Thinking about re-upholstering your furniture?  Don’t know what fabric to use?  Well, why not just combine the ones you like and use ‘em all?


Notice the stripe back, the medallion print front and the furry cheetah pillows?


Here they have a blue-dyed croc print with a combination of bleu’s….


And, here they have a stripe, a cheetah, a print and a solid.


Look at this fun sofa with the brown tones and this punch of electric blue.  How fun is that?  And, it’s paired with another cool pattern in this great leather ottoman.


By the way take a look at this cool back on this sofa.  Don’t you love this?


This sofa isn’t necessarily mix and match fabrics, but look how it’s paired with this fun orange fabric.  Creative and fun.


Totally cool…..


So look at these pictures closely to understand how much fun you can have mixing and matching your fabrics on one piece of furniture.  Then you can carry one of two of those fabrics to other pieces in the room.

It takes a simple piece and makes it a little more savvy….gives it a little more style.

Happy Decorating!

Mix and Match Fabrics: Simply Sumptuous Seating!


Yesterday I met my friend Becky for lunch and afterwards we strolled through an amazing little store called “Best Seat In The House” in Dallas, Texas. (If you’re local you should definitely check it out!) It’s chock full of unique, creative pieces not the least of which was their wonderful seating.  I loved all their case goods, lighting and accessories, but I especially liked the cozy, squishy sofas and chairs.


Almost every piece of seating there was constructed of a mish-mash of fun, plush fabrics. And each one had an inviting allure to them – like they were wooing us in to cozy up for  “tea and crumpets” or something.  At least that’s what we found ourselves wanting to do!


I think I counted seven fabrics on this cozy, little chair.


A floral sofa….mixed with a multitude of other fabrics (which helps to anchor the piece and tone down the floral)……feminine and fun!  And with the frame in more subdued, less patterned fabrics, the cushion can always be recovered for a new look if you decided you grew tired of such a bold floral.


Love this leather/fabric combo……


Paired with these nail heads.


Not sure how many fabrics they used on this one, but isn’t it fabulous?!



And, how ‘bout his beautiful damask back….


With this velvet front and arms and this floral cushion – gorgeous.  The damask, you’ll notice, is repeated in the pillow.


This gorgeous floral front…..


With this velvet back……so charming!


If you’re having trouble deciding which fabrics you like best – why not have some fun, get creative and just use ‘em all!!?

Happy Decorating!!!

Shades of Beige Can Be All The Rage!


When you think of beige do you think boring????  Bland, maybe????  Well, think again.  There are endless possibilities when decorating with beige.  The secret?  Layering different textures and different shades.


If you bring in a cool wood frame like this with a neutral cushion….


Throw in a few cool pillows like this….


Maybe an amazing chair like this…..


And. then top it off with some rustic furniture like this…you got yourself a pretty cool space.

Wouldn’t you agree?


So don’t rule out or underestimate the power of beige…




When beige can be all the rage!


Mmmmm…..positively dreamy.



Positively cool….


Interesting and fun….


And, incredibly wow!

Happy Decorating!

Out With The Stuffy, In With The Sassy: Have Fun With Your Furnishings!


Looking for a way to express yourself??? Express your style??? Well, think outside the box, go beyond your stuffy comfort zone and have some fun!


How about bringing in some sassy furniture? Like these sassy, unique dining chairs?


Going just a tad further and mixing the fabrics like this looks cool, too, huh?


How many of you non-hunter types would like this sassy not-so-little bird hanging on your wall??? Pretty, isn’t she? Could be quite the conversation piece.


You could just go a little wild with touches of zebra…..


Give your space a gothic flare with these incredibly cool chairs…


Or, just bring in some fun furniture like this cool chair and ottoman.


And, how gorgeous are these stone and iron tables? Notice the rugged, jagged edge here.


Full of character and interest.

Maybe it’s time for you to get rid of the stuffy, get a little sass…..and bring in the fun!

Happy Decorating!

A Sneak Peak At Some Shabby Chic


For all the interest in a more modern, clean, stream lined look these days -  there are still those who love girlie clutter, lace, antiques, and floral fabrics.  Yes, ma’am…the oh-so-cozy, oh-so-savvy, oh-so-inviting look of shabby chic still rings true for many…..


Like this feminine, cozy daybed.  Isn’t this so girlie, so inviting?


Or this pair of floral chairs, this floral rug or these floral table covers.  Sweet and girlie!


A cleaner look, but still shabby chic-ish with the whites, creams, the French cane chairs, etc.


  Look at this stunning room!  The ultimate in shabby chic!


Mmmmm…..so sweet, so feminine, so shabby chic!


Sweet mirror.


Shabby desk, floral chair, floral rug…..


Great chandelier, awesome white bed with awesome white bedding.  Love this!


Lots of great stuff!


Need I say more!


Ohhhhhh….emmmmmm….geeeeee.  Love, love, love this all white dining room with these fabulous chandeliers and hard wood floors!


A pair of old shabby doors for a headboard, classic traditional chandelier, white bedding….how cool.

Mmmmmm…….does it get any more cozy and inviting than the “shabby chic” rooms in these pictures?  I think not!

Happy Decorating!

Oh, Wow!! I Love Horchow!!


If you want to get some great ideas for reupholstering your furniture for that high end look take a stroll through the Horchow outlet if you have one near you.  We have one here locally that’s always filled with fabulous furniture.  It’s still very, very high end even at their discount prices, but for the right buyer the prices are great.  For others on a lesser budget (yes, like me), it’s just a fun place to peruse to get the latest and greatest in design ideas to duplicate.


Like this fun fabric and fresh new look on this Old World style chair……


Or this multi-leather sofa with the furry pillows.


Isn’t this great detail?  If you can’t afford a high end sofa like this – duplicate the look with faux leather!  They have some great looking options now that look just like the real thing.


This sleek look in the monochromatic color scheme is a great look, too.  Paired with this leather ottoman it creates a very chic, interesting look.


And, here’s a fun fabric combination for a hip look.


Fun fabric takes a “serious” style chair in a whole different direction.


And this is a great look with the cheetah fabric, dark leather and floral pillow.  Wild and fun!



Cowhide and black leather give this traditional chair a new personality.


And leather with plaid……another unique, specific personality and great combo.  This would look great in a den or man-cave.  And again, if you can’t afford the real deal….remember you can simulate the same look on your own sofa with faux leather and an inexpensive plaid.

Lots of fun furniture and fun ideas!  If you are at a place financially where you can invest in these wonderful pieces Horchow is a great place to check out.  If not, like I said, it’s a great place to get ideas to knock off the same look within your own budget!  So go for it!

Happy Decorating!!!

A Little Bit Rustic–A Whole Lot Of Chic


Being in the field that I am I’ve learned to love and appreciate just about every design style that’s out there.  Every style of design and decorating can have its own appeal and unique contribution to a space.  This post is about the marrying of rustic to chic.  Notice the use of rattan (which isn’t too rustic, but has a casual vibe) with natural wood products.


See what I mean?  Somehow a coffee table carved out of a tree – with its natural edges and movement – goes from rustic to chic in a flash when placed in this cool setting.  Paired with different styles of rattan chairs and contemporary wooden accessories – super chic.


I like the bamboo wall hanging here.  Rustic meets chic.


Interesting lighting and picture frames.


How’s this for rustic meets chic lighting?  Very cool.


Lots of natural wood mixed with rattan.  With the cool lighting the overall look actually veers towards the contemporary.


Tree trunk table and accessories.  Definitely not a look for everyone….but in the right space, paired with the right complimentary pieces can be very interesting, rustic, but also very chic.







Do you like this twig table?  Too much…..or too cool?




Everyone has their own look, their own “style”.  If you like rustic, but absolutely must have a chic environment – maybe these pictures will help get you started and give you some much needed direction.

Happy Decorating!

Another Look At Hip, Casual Chic: Phase 2


(First of all…..I am SO sorry for the delay in my blog posting.  I’ve been too slammed with work to breathe so I just couldn’t get it done.  But, I promise I will try to do better!!!!)

I got lots of questions from my last blog post on hip, casually chic furnishings and decided today I would post the rest of these beautiful pieces today.  Relaxed, casual furnishings that say……..come over here and wallow on me…..and yet, all with that vibe that says….. I’m not just comfy – I’m hip, I’m cool and I’m fabulous”.


How would you like to flop down on this comfy sofa?



And you could just kick your heels up on this fabulous rustic table. No fuss here.



Love these casual pillows…….see what I mean???……Nothing prissy…..just casually chic and hip.



Change the personality of your chairs with the look of burlap like these chairs.  Don’t they look great? And, I like them paired with this little table and oversized lamp.



And how about this dining table and chairs?  As casual as it is it still carries a vibe of elegance.


I really like this gray with the cream.  A modern edge paired with the traditional curves and rustic accessories.  Very cool.



And all this rustic “stuff”……so fabulous.


This great chair and ottoman exudes personality with the distressed finish and burlap cushions.  And I really like it on the sisal rug.  Unexpected and great looking.


Mmmmmm…..fabulous chandelier.


Love this!


Another simple “farm” table with burlap chairs.   Notice the two distinct styles of these cabinets behind them and how this table can swing either way…..contemporary or traditional.  That’s what makes this look fun and hip.

Casual chic…..hip, fun, cool – and dare I say it – oh, so savvy!

Happy Decorating!!

Wow It Up With Color And Style


If you love color, but are afraid to decorate with it for fear of making a mess of things, take a look at some of these colorful spaces below.  Great ideas here for color and bling and just the right mix of the two.  This might be just what you need to step out of that box you’re in and “go for it”.  Full out decorating…..just the way you like it.  No holding back…


How are these rooms for bringing on the happy vibe with color?


Don’t they just make you want to smile? Such fun colors!


Throwing this red and the red and yellow shams to this otherwise neutral color scheme adds just the right punch.  No need to put the color in the large scale pieces here. Just having all the accents in a bright cheery red does the trick beautifully.


I’m actually loving the drapes around the chests.  I think that looks really cool.  And notice this time it’s yellow with neutrals. 


Love the cream and bling against the yellow wall.


And, how about this gentle teal pop on this table with cream colored chairs and cream accents.


Isn’t this blingy wall hanging fab?  What an impact?


Mmmmmm…..such a happy space!  How can you not smile when you walk into this room?  Notice all the furniture is cream, all the accents are orange?  But, what you see when you look at this space is orange, orange and more orange……just with accessories – none of the seating.  Keeping the seating neutral and using your accent pieces to bring in the color….very smart thing to do.  If you grow weary of the orange at some point – it’s much cheaper to replace the accessories than all the furniture.


Classic black and red always works.


Yellow on cream……bright, happy.  Love it.

Hope you got some great ideas here.  Now have some fun and go for it in your own space!   If you need some help pulling it all together or if you are interested in any of the pieces you see here let me know!

Happy Decorating!

Distressed and Delightful: Savvy Furniture Finds For Your Home


One of my favorite looks in furniture is distressed and painted pieces.  I’ve done posts on them before, but wanted to share these fabulous finds at one of my “to the trade” sources.  I’m looking at some of these pieces for a couple of my clients right now as well as for a good friend of mine so they are fresh on my mind.  At the Dallas market this year they had some fabulous new pieces mixed in with the old and I must say there’s not a dud in the bunch.  I love them all.  Here’s a look:




Aren’t they fabulous?!


Two of my fave’s the sideboard above and the armoire below.


I just ordered one of these armoires in distressed black for one of my clients.  Can’t wait till it’s here.










IMG_1678 IMG_1679


Aren’t these great.  I love ‘em all!  I have my eye on one of them and it’s on my list of “must haves” for my hallway upstairs. 

Let me know if one catches your eye!

Happy Decorating!

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