Sweet Dreams For Your Little One In The Dreamiest Baby Nurseries Ever!


If you are looking for some unique ideas for a baby nursery…..a magical, “fantasy like” space for your precious little one…..take a look at some of these amazing nurseries below.  Don’t think for a minute you can’t duplicate some of these ideas on a budget. Be creative, don’t limit yourself and give your little one a fairy tale room that’ll make them (and you) smile every time you walk through the door.


How’s this for a fairy tale?  Look too expensive for “little ole you”?  Then take it down a notch.  Paint the entire room, ceiling included, a soft pink.  Paint the closet doors like a castle or buy a second hand armoire and paint it.  If you have no talent whatsoever (and I doubt that’s the case) hire a high school art student at minimum wage to do it for you.  Buy a second hand table and chairs and paint them, too.  Just take the idea and overall feel of the room and translate it to your little one’s space and your own individual budget.


  Is this a fun crib or what?  And of course – the sweet mural behind it.


Having twins?  Look at this precious room above and these adorable rooms below.  Great over-the-top ideas!  Look at the chandeliers, the canopies, the lamps, the bedding……all those sweet, precious details.



(I want this room…for me!)



Happy, sweet, fun!


Notice the unexpected ceiling here?


I think it would be impossible to have a cranky baby in this space above!  (Well, except that giant moon looks a tad scary!)


Love this blue with the white furniture and dark hardwood floors.


And, is this sweet or what!

Awe! All of them so dreamy and special!

Take some time to think long and hard about what you’d like to do for your precious baby to be.  Girl or boy, rich or not, you can have such fun planning and decorating a space for your little munchkin.  It just takes imagination and creativity.   Remember the cheapest tool at your fingertips is paint so be creative with paint first and foremost.  Don’t box yourself in with something ordinary - have fun, be resourceful and fill your own childhood fantasy!

Happy Decorating!! 

Dreamy Baby Nurseries: For All You Moms And Grandma’s To Be


Hold onto your hats all you Mommies, Mimi’s and Nana’s.  If you are looking for that cozy, dreamy, amazing little wonderland for your baby or grandbaby to be take a look at some of these fun, over the top nurseries.  They will blow your minds and then fill them with all sorts of incredible ideas.  And there is just nothing more fun and precious to us mommies and grand-mommies than the “perfect for our own baby” baby nursery.   Have a look and take notes!

Blues and Peaches Have you ever seen a dreamier nursery than this precious little baby palace?

Image  by  babynurserydecoratingideas

Creams and GreensDreamy, creamy pale greens, creams and rose.  How sweet is this? 

Image by babynurserydecoratingideas


Safari Style I love the warm browns and animal print, animal print?  Yes, it works!  A sophisticated, unique, but still precious space for that precious little one.

Above Design by Baylor Bone Interiors   Image from design dazzle



Always a sucker for this color combination.  One of my favorites.  And I love how they played up the crown, the chandelier, the mural, the striped wall….all of it.  Any baby would feel loved and warm and cozy here.  Don’t you think?

Above Design by Christine Young  Image from Design Dazzle

Cotton Candy In The Clouds Ethereal, peaceful – like floating in the clouds on cotton candy!

Design by Designs by DJ  Image from Design Dazzle

Fun Pinks and GreensThose fun colors again.  Bright and cheerful here with those adorable window treatments and that fabulous wall! 

Design by Krisitn Demarco Image from Design Dazzle

Honestly, have you ever seen baby nurseries more beautiful than these?!  I’m sure there are many, many more wonderful ones out there, but these top the list!  So if you are in the market for that “over the top nursery” for your own home take a close look at each of these pictures and pay careful attention to detail.  Remember it’s the details that make the difference!

Don’t settle for ordinary for your little bundle of joy…..do it up extraordinary!  If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and need some designer help feel free to give me a call.  I’d love to help!

Happy Decorating!


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