The Many Choices Of Stained Concrete Floors


After doing a blog post about the couples shower my friend, Kathy, had for my kids and showing pictures of her cozy home with her stained concrete floors (check it out here) I wanted to do a blog about them – concrete floors that is.


Over the years I’ve had a number of clients ask about this procedure so I wanted to show you just what versatility you have with this look.  You can do a simple stain like this floor shown above…


Or you can get really creative and add a border.

They can be done in a pattern in multiple colors….


Scored to look like tile….


Or custom designed in a cool, colorful pattern unique to your space.


They rarely, if ever, need to be replaced if they’ve been installed and maintained correctly.


Aren’t they just beautiful?




If you’re interested in finding out more about them check out these websites:

Happy Decorating!

To Brick Or Not To Brick!


First of all sooooooo sorry for the delay in blog posts lately.  Our house flooded a while back and we had to move out of the house for a month while everything was being repaired and I just spent the last week trying to move back in.  Still at it, by the way – twenty or so boxes to go out of ninety. Ugh!  What an ordeal!

One of the things I had to work on during all this was reselecting flooring for almost the entire house.  So the question regarding the kitchen floors became an important decision.  And one of the materials we considered was brick.

Archivodigital_com 7

Because of the potential for water damage in the kitchen (after this nightmare flood especially) we wanted to look at alternative materials to the wood flooring we’d had for years and years.  Aren’t these brick floors so cozy and inviting?  Whether you go with lighter brick shown above…

brick floors Domino

or darker floors shown here – there’s such an element of charm…..

brick floors

and something so warm…..Don’t you see it?


Even with these larger brick tiles.


Or different patterns….


They’re just inviting……


and make a home feel homier (is that a word?)


And a kitchen feel more kitchen-y….but in a really good way!  Such a warm and cozy vibe!

So brick was definitely the way I would have gone IF I hadn’t decided to stick with wood throughout the entire house.  Yes, I did!  I know, I know – crazy after all this – right?….But, the flood wasn’t from anything in the kitchen and I’ve had it for nineteen years and still love it!  So wood it is!

But, if you’re in the market for a new kitchen floor give brick some serious thought.  It’s soooooo cool looking and it’s much more water friendly.

Happy Decorating!

The Checkerboard Floor: Classic, Fun, Charming

There’s something classic and charming about a checkerboard floor.  Not everyone can bring themselves to do it, but take a look at the fun space you could have if you did.


Don’t you think this floor brings in an element of charm?


Whether squared off…..

checkerboard floor

or on a diagonal….


In an entry….


Or cozy kitchen…..


Checkerboard floors bring in sooooooo much fun and personality.




Apply the technique to old wood floors for a fresh change.


Give your office or work space charm, whimsy and fun.


If doing the floor is a bit scary for you try a rug like this to bring in a similar vibe.


For the manly man – how’s this for a garage?  I did this in a client’s garage a few years ago and it looked fabulous.  Fun, but macho!


checkerboard outdoor

And, if you’re so inclined and motivated enough to do it – bring it to your yard.  How cozy and charming is this?!!?  I love this look!

Happy Decorating!



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