I’ve designed and decorated a number of master bedrooms over the years – in fact I’m working on several master bedroom projects right now – and, it’s one of my favorite rooms to design.  But, I’ve found that some people tend to neglect the master, or at least put it on the back burner, given the fact that it’s not a room that guests will likely spend time in and there are other rooms they deem more important.  Makes perfect sense, of course, and money is usually an issue when there are so many other rooms to design and pay for, but in my opinion, the master bedroom is one of the most important spaces in the home.

As busy adults it’s our sanctuary – or, I guess I should say – it should be our sanctuary.  A gentle reprieve from the demands of family, “busy-ness”, stress, etc.


One of my favorite “go-to” sources is Hooker Furniture, because of it’s diversity, quality and price point.  Hooker offers an array of styles to fit just about any theme – offering classic, timeless lines and sleek, interesting designs.


I love a classic, timeless look…


And, can appreciate any style….


Traditional, French Country, Old World, transitional, etc….


And, Hooker offers all of this and more.


Whether it be traditional with a twist….




Or otherwise…..


The selections are timeless, sleek, beautiful…..


And, the quality top notch.

So if you’re in the market for a new bed or bedroom furniture give Hooker Furniture some consideration.  It won’t disappoint.

Happy Decorating!

The Romantic Charm Of A Canopy Bed!


2010-11-29 22.24.35

There’s something so cozy, so charming and so romantic about a canopy bed.  The way they sort of envelope you as if they’re scooping you up and giving you a warm embrace.  Whether you’re a grown up….

2012-10-05 10.09.07

Or a little girl.

2012-12-29 10.16.24 

2012-12-29 10.15.24

Canopy beds are snuggly and inviting.

2012-12-29 10.14.09

Some have an air of mystery about them…..

2010-04-15 10.11.04

Some are just downright unique….

2012-12-29 10.15.02

But, all possess and inexplicable charm and warmth.

2012-12-29 10.18.06

2012-12-29 10.16.40

2012-12-29 10.16.56

2012-12-29 10.17.50

If you don’t have a canopy bed and want to create the look you can duplicate the look and feel by adding rings and fabric panels like this one above.

2012-12-29 10.17.18

You could also opt for a less invasive canopy by going with a wall canopy.  You can have lots of fun with varying style canopies and a multitudes of fabrics here, too. 

2012-12-29 10.17.26

The style and fabrics create the mood or theme of the space and give the bed that enveloping, inviting feeling you get with a full canopy bed.

2012-12-29 10.18.33

2013-01-01 18.50.45

2012-12-29 10.21.09

How fun is that?

Happy Decorating!

Tips For Decorating Your Teenager’s Room


If you are at that stage where your teenage is girl is ready to go to that “next level” with her room, odds are she knows exactly what she wants to do……whether you’re crazy about the idea or not.  I know….I’ve been there myself when my daughter wanted to re-d0 her room yet again and this time paint it black.  You can check out the pictures here.


But, just in case she comes to you for some decorating advice here are some great bedrooms for you to get ideas from.


You’ll notice most of these girl’s rooms are full of color.


Lots and lots of fun color.


So brace yourself and be “open” to their creative energy….


Hard as that might be!


It’s hard for us mommies to let go of that control, but it’s fun to see just where there creative energy will take them.


And you might actually find yourself a little surprised and impressed at just how creative and talented they are.


It’s actually fun to see how they want to express themselves.


Yes, you might be a little surprised and….


Even happy with the outcome.


So brace yourself tweener moms and teen moms and open up your mind to the unleashing of your daughter’s imagination.


And, help her pull off a space she can be proud of and call her own.

Happy Decorating!!!


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