Fun Christmas Tablescapes For Your Next Dinner Party!


First of all, againsooooo sorry for the sparse blog posts lately! Those who follow me and those who frequent my blog know how unusual that is. But, moving back into my house after the flood pushed us out for a month and getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner at my house for the first time ever this year – all while trying to work full time on my interior design business – just kicked my booty! I just simply couldn’t find the time to sit down and blog.

So hopefully I’m back into the swing of things. Since Christmas is around the corner and everyone is getting out their Christmas goodies I thought I’d touch on how to create a jaw-dropping tablescape for your next dinner party. Take a look at some of these fabulous ideas below:


Notice the layering of plates with different patterns? This always creates interest and adds detail. Here gold’s and creams are paired with touches of Christmas red. And, I always love the added flair of place cards.


How fun is this for a festive kid’s table? Just by using fun, happy colors you create an atmosphere of cheer and joy for the little ones. Cluster some fun colorful ornaments like this or in a clear vase and add some bright candles and you’ve got a centerpiece. Most of us have some sort of fun Christmas decoration that can be used for a centerpiece, too. If you don’t have lime green placemats consider using colorful craft paper from your local craft store. They won’t know the difference and it’s a cheap way of creating a fun table. Inexpensive bandanas in Christmas colors make great napkins, too, if you don’t already have Christmas napkins.


This tablescape is a bit on the wild side and I love it! Unique and fun. Use what you’ve got, let your imagination run wild and just go for it. You can make these branch arrangements yourself by collecting branches in your own back yard and wiring on these crystal strands. Yes, ma’am, you can do it!


And, how ‘bout going blue? If these are colors you have in your everyday dishes use them for your holiday dishes by adding Christmas touches like this. This cool blue and white with touches of silver ornaments and silver pine cones – very happy and holiday-esque without the traditional colors.


All creams and whites with gold and silver. Elegant and beautiful. Do you have a three tier stand like this? Just add some ornaments and pearls and you’ve got an elegant centerpiece. Or you can create your own stand by stacking different size plates using small candlesticks, votives or small serving bowls for the pedestals between plates. Use cake icing to “glue” the pedestals and plates in place and then add your ornaments. Voila!


Here, they’ve layered placemats which gives the table color, drama and interest. I like the way the napkins are displayed on each plate, too.


Again, layer your dishware. Here they’ve used gold, black and white. It creates an inviting place setting without a lot of fuss. They kept the centerpiece simple, too. A tall clear vase filled with stems. Lovely.


Layers of gold and reds. The ornament is a fun touch in the bowl. And check out the coasters for the wine glasses. (You could make these with left over garland)


Cluster some inexpensive Christmas trees for a cozy tablescape. Cluster some red berries with your napkins and silverware.


Look at these fun colors. Green, gold, plum. Again – layers! And, again – a large clear votive or vase filled with ornaments and/or pine cones always looks amazing as a centerpiece.


Not so much a tablescape (although I like this arrangement), but I just had to show you these chairs. I love this look with the little wreaths on the back of each one. Too cute!

So look around your house and through all that Christmas “stuff” you’ve collected over the years. Dig out your current dishware. Play with different combinations of colors and “stuff”. I guarantee you it’s possible for you to create your own new, fresh festive tablescape that will wow your guests without having to run out and spend a lot of money. Good luck!

Happy Decorating!

Fun On The Fourth: Celebrate In Style


With the Fourth of July right around the corner and family and friends coming together to celebrate all over the country its time to think about how to decorate your place in the true spirit of the Fourth!  It’s a special day here in the states and the atmosphere should clearly reflect our freedom, our wonderful military men who make freedom a reality, and our wonderful country… style!  What better way to welcome our guests than to have a great, vibrant and festive celebratory display of our food, drinks and tables – in red, white and blue!!!  Nothing screams the pride in America like the bold and beautiful colors of our precious flag!


Simple and inexpensive – what a great way to show off our theme!


Use bandanas for napkins to bring in the red, white and blue.


Decorate some cupcakes with raspberries and blueberries on white icing.  Simple, fun, festive and yummy!


Red, white and blue candles in glass votives play up the theme.


Star cut outs make great place cards; inexpensive flags make a sweet, but dramatic bouquet; and white daisies brighten and cozy up a table.  Strawberries add a splash of edible red and lemonade just always looks refreshing on the Fourth of July.


Colored sand in glass votives and vases with flags and daisies.  Adorable!


Festive and fun!





Let your sweet little one in on the fun, too.  How sweet is this?  They’d be so proud to help out!


Bring out your Christmas wine glasses – perfect for the Fourth!!



Have a spectacular Fourth of July weekend!  God bless you and your family, God bless America….and as always….

Happy Decorating!!!!

Savvy Solutions: How To Create Your Own Tablescape


Many people either just can’t visualize how to get creative with a tablescape or are just too intimidated to give it a shot.  I’m here to tell you it can be done, and it can be done quite simply….using things you may already have around your house.

Step 1:


You could go with the traditional and, in my opinion – sort of boring, floral for the center of the table or you can embellish and enhance it by continuing with these simples steps below.

Step 2:


Just adding a square tablecloth like this gives it some dimension (this is actually a beautiful, velvet-lined, beaded throw I purchased from Hobby Lobby half price)…….

Step 3:


Then adding some vases and candles gives it even more dimension (yes, these are vases I’ve turned into candleholders purchased originally at Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods for different purposes altogether.  I just decided to incorporate them here for a bit of drama in my dining room)…..

Step 4:


I found a matching candleholder at Hobby Lobby and added it to the mix.  Combining different pieces like this gives your table interest and dimension.  (Of course, this sort of thing is best displayed on a dining table that’s not frequently used, because it will have to be moved and/or rearranged when actually dining here.  But, for everyday it makes an attractive table display.)

A Look At Another Table:

Step 1:


This arrangement above looks “okay”, but insignificant by itself.

Step 2:


Adding the tray and other pieces gives it more interest, but…..

Step 3:


Adding a tablecloth or in this case another throw….(handmade by my friend, Barbie, for Christmas – thanks, Barbie!), adds still even more interest.  Lay it out flat like you see above and then gently scrunch to create folds.


Can you see the table taking on a new personality as I add pieces?  But, there’s more…..

Step 4:


Adding a trio of candlesticks adds even more interest….


See how adding several pieces that compliment each other creates a table with personality?  Just moving this throw to the table and incorporating these candleholders that I already had gives my table a much “savvier look”.  (What’s especially nice about this throw is that it’s reversible.  I flip it around depending on my mood!) 

And just one more:

I got so many compliments and questions on the “tea table” I decorated for the CCACL High Tea that I thought I’d do a little tutorial on how to create a similar look.  You can use the same basic principles using items from around your own home.

Step 1:


I always like to use a tablecloth underneath a topper.  If you don’t have one a large sheet will work just fine.  White is usually a good choice, but any color can be used depending on your color scheme.

Step 2:


To create different heights use stuff from around your house like this salad bowl.


Turn it upside down to create a surface for lifting.


Add different levels using what you have.  In this case I used plastic storage containers.  I know this looks weird now, but just wait!….

Step 3:


If you don’t have a tablecloth topper – as I said for the main tablecloth – using an inexpensive flat sheet works like a charm.  I’ve mentioned this on a couple of blogs and it really does work for a beautiful table.  Just turn under the decorative edge like the one you see above.

Step 4:


Check around your house to see what you might pull together to create “a look”.  I went around my house collecting things that I thought would work for an interesting, attractive table.  For this picture I grabbed this floral I have out on my patio (I used a different one for the actual tea).


Here I placed it on the upside down salad bowl to give it height and allow it to make more of a statement.


Next I added these teapots – the same ones I used for the tea.

Step 5:


I placed them on these silver cake platters.


I added the birdhouses from my patio.  This one and the one pictured above.

Step 6:


I placed one birdhouse on one of the plastic storage containers and the other one on the table.  I added this silver candelabra to the other plastic container.  See all the different levels here now?  It creates a lot more interest that just having everything the same level.


For a touch of charm and whimsy I grabbed this little nest with eggs that I always have on my patio….

Step 7:


And I tucked it in between the two birdhouse.


Next I grabbed some pearls.  You can use pearl necklaces from your closet!

Step 8:


And, just drape them throughout the display. 

Step 9:


Add the chargers of your choice.  They can be painted to match the theme or color scheme of your event. (I didn’t paint these, but I have painted others.)

Step 10:


Start to layer your place setting with a basic standard size dinner plate.

Step 11:


Then mix and match the dessert plates all around the table if you can or just use a dessert plate from a different place setting.  If you don’t have different dishes you can use them from the same set, of course, and it will still be pretty.  I got these dinner plates from Ross and the floral patterns from Royal Patrician, an English China vendor — mixing the expensive with the inexpensive.

Step 12:


  See the cute little silver tea pitcher and the creamer and sugar holders?  I got those as a set years ago from Big Lots for $5.00 a set!  They came with a silver platter to display them on.  Cheap, but charming!   Look what “elegance” they bring to the table!  I bought several sets to use for luncheons.


Decorating is like fashion….combining expensive pieces with less expensive pieces creates an end result that looks high end and fabulous.



I didn’t finish out the place settings all the way around my table, but you get the idea.

In case you missed it – here’s what the original table actually looked like at the High Tea:


See how simple it is?  Do you feel like it’s something you can do now?  Look around your house for “stuff”, get out some plastic containers for creating levels, maybe a sheet or two or a throw you have tucked somewhere for your tablecloths and see what you look you can come up with!  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune – or anything at all – when you use what you already have. 

Happy Decorating!!!

Fun Easter Tablescapes!


For Christians, like myself, Easter is upon us this month.  And for many, also like myself, you will be having Easter dinner at your house.  And, you’ll be thinking – maybe even stressing a little – about how you might create a beautiful table or tables for your guests……without spending a fortune.  Well, have no fear – below are some gorgeous Easter table displays and centerpiece ideas that will help put your mind at ease.


Bring out your pretty china to use on the table for color and personality.  Clip foliage from your backyard and cluster it in a vase or a teapot.  Throw some colored candy eggs in a beautiful bowl with some foliage for color.


Love this blue and white theme.  Don’t have this look?  Create your own with what you do have.  Bring out different dishware and layer it for an interesting fun look.  Create your own glitter eggs in your color scheme.  Sometimes an inexpensive flat sheet can act as a beautiful table cloth for a lot less money.   Large craft paper squares can act as placemats, and your local grocery store many times has excellent prices on fresh flowers.  Buy a few bundles, clip them short and cluster several small floral displays around your table.  The local Dollar Store has small crystal bowls, candleholders and dishware for – yes, you got it – $1.00 apiece.


Frame a pertinent Bible verse or saying and place it on your table for a lovely, meaningful touch.


This is a great look for a fun, fresh kid’s table.  Just a plastic purple tablecloth, lots of plastic eggs, colorful jelly beans sprinkled around and Easter bunny marshmallow candies.  Little clipped flowers sprinkled throughout adds brightness and color.


Here they’ve created their own three tier display for colorful Easter goodies.  A nice, inexpensive way to create a centerpiece.


Be creative with twigs and tree branches like these above and below.




More great ideas below:






If you opt for paper plates make it fun and colorful.  There are so many beautiful patterns to choose from there is no reason not to have a beautiful table and still have an easy clean up.





Fun ideas for floral arrangements!





A fun, inexpensive favor for each place setting.  This could also be a place card with an egg in the center bearing the name of the guest.

Lots of fun, colorful ideas here to help you with your own table.  Here’s the review:  1) Check out the Dollar Store for inexpensive dishware and doodads.     2) Consider colorful paper plates. 3) Use what you’ve got and layer 4)  Use Mother Nature’s own materials from your yard  5) Use things from all over the house for a creative look 6)  Take a look at colorful, patterned flat sheets for a tablecloth alternative 7)  Consider craft paper squares for colorful placemats 8) Use inexpensive Easter candy, Easter grass and Easter eggs and voila!  You will have the most fabulous table for your guests.  Have fun, enjoy your guests and most importantly – don’t forget the reason for this most important season!

Happy Decorating!!

Festive Cake and Candy Displays That Put You In A Party Time Frame Of Mind:


These days everyone knows what festive, fun table displays cupcakes can make for parties of all occasions.  Because they are versatile they are easy to arrange and tweak to the design motif you are working with.  And, although they are easy to prepare, they can also just as easily be purchased at your local grocery store.  In fact at Wal-mart you can buy a dozen of them for $5.00.  $5.00!  I mean, why bother making them when you can get them at that price!  They will prepare them in any color and put them in cupcake holders the color of your choice.  If you’d like they can add sprinkles and offer limited decorations.  I like to have them made and then decorate them myself to fit the function I’m decorating for.  You can find all sorts of fun decorations at your local craft store.


I made this display for a couples wedding shower.  I used white cake mix, white icing, pearl sprinkles and little doves and rings for the decorations.  I used a three tier plate rack and layered my own crystal plates to form the towers, by using three different sizes separated by small crystal candle holders.   Then I added rhinestone candle votives for the topper and cascaded twisted white ribbon around them.  It made a very soft, sophisticated romantic display for a very elegant event.

Jackie's Shower

This table above was for a baby shower so of course the colors were tweaked to fit the occasion.  I had the cupcakes made at good old Wal-mart and had them do a mixture of icing colors to match my table.  Then I added my own baby decorations.   I placed one cupcake tower at each end of the table for balance.


These I made for a family football party that I shared on a previous blog.  I made these cupcakes myself instead of purchasing them and covered them with red sprinkles to match OU’s colors and then added fun football decorations.




This spooky cupcake display was actually made for my sweet nephew, Austin’s, birthday.  Since he’s an October baby I decided to play up the Halloween theme.  I think it made for a fun birthday cake.  On the bottom tray I added candy eyeballs and chocolate covered pretzels, then surrounded the bottom platter with faux fall leaves.   The topper is a jack-o-lantern candle. 


But, if you want to see some really fun, really incredible party displays take a look at these beautiful table decorations by Amy Atlas.  She’s the real pro with her amazing tables and has done many celebrity events.  Check these out for some fun ideas:

cupcake party display


Have you ever seen a more festive, happy display?  Notice the ice cream cone cupcakes?  Too cute!


IMG_84531-700x466 IMG_84491-700x466 IMG_83881-700x466 IMG_84331-700x466

Now that’s a fun party table!

Now that you’ve been inspired you can get motivated and creative with your own cupcakes.  The sky is the limit as far as color and theme so have fun with it!  You can make your cupcake display serious, romantic, casual and fun, hip and happenin’ – whatever the occasion you can make it work with cupcakes and candy.

Don’t forget to check out Amy’s incredible website and blog here.  It will inspire and amaze you!

Happy Decorating!

Tablescapes for New Year’s Eve and Throughout The New Year


 Need idea’s for a great tablescape tonight, this weekend or even at various events throughout the new year?  Check out some of these sassy and savvy tablescapes from creative party planners all over the country.   Lots of colors, themes and styles to choose from for everything from New Years Eve, to Easter to next Fall.   Take ideas from each of of these fun looks and “tweak” them to suit your own personal style.  Rummage through your “stuff” all over the house and get creative!  Combine the items you have on hand with some of the ideas below and impress your guests with a unique, fun, inexpensive tablescape of your own.

Sandra Lee, below, always has great idea’s for a fun table.

Sandra Lee as seen on

                                                                                               image by cafemom

This table below could be tweaked for Valentines, Easter, birthday, New Year’s Eve or just any party theme.

                                                                                             image by hgtv 

 Beautiful fresh flowers…..always a great idea.  Pair them with silver and china for a formal look, or casual dinnerware and rustic candlesticks for a casual look.

                                                                                                                                   image by elizabethannedesigns

 Take this tablescape below and run with it!  Replace the Christmas accessories with those for a child’s birthday, an anniversary, a shower…..really any event.  Just use this basic layout as a guide.

                                                                                                                                                                                 image by reddoorinteriors

Below is a little more “urban sophisticated” with the blacks and creams.  Simple and elegant.

                                                                              image by treadwaydesigns 

I’m a sucker for a “girlie” table like the one below.  Great for a tea, a shower,  Easter, etc.

                                                                                                                                                                                  image by dreamorganizers

Love the greens and the salmon color below on the white cloth.  Sweet, simple, beautiful.

                                                                                  image by happywonderer

Check out more creative ideas below:

                                                                      image by more-than-heirlooms

                                                                                          image by kappaprep

                                                                            image by kateaspen

                                                                                          image by manolobrides

                                                                                 image by bridaltweet

                                                                                                      image by kappadallas

                                                                                                      image by hgtv

                                                                                                 image by franticfemale


That should give you a great many wonderful ideas for your own functions throughout the year.  If you have some fun pictures of your own let me know!

May your New Year be blessed, happy and safe!

Happy New Year and Happy Decorating!!!!!

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