The Blue and White Living Room: Soothing and Serene


There’s something clean and crisp about blues and whites or blues and creams for decorating a space.  One of the living areas in one of the houses I’m working on is going to be in the creams and blues and it got me thinking about just what a fun color combination this is.


Here’s a soft, soothing space using soft powder blue with cream.  Isn’t it peaceful looking?  Just looking at it relaxes me.


This is a brighter blue, but look how crisp and clean this space looks.  The navy walls with the cream drapes sets the tone.  And no other color in the room except for the green chair.  Traditional, fresh and fun.


Turquoise blue like the pic’s above and below – another great choice of color.  Clean, peaceful, serene.  Don’t you feel it?


I really like these stacked cream shutters on the window behind these blue silk drapes.  Nice touch.


The addition of the green with this blue and white tilts the personality of the room towards a sort of chic “hipness” and fun….


And this yellow gives the space a bit of lively pop and “pep”…..


But, there’s just something about all blue and white……


or all blue and cream…..







…..that’s just the right amount of color.  Contemporary or traditional, soft blue or bold blue – the color combination just works.  Love it!

Can’t wait to tackle my client’s living room!

Happy Decorating!

Mint Green And Raspberry: A Great Decorating Combo!


One of my favorite color combinations for years has been mint green and raspberry.  Actually together, separate – either way – I love these colors!  They just can’t help but create a happy space.


Like this incredibly adorable space above.  Would you look at how sweet, cozy and joyful this color palette is???  The yellow walls soften it a bit and add to the happy vibe.

classic04=theenchantedhome. blogspot

Or how about this one?  Minty-lime green walls with a bolder raspberry – it screams fun!


This soft pink does the trick, too.  Throw in some mint green accessories and you’d have a whole different look.


A fun color combo on this traditional furniture.  Takes stuffy to sensational!


Love this!


This green space above or this pink and cream space below…..different personalities….both warm and inviting.



Love, love, love these fun colors!  Don’t you?

Got a room you need to re-do?  Consider mint green and raspberry and create your own happy space.

Happy Decorating!

Give Your Ceiling Some Snazz!


Gone are the days of boring white or ivory ceilings that disappear and contribute nothing to the space.  And, gone are the days of popcorn ceilings.  Yea!!!!  Many of my clients are stumped when it comes to painting their ceilings and I assume many of you are, too.  So I wanted to give you an idea of what they can look like and show you some fun ideas to consider for your own home.


Adding color to your ceiling is “the thing to do” now and you can see from these pictures what an impact it has on the space.  Painted ceilings add warmth, personality and interest.


It helps contribute to the overall look of the room rather than just disappearing.  You can keep it simple like the soft blue in the picture above…..


You can give it drama like this warm red….


Or a different kind of drama with this cool green.


You can add funk like this black ceiling in a hot pink room….


Really rev it up a notch with a full scale mural…..



Or soften it up with a simple cloudy sky.


Be as creative and artistic as you want to.


What an impact these ceilings have on the space!  Breathtaking!


So if you are thinking about snazzing things up a bit and doing some painting in your space…..don’t  forget  about  the  ceiling! 

Be creative, be fun, be unique!

Happy Decorating!

Red Walls: Not For The Faint Of Heart!


For those of you who are bold…those of you who love bold colors…you might consider bringing red to your space in a grand way.  Have you considered painting an entire room a bright, bold red?  If not, think again. 


Nothing makes a statement quite like a fun vivacious red.  Whether it’s a contemporary space….



Or a more traditional space:


Looks great with this fresh, white trim…..


Or this dark trim.


Powerful, yet cozy….


Elegant even.


Looks fab with this gray.


How grand!


Love the red walls (and ceiling!) paired with this black and cream floor rug.


Instead of paint – what about these dramatic drapes in one of your rooms?  Opulent, bold, sassy!

Get bold, get sassy and rock out your space with red!

Happy Decorating!!!!

All White Can Be Just Right: Crisp & Clean


More often than not designers tend to do their best to steer people away from white and more towards color.  Generally people can be fearful of color – especially mixing and matching colors – and they love to fall back on white for various means of decorating.  Whether it be walls, tile floors, etc.  clients can feel much “safer” with white or at least some form of off-white.  Which can lead to a boring, stifling space!  But there are always exceptions to every rule and below you’ll see some fabulous exceptions.  Check out these all white rooms and take note of the details that make them so fabulous.


With the tan walls and flooring to offset the color this all white dining room just “works”.  One reason for this is all the wonderful textures they’ve incorporated into the space.  When repeating the same color its always wise to incorporate different textures to keep the space interesting.


Again, lots of texture to play off of and keep the eye interested:  White on white against white walls.  The splash of greenery adds a pleasant dose of warmth.


Love the look of slip covered upholstery combined with rustic furniture and a hardwood floors.  Doesn’t it look inviting and “comfortable”?


These black accents add a pop of fun in an otherwise all white outdoor living space.


Too much for some, perfect for others……very modern and sleek.  And clean!



Again, the black accents add a fun contrast to the stark white in this modern space.

So….…if it’s done correctly……if it serves a purpose….then white is more than alright.  It’s spectacular!

Happy Decorating!!!!

Bring A Little Sunshine To Your Home: Decorate With Yellow!

(So sorry for the long delay in my blog post….I’ve been sick all week and it’s been hard to keep my head above water and out of the fog I’ve been in, but I’m getting better – thank goodness!)

There’s not a brighter, happier color than the color yellow and when you bring it into your decorating that’s just what you get….a bright and happy space!


Most of this post is about using paint to enhance your space, but take a look at the room above.  Even with all white walls bringing in yellow through the drapes and upholstery gives the space the same bolster of fun.


There’s a certain amount of energy that yellow brings to a space.  Can you feel it with the rooms above and below?




It can be rather regal and stately……



It can be modern and edgy……


Country casual,,,,,,


Or even eclectic and unusual.  Look at this fun combination of colors above.


If you like “light and bright”, yellow is definitely a color for you to consider.   Yellow goes with any style décor so whatever your style might be it just may be the color for you. 

So think about bringing a little “happy” to your space…..with the color yellow!

Happy Decorating!

Going Green: A Fun Color Splash!


Before going “green” was cool and meant eco friendly, environmentally correct spaces….it was simply a color choice.  And, that’s what this post is about today:  The color green.   There is much fun to be had with the color green – whether it be a simple, subtle green or a bright, bold, crazy green – your decorating can have tons of charm, the “wow” factor and it can awe your guests.


It takes a certain person with a certain style and a certain amount of boldness to have a place like this space above, but if you’re so inclined, look at how much fun you can have!  How’s this for a “happy place”?


This dreamy media lounge with the green and mirrors and all the cool textures has a sexy vibe to it.  The green gives it punch and makes it fun.


This space has a subtle, soothing vibe to it with these pale green walls and the cottage style furnishings. Very cozy.


The flip side is this modern space:  These green walls – also a soothing back drop -  offer personality and interest, a nice compliment to the modern furnishings.


This serene green works well in this traditional setting above…..


…just as this shade of green works well in this traditional space.


It works beautifully in this child’s room….


….this modern space….


….and even this rather bohemian space.

Whether your style is traditional, modern, bohemian, etc, it might just be the color splash your space needs!  So make a statement - if you dare – and consider “going green”. 

Happy Decorating!!!!

Going Gray: Distinguished and Grand!


We’ve taken a look at black walls, we’ve taken a look at navy walls and today we are going to take a look at just how beautiful gray walls can be.  Many people think of dreary-town when they think gray, but it actually has quite the opposite affect on a space when done correctly and paired with classic pieces.  It has a certain serene, classic essence about it that you might not expect.  And just like a fine gentleman….going gray can give your space a very distinguished, polished air and appearance!


Take this gray space for example.  Isn’t this wall covering fabulous?  And, paired with this sleek, classic, contemporary sofa it has both a serene vibe and a classy air and flair!


The gray walls with this crisp white is tailored, clean and cozy.


Looks great with cream and black.


Stately and elegant.


This soft gray is subtle and relaxing and sets the tone for this elegant dining room.


Very unexpected to use gray in this cozy little “sunroom” type of space, but it works.  An interesting, soft back drop for the yellow and teal.  Notice they carried it right up on the ceiling.


Light taupe and cream with the gray – very soothing and warm.


Works well in a contemporary space……





A transitional space….


And in traditional settings.


So if you are looking for a new color for your space and would like a “distinguished”, warm, serene, soothing vibe – consider defining your look by going gray! 

Happy Decorating!

Color Inspiration: Navy Blue Walls?


Last week I did a post on how interesting black walls could be, what they bring to a space and how it can work with just about any style.  Today I am going to show you some navy blue rooms.  Yes, navy blue.  It’s another color that a lot of people would shy away from for something as large and looming as the walls of a room, but it’s a color you should take another look at.


Just like black, these navy blue walls add lots of drama and personality to a space.  Paired with this dramatic gold color and this zebra rug – stunning!


And look how fun and interesting this bedroom is with the navy and white mix.


It works in a small space like this little kitchen nook …..


As well as a large space like this large formal dining room.


It adds interest and creativity to this enormous kitchen….


As well as this charming little powder room.


Notice how crisp and clean navy looks when paired with white or cream?


So much blue……so much fun…



I’ve loved navy blue and have decorated with it in my own home for more than thirty years.  Here’s a peak at my master bedroom.  I’ve change out my bedding, fabric and accessories over time, but these blue walls have been here for seventeen years and I still love them.  (Actually, if I were to ever change them I would probably change to black!


Sorry for the camera flash in the mirror!


In the picture above and below the walls look almost purple, but trust me they are a true navy.


So don’t limit yourself to using blue as an accent piece.  Have some fun and take it to a whole new level:  Be inspired and use it as your mainstay color!

Happy Decorating!!!!!

Black Is Beautiful: Classic Color For Your Walls


Ever thought about painting one of your rooms black?  Or does that thought make you cringe?  When my daughter first told me she wanted to paint her bedroom black and her closet hot pink I know I cringed.  A black bedroom for my sweet, happy go lucky girl?  But, finally she convinced me and the end result was nothing short of spectacular.  Black walls, crystal chandeliers, hot pink closet with a black chandelier…….it turned out fabulous and now I’m sold on black.    Take a look at some of these spaces below and see if you don’t agree.


How’s this for classic elegance?


Love this gold accent color with the black and white.


This is more of a gray black.  It looks fabulous with this cream.


Paired with crisp white….clean, sleek, beautiful.


Look how this teal blue pops with all the black and white.  Love that!


Black works great with a clean and modern style…






Or a more traditional style.  Love this red thrown in the mix.




You can mix simple woods….


Or go glam.







Decorating with black is a very bold and powerful thing!  And, when softened with cream or white, any color of the rainbow works great with it as your accent color.  Don’t be afraid to experiment in your own home.  You can see from these photo’s that it’s certainly not dreary – and it doesn’t create a dark, gloomy cave like people tend to think.  In fact just the opposite – it creates a cozy, classic, elegant space that you can dress up or down; leave simple or add that pop of color.  So I say go for it!

( And, in case you’re wondering why my daughter’s adorable room isn’t on here it’s because her room is a mess and I just don’t have it in me to clean it up for a picture!  Sorry!  But, one of these days I will do a blog on the whole process.  It really did turn out great.  This time I have to admit she was right.)

Happy Decorating!

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