Cool Candles: Easy Do It Yourself Ideas To Spruce Up Your Space


If you are having a party and need some inexpensive ideas for tables, or if you just want to make a few inexpensive changes in your everyday décor – adding decorative candles may be just what you need to spice it up.  Take a look at some of these fun, easy ideas.

Candles from BHG

Using inexpensive votives spray them with adhesive glitter spray and apply a jewel of choice (old earring, pendant, or a jewel from the craft department, etc.)  with a hot glue gun to create these candle holders.  Apply the same technique to a larger votive for an even more dramatic look.

canning jars - fill with water add a floating candle and ribbon

For this look just fill a jar with water, add a floating candle and the ribbon of your choice.  Ribbons with the wire edging are the best, because the bow can be shaped.

coat greenery sprisgs with spray adhesive glue trim bottom

Coat greenery with adhesive spray, adhere to the jar and trim the bottoms.

This candle display is simply a tray filled with moss and inexpensive candle votives. (The votives can be purchased many times two for a dollar at your local craft store or dollar store.)  Place them randomly on the moss tray or in neat rows.  It’s the cloistering of many of them together that creates the dramatic look. 

repurpose old sweaters of wool socks for candle cozies

A fun use of old sweaters.  Just create snug wraps by cutting to fit and gluing or sewing edges.  You could do this with other fabrics as well.

Place stickers or stencil on votive and spray paint with metallic spray paint.  Peel back stickers or stencil to see the pattern underneath.

wrap and pin ribbon or fabric and secure with pearl pins

Wrap candle with decorative ribbon or fabric and secure with pearl pins.

Vintage Christmas

Glue craft paper to match your motif onto candle votive.  Trim edges to fit.  You can finish the edges with ribbon for a finishing touch if you’d like.

wrap with double stick carpet tape and press candy canes onto the tape around candle

Wrap candle with carpet tape and place candy canes or decorative candy of your choice to tape for a fun, festive look.


Images by BHG

To create a candle bouquet fill a large votive with decorative sand and place multiple candlesticks in a cluster. 


See what fun you can have without spending too much time or money?  Now you can use these ideas as inspiration and go get creative with your own theme! 

Happy Decorating!!!!

Cool And Classy Candles: Bedecked In Jewels For The “Oh So Savvy”


First of all let me say sooooo sorry for the delay in getting a new post on my blog.  Such hectic, hectic days around here lately……you know the kind….. the ones where you can’t breathe or sit still for two seconds. (I’m sure you are experiencing the same whirlwind in your life right now, too!)  But, I do apologize!

Anyway, just a little detour today from the Christmas posts you’ve seen for the last month or so.  Although, I will say these incredible candles would make someone very, very happy to receive as a Christmas gift. 

It’s all in the bling.  The “Jewelry” for the candles is what makes the candle in most cases.  Check out some of this ornamentation below that would go a long way in dressing up your candles.



Pretty snazzy, huh?  Completely changes the look like nothing else.







Has such a “rich” quality to them.  Like putting on that amazing belt or necklace that transforms your ordinary outfit to something extraordinary.



This candles above are embossed candles. Beautiful!



Some more embossed and painted candles to suit your style.  Fun!




Oh, how we love a touch of glam!







Stately and elegant!



Mmmmmm…….such fabulosity in a candle!   So don’t be boring, break outside the box and consider adding this bling and jewelry to your home.

Or, there’s still a few days left before Christmas…..treat someone to an “oh so savvy” Christmas candle this year.


Happy Decorating and Merry Christmas!!!!

Design Details: That’s What Makes The Difference


 If you’ve wondered what it is that designers do that makes such a difference in the way a space look I’ll let you in on the secretIt’s all in the details.  Designers pay careful attention to detail. All the details in the space in every corner of the room.  From the drapes, to the walls, to the ceiling, the lighting, the furnishings, the accessories, every nuance and detail.  Everything that goes into the space is important to the designer.  Extremely important.   There’s not a pillow or an accessory that doesn’t matter.  If it doesn’t work, well then, it doesn’t belong. 

Take a look at some more of these amazing rooms I was fortunate enough to see at the Kaleidoscope of Homes in Southlake a couple of weeks ago.  Make note of all the extreme detail in each space.  It truly is the details that makes a difference.

IMG_8683Notice the walls, the unusual furnishings, the lighting…….all of it!  All in the details. 



 Love these iron balusters.


Notice these incredible chairs!  Fabulous! 



Everything in its place…..a place for everything.  The clean lines in the simple drapery panels compliment the clean lines in the chair.  The carefully placed bench in front of the fireplace adds an interesting, cozy touch.  The simple floral dresses up the table without competing with the amazing lighting above.  And a simple, uncluttered mantel lends a subtle, understated quality to the space.  Very classic and classy.


IMG_8687The two tone cabinets with their interesting design look amazing with this beautiful granite.  The backsplash is elegant, yet simple and compliments the granite as well.  The lighting over the island adds depth and flair.  Details, details, details.!



Look at the detail work in this ceiling and this copper faux finish on the walls.  Stunning!

Yes, the design is in the details.  And the details are soooooooo important.  One screw-ball accessory, the wrong color on the walls, an inferior window treatment on the windows in the space can throw a wrench in the entire room.  So when trying to pull a room together with that “designer flair” pay careful attention to all the details in the space.  Better to have nothing in a space than the wrong thing in a space. 

So if your are currently working on a project be sure to take your time.  Think the project through and remember it’s the details, details, details

Happy Decorating!


The Magnificence Of Massive, Old Doors!


Isn’t there just something so cool about old doors?  They have a definite character to them and all sorts of lines and crevices that seem to tell a story – kind of like people I guess you could say.  They have a certain “stateliness” about them; a distinguished regal quality – like a handsome, weathered patriarch that sits back quietly yet looms large, full of history, full of tales and life and secrets – that just floods a space with character, interest and well…….major oomph and coolness!  They can be used as exterior doors, interior doors, headboards, tables, architectural pieces or even just leaning against a wall somewhere. 

Check out these incredible pieces from Grassroots.


 How fun would it be to have something like this in your house?


Or this?



MmmmHmmm…..or this……



 Wouldn’t you love to know the history of these doors?  Where did they come from?  What kind of people walked through them?  Was it a church?  A mansion?  Some type of fortress?   How old are they exactly?????


Do you know the story behind these six panel doors above and below?  Notice the cross on the front?  They were originally created to display the cross for Christians.  Also called Cross and Open Bible doors or Christian Doors to denote that Christians occupied the home or building.  Cool, huh?!




 Oh my goodness!  How incredible are these?!  Wish I had a house big enough to have these as my front doors.  These could also actually be attached to custom built shelving to create an old looking armoire or interesting wall unit.  How awesome would that be?


 These would look great on or in a Mediterranean or Tuscan home.  Don’t they look so…….distinguished?


Nothing creates and adds more character and interest to a space than something like these amazing doors

Wouldn’t you like to add this kind of character and definition to your place?  (If you need smaller doors they’re out there, too!)

Why not bring some of this magnificence to your own home – and let their weathered, worn faces tell a story for you and yours????!!!!!!

Happy Decorating!

Divine Dining Meets Divine Designing


 When getting ready to design your dining space think outside the box.  Bring in different elements that create visual interest and maybe catch your guests eye by surprise.  Think about going for the eclectic – combining different textures and styles in a unique way. 


 This dining room has combined transitional chairs with traditional wing backs and a cherry table.  But, take a look at the unusual iron light fixture and the walls.  All these details are what make this space eclectic and interesting.


 The rattan chairs, woven wood blinds and wide plank wood floors give this dining room a warm, casual feel.   Check out the light fixture and ceiling.  And that fabulous view doesn’t hurt either!  Too bad we can’t all add that to our dining rooms!


 Green is supreme!  This eclectic space screams fun and fine dining at the same time.  Notice the rustic table paired with the tailored clean lines of the chairs?  Too cool.


 Again, modern green chairs with a somewhat rustic/modern table on a stone floor.  The glass containers with greenery sprinkled on the table top is interesting and unusual as is the funky light fixture.


 The brightly colored rug in this dining area with its retro table and traditional accents paired with an interesting mix of textures and styles can’t help but put a smile on your face in this eclectic space.

SA0305170d_1_x-diing roomThis dreamy dining room with it’s soft blue walls and drapes is elegant and inviting.  The dark wood on the table and the white wash finish on the chairs work together to create an eclectic, interesting space.  Notice the iron and glass table with the lamp and pictures above it.  Interesting details that lend to the dining room’s eclectic personality.                                      

                                                                                                          Images by Coastal Living

So when getting ready to design your own dining room keep these details in mind if you’re looking for an eclectic space.  Think texture, think combining styles (it’s tricky so be careful or contact a professional – me for example!), think color, and think outside the box!

Happy Decorating!!!!

Wow: A Wallpaper Comeback With A Whole New Twist


I have to admit I was never one to turn my back on wallpaper.  I loved wallpaper even when wallpaper wasn’t cool.  (Hmmm….could that be a country song?)  If you were one who thought wallpaper was gone for good, never to return, think again, my friend.  Check out these amazing metallic and velvet embossed wall coverings by Design Your Wall and tell me there not the coolest of cool!

dyw-black and mylar velvet









designyourwall - antiquecopper













I wasn’t exaggerating was I?  You have to admit these are some of the most spectacular wall coverings you’ve ever seen!  They’re delicious!  It’s time to get rid of the notion that wallpaper is “granny grunt”.  Huh-uh.  These papers anything but that….hip and cool and chic…these could make a bold and dramatic statement in your own home or work place.  They could be on an accent wall or in a niche or even, if you so dared, an entire room!  Think about it!  Wouldn’t you love to see this wow-factor in your space? 

I say go for it!


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