  It motivates me to start planning my own.


Like the ivy that’s grown up to cover this house.  I’ve always loved that cozy look and, while I’ve been trying to achieve the same look on the side of my own house where my little courtyard is I keep coming up short.  But, I’m not giving up!  This is the year - I believe!


How refreshing is this blue and white?  If that doesn’t make you go, “Aaahhhhh”, I don’t’ know what would…


And, wow, how’s this red and pink canopy for charm…..Doesn’t it pull at you and draw you in?  Warm, magical…..peaceful?  Do you think heaven is a lot like this?  I do.


Or maybe this sort of mish-mash English garden look….So welcoming and inviting.


As are these colorful tulips….See how God has this wonderful way of splashing the earth with all these random colors all mixed together?  (We can use these as inspiration for our interior design, too. Just sayin’)


A cozy pathway cutting through a colorful garden is always welcoming and a bit intriguing…


Okay, so this one is actually The Netherlands…a far cry from Texas I realize but, still…..it gives me dreamy-eyed motivation in the midst of the cold. 

Go away Old Man Winter!

I’m ready for spring!

Happy Decorating!



As I’ve said before New Years Eve has changed a tad from our younger years and nowadays we find ourselves babysitting the grandkids more often than going out with friends.  Just like last year you can see here……this year was no exception.


So, of course, with the little ones coming I had to do something fun and festive to ring in the New Year….and what better way to do that than with good old Dollar Tree.


Bags, hats, party glasses, horns…..


All for a dollar of course.  Love that!


I stocked up on some crafts to keep them busy….



And, it worked like a charm…..


Adhering zillions of little tissue paper balls to this picture kept my granddaughter happily occupied.



And, she was quite proud of the finished results…


She colored in her 3d picture with markers….


While Mimi J helped my grandson make these cute little animals from a kit…..yes, all of them for $1.00.  A good thing, too, because he liked ripping them into pieces as much as making them.  (Mimi J taped them all back togetherSmile)


We played Dora the explorer games….


And, Doogie even wore his party hat to change a diaper.


Yep……a different kind of New Years…..that’s for sure….


But, a happy one, none the less!

Happy New Year!


Happy Decorating!



Since my daughter has moved out for college and taken all her furniture with her I have an empty slate of a guest room to re-do.  Yep, and that means I get to have some fun re-creating a new look there.  Yea! (Ahem…..not that I don’t miss you, daughter – I do! It’s just….well….you know what I mean…right?!) Smile

So after hem-hawing around about which direction I wanted to go for the last six months -  which was either shabby chic with burlap and cream, or an opulent theme with mirrored furniture and silver and purple – I decided on the more opulent look with the mirrored furniture and silver and purple.


I did what most people do now….surfed the web looking at all the various social media sites, and of course perused through magazines, etc.  But, as a designer, I also had the added bonus of wandering through showrooms at the World Trade Center and other markets for inspiration…..


And, find it I did, in all different themes from transitional…

Nina Campbell purple bedroom

To traditional….



To a little of both…..


And, of course with these colors, there’s a lot over the top opulence…..



And, I gotta say…..I love it all.  At least bits and pieces from all of these looks.  So I think mine will be a bit of a mix.


But, the one thing that really inspires me is all the fabulous wallpaper I keep seeing with these colors.  Scroll back up and take a look at all the pictures again.  Most of them have wallpaper on at least one wall.  I love that. So much so that it may be something I end up doing to my own guest room.   

I’m just getting started, but I’ll keep you “posted” on my progress – no pun intended. Smile

Happy Decorating!

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