We can’t all have the “extreme cool” in the entrance we might find in an English countryside or a courtyard in France, especially those of us in a normal suburban neighborhood.  But, we can definitely make them more appealing, cozy and inviting. 

2013-01-01 18.58.52

It’s fun to see the excessive charm of these unusual countryside entrances…

2011-09-06 18.54.19

The air of mystery and intrigue some of these estates get to capture.

2013-01-01 18.57.20

Don’t you want to peek behind the door?

2013-01-01 18.57.24

I bet this mysterious entrance has a “story” or two to tell…

2013-01-01 18.58.34

And, this one is just plain fun.

2013-01-01 18.57.47

We might not be able to re-create most of these doors and entrances in suburbia without looking completely out of place, but something like this would work. 

Or, this….

Or this.

Cozy, happy, charming and inviting….

Don’t forget to bring those qualities to your own front door!

Happy Decorating!

Doors That Dazzle!


We all know how important curb appeal is – the importance of a nicely manicured yard and fresh paint on the trim.  But, sometimes we forget what a huge impact a simple front door can make.  We’ll repaint or stain our original door over and over or simply neglect it altogether.  But, how about giving your front porch a face lift and an entirely new personality with a new front door? You would be amazed at the transformation in your front elevation that a beautiful front door can create. There are a great many styles to choose from – styles that range from simple to over the top. Here are a range of beautiful styles from a company called Entrada Doors. 


Iron and glass.  How snazzy is this for an entrance into your home?


Double doors serve double duty in making a great impact.


I love the arch top on these doors.







If you want to tone down the look a bit then simplifying the iron and glass and adding the clavos might be a way to personalize the door to suit your style.  (That’s the little diamond shape iron embellishments you see on the bottom.)


This wooden door has several extra details:  Clavos, glass w/iron grill,                  v-groove design in the wood, arch top. Absolutely beautiful.






A closer look at the window and iron grill.  Cool, huh?


Clavos.  Many companies offer round clavos as well.


You can have a solid wood front or you can have the v-groove which is the etched grooves on the panel.  I prefer the v-groove.


For those who prefer a simpler look – the door above and below might suit you better than all the ornate details.  No iron, no clavos, no v-groove.  But, still beautiful.




Notice the eyebrow arch here instead of the full arch.  Simple style with v-groove and heavy iron embellishments.

If you are a fan of the ornate and the “out there” you might like something like this door below:


So take a look at your front door and ask yourself if this addition might be just what your front porch needs. But, be careful to choose a style that suits your house – not one that looks as if it doesn’t belong.  

Don’t over-simplify if an ornate door is what you need to wow up the entrance.  And certainly don’t over do if a simple style suits your home’s style best.

Happy Decorating!


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