When it comes to kitchen islands there are quite a few factors to consider in determining what’s the best fit for you.

2007-03-26 12.11.21

Do you like the look of free standing furniture?

2008-06-12 11.50.15

Or built-ins to match the rest of the cabinetry?

2012-12-29 09.40.06

Do you want it to stand out from everything else?

2012-12-29 09.45.05

2012-12-29 09.54.08

2012-12-29 09.45.58

Should it serve a dual purpose?  Like this one – with one side a workspace, the other one a banquette.  Think it through carefully so you can utilize every inch.

2012-12-29 09.51.49

Maybe you need extra storage and a buffet instead of a bar height counter for bar stools….

2012-12-29 09.52.18

Maybe you need both.

2012-12-29 09.52.47

Notice the doors, drawers and cubbies here?  What would like to see in your kitchen island?  A wine rack, wine fridge?  Silverware and pot holders?  A place for all your pots and pans? 

2012-12-29 09.54.17

Maybe you’d like to add some of your appliances here for more functionality.

2012-12-29 09.54.29

Or your sink…..if not the main one…..maybe an extra sink?

2012-12-29 09.54.51

You can change the surface of the island to it’s own unique look.  And/or the paint or stain.  Look closely at this one.  The soft minty green makes a statement next to the stained cabinetry in the rest of the kitchen.  Notice it has corbels at each end with a fun shape to the countertop.  Look at all the storage it has….. doors, drawers, shelves and a wine fridge….and even more storage on the other side.

2012-12-29 09.55.19

Think about the way you function in your kitchen, the traffic it’ll get.  Will you use it for your main workspace?  If so, what do you need at your fingertips?  Do you need a place for the kids to land with friends after school?  All of this matters….so take your time and plan it out right.

2012-12-29 09.53.42

Give it serious thought and do some serious planning….

2012-12-29 10.31.26

But, have fun with it, too.

Whether your kitchen’s gi-normous…..

Contrasting Island, Pear Colored Walls, Cherry, Furniture Style And Birch Cabinets Traditional Kitchen

Just average in size…..

Or bordering on smallish…..

Think about how you can best utilize the piece in your particular space.

Happy Decorating!


If you’re getting ready to update your bathroom or another area of your home or business with tile or stone don’t be bland or ordinary about it – open your mind to some serious innovative thinking and creativity. 

There are so many fun ways to incorporate color and texture that will give a space extreme interest and pizazz. 

But, the last thing you want to be is ordinary.


Mixing textures, sizes and shapes creates loads of interest.


As does creating a contrast with a mix of dark and light materials.


Glass mosaics are all the rage and I believe are here to stay.  This black, white and gray is very sharp looking.


This, too!


Notice how they mixed a number of shapes and sizes here?  And, how they carried the tile up on the ceiling?  I do that with almost all my bathroom remodels.  It just adds that extra element of extreme coolness.


Check out all the cool elements in this shower surround.


Love these slate patterns together!


Create the unexpected.






Fun stuff, huh?

Happy Decorating!

Making The Most Of Your Tiny Kitchen


A recent visit to New York and my sister-in-law’s house led to a discussion about how to redesign her tiny kitchen without it costing her a fortune.  With an upcoming wedding and kids in college money has been prioritized for other things for the time being – which doesn’t include an extensive remodel.  Maybe you can relate?


If you find yourself wanting to “re-do” that tiny kitchen of yours, but you just don’t have the money to push out walls and completely reconstruct then you have to find other ways to get the most bang for your buck. And, that calls for attention to every little detail and extreme organization.  Start a notebook on the project before you even begin.  And, start collecting pictures of kitchens, accessories, paint colors, backsplashes, etc….. Do you want white?  Light and bright?  Dark and cozy?  Remember paint is our friend!  A fresh paint job on your old dreary cabinets might be just what they need.


Think about your storage and what the most functional place for your dishes, cookware, spices, etc…..  Check with local stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Lowes, Home Depot, The Container Store – look for organizers that will fit into your current cabinets and drawers.   You might not be able to expand or buy all new cabinets, but maybe you can spring for a new granite countertop.  In a tiny kitchen you might be surprised at how affordable they can be.  (If you can’t afford a granite slab consider granite tiles.  A fraction of the cost it will give you the same look and grout lines are minimal because they can apply the tiles so close together.)

Like this….

Or this.


Bring in fun details by adding fun, interesting lights and new hardware.  Clean off your countertops and add some fun new containers and/accessories. If you can swing it – of course updating your appliances will do wonders for the space!


A pop of color is fun, and if you have space – create a little charm with a chair like this.  If this tiny kitchen can accommodate a chair odds are yours can, too!


Be unique!  Don’t be afraid to pull in a fun color!


Maybe you could eliminate a door and re-work a cabinet for functional storage like this one above with wine bottles and cookbooks.


If you can’t rip everything out and go modern like this kitchen above just do what you can do.  Sand down the cabinets or primer them, paint or stain them espresso brown and add new hardware.  Remove some of the doors and create a plate rack or open shelving for a new look.  Maybe you can just replace the cabinet front doors. – A cheaper alternative than replacing the entire cabinet.  There are ways to freshen up the space without going broke! 

Then later….when you can think about you…instead of everyone else….you’ll get that dream kitchen you’ve been longing for!

Happy Decorating!

Creating Your Dream Kitchen: The Beauty Is In The Details


Are you looking to remodel your kitchen in the near future?  Looking to bring some unique elements to the space that set your kitchen apart from others?  Remember – the design is in the details.


And, when it comes to remodeling…especially in the kitchen….there are details, details and more details.  Check out this picture.  Notice all the distinct elements in this amazing kitchen?  The cabinet color, the island design, the vent-a-hood, the floor, the tile back splash, the beams, etc.  All those details create the cozy ambience you see here. 


It’s important to take your time and ask yourself a few questions.  Do you like a traditional space or a contemporary space?  Do you like light and bright or dark and cozy?  Are you inclined to prefer a sleeker overall appearance or maybe a more rustic vibe with stone and distressed wood?


All great looks -no right or wrongs here……just personal preference.

massallia_600_600-dal tile

What style is your home?  Traditional, modern?   What elements are the best fit?  Would you like an open concept shown above with all this great tile or do you prefer everything behind closed cabinet doors?


Remember the kitchen is the single most important factor in the resale of your home.  So what you invest in it now (within reason) will pay off later when you choose to sell.


And, kitchens are a great place to show off your style with flair.


Notice all the attention to detail here….


and here….


and here in this modern space.

Never under estimate the power of the details that go into a space.  Make sure to peruse magazines, showrooms, model homes, etc.  Get a feel of what you like, what your style is and what you would like to see yourself in.  Then take your time, hire a professional to help with your selections and have fun with it!

Happy Decorating!

Tuscan Style: A Kitchen Brimming With Cozy And Chic


 Could you have a love of all things Tuscan buried deep inside you, but never new how to define it?  Tuscan style is rich and warm with color and texture.  Think fall colors – shades of rust, reds, yellows, greens, plums – all mixed together and working with each other to create a warm, harmonious, inviting ambiance.  Dark heavy baskets,  iron work,  distressed wood, lots of fruit, wine, roosters…..all of these things create that magical Tuscan warmth that makes a kitchen so cozy and inviting.  Accents of Salado has a wonderful selection of Tuscan accents to create just this look. 


 Baskets and fruit always make for a cozy Tuscan kitchen.




 Fall colors are used throughout the space to create the Tuscan theme.


Combining textures is common. 




 Lots of distressed wood and iron embellishments fill the Tuscan kitchen.


Detail work and wonderful curves in the woodwork is common in traditional Tuscan decorating.

onlinetipsorg1This oil painting says it all – wine, fruit, iron, texture and lots of fall color. 


rialto_IronCandleHolder Iron candle holders always add Tuscan flavor to a space.


 Pot racks and roosters – very common in the Tuscan kitchen. 




Love this colorful, interesting, fun vent-a-hood and backsplash.   Rich in fall colors and texture.  You don’t have to be overly serious about everything.  Bring in some whimsy and fun!

                                                                                       Images by Accents of Salado

  The Tuscan kitchen with its warm, welcoming ambiance is the heartbeat of the home….like the warm and cozy comfort of  a fireplace in the winter.  So break out that bottle of wine, peruse some Tuscan decorating magazines and books (and my blog, of course) and think about creating this same inviting look in your own kitchen.


Happy Decorating!



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