GOING GREEN: The Natural Charm of Organics and Nature’s Hue!


Nature has a way of painting the landscape with texture and color that we long to duplicate in our homes and décor.   I mean….after all….what better designer than God himself!! 


As far as I’m concerned there’s no interior space in the world than can trump the natural beauty, serenity and ambiance of the outdoors.  Do you agree?  I’d almost always rather be outside than inside – well, in reasonable weather I should say


Little ways to bring in the soothing charm of the outdoors is by adding organic touches to your space.



Just bringing in this shade of the color green…..


Or textures that you would normally see outdoors….


Add a sort of soothing comfort to a space.   I especially like this shade of green with stark white.  It has a fresh vibrant look about it.






Rich textures….





The natural look of nature’s own décor….


Lends a simple beauty to a space.







Pottery, vases….


Fabrics, pillows and more….

All great ways to bring in the natural charm of nature’s own décor.

Happy Decorating!!

Personalizing Your Space With Decorative Plates


These days it seems so many people associate decorating with plates with the “stuffy” Old English look of yesteryear.  (Which I still love, by the way and see it as cozy and charming rather than stuffy.)  But, you can be as fresh and fun and hip as you want to be by using certain colors, shapes and patterns.

Mix and match bold colors and patterns with traditional plates for a younger, hipper look. 

You can even create a more contemporary wall by grouping the plates in a fun, free-flowing form like this.  Notice the fun colors and patterns here?

See what a striking impact grouping these black and white plates have on this space?  They make a statement.

And, here this teal grouping makes an entirely different statement, creating an entirely different vibe…beachy, serene. Fun, huh!

You can go colorful….

Literally…make a statement…..

You can even give it a touch of masculinity by using certain colors and patterns if your sweetie wants you to tone down a “feminine overload”.

I, however, love a feminine room like this…..girlie and warm and inviting.

And, plates are a fun thing to collect and an inexpensive way to decorate a wall or just bring in some charm.

Layering them on a fun piece like this is another charming way to display them. Try an old door, a fence post, old window pane, etc….

Or use traditional plates to create a fun “art form” to create a personalized look in a cozy bedroom like this….

The personality on simple white plates changes just by changing out the ribbon from turquoise…

To lime green.

Notice the random placement and pulling in the blacks and browns with the pinks?  You can do almost anything with a plate collection.

Even use them as a border in your garden like this homeowner did!  Ha!  How fun is that? Now that’s creative!

So don’t think decorating with plates has to look too “grandma-esque”…… (And I can say that because I’m a grandma!!) You can be as hip and fun and creative as you want. 

And, you can have tons of fun hunting for and finding new plates at great prices and coming up with new ways to display them. 

Happy Decorating!

Have Fun and Be Creative With Your Accessories!


It’s easy to go the ordinary, average route with your accessories and decorating in general – afraid to step out there and try something unusual and unexpected.  But, if you’ve followed my blog for very long you know that my decorating motto is, “Don’t settle for ordinary….reach for extraordinary!” 


Here are some ideas for you to step outside the decorating box and have some serious decorating fun.  Look at this combination with this white horse head and the clear glass.  So sharp and sleek.


Think large scale and dramatic….


Think swanky, colorful and unexpected…..




Think unusual shapes and textures.


Add fun pillows, vases and picture frames.


Think turquoise or another bright, fun color.


And play it up in a big way….


Infuse your space with your own colorful style and personality. 

Be fearless and have fun with that inner decorator in you that’s trying so desperately to get out of the box!

Happy Decorating!!

Accessorize Your Home Like A Pro!


Recently I was asked to write an article on interior design for a wonderful local magazine called “Our Community”.  In addition to the printed magazine they publish they also have a wonderful online site where you can peruse their latest editions.  (Click www.ourcommunitymagazine.com for more information. )

After giving the subject matter some thought I chose to write about some simple principles for fool proof accessorizing.

2012 Winter Issue Pg 1 (2)

Our Community Magazine Cover

Accessorizing can be quite intimidating for some people and try as they might they can never seem to get the look they were hoping for.

2012 Winter Issue Pg 15 (2)

My Article For “Our Community”

Since the article has been published and I was granted permission from the publisher I thought it would make a great topic for my blog, too.  Of course, you are more than welcome to read the magazine article, but I’m going to highlight the key points below, as well.

7-Different Shapes and Heights

First rule of thumb to keep accessorizing simple is to think in terms of three.  Three different pieces grouped together.   They can be similar items from the same series like these vases….

1-Vary Heights and Textures

Or they can be different items like these candlesticks with this floral.  Still the same principle – three pieces clustered together.  As seen in this picture and the picture with the vases, the second rule of thumb would be to vary the heights so that there are three different heights.

6-Different Shapes and Textures

And, third, think of three different shapes and/or textures – still applying the same principle of groups of three.  Of course, all of these rules can be tweaked or broken once you get the basic look down.  But, following these simple steps will just make it easier for you to get started.

2-Gouring Accessories In A Tray

Then you can create another look simply by placing the accessories in a decorative tray if you’d like.  Here you see the three pieces (four if you count the book the elephant is sitting on – a little tweak to the rule of three!), three different heights, three different shapes and three different textures.  So, the fourth step is optional – arranging the grouping on a decorative tray or cloth.

4-Using Two Groups Of Three

Here you see the same principle of three, but two groupings placed together.  On one side is the platter, the greenery and the floral arrangement and right next to it you see the two candlesticks and the vase.  

3-Using The Rules and Breaking The Rules

It’s a little hard to tell from this picture, but here you see three candlesticks, different heights, grouped in front of another group of three containers placed on a tray.  Underneath is a table throw (step four – using a table throw instead of a tray), which is another great way to define your accessories and give them purpose.  Just for that added touch I’ve tucked a couple of tassels in the mix. (Again – tweaking the rules a bit!)

5-Using A Tray To Cluster

And, here the same principles apply:  A bowl of balls, a cross, and a candle surrounded by a feather boa (three accessories) – all placed on a tray, and then again placed on a table throw.  So here I’ve doubled up on step 4.

So there you have it.  A simple fool proof way to accessorize.  And, like I said, once you get the hang of it you can tweak the rules –  a little or a lot depending on what the best fit is.  But, at least you now have a format to follow to get you started so time to get busy accessorizing.  Have fun with it!

And, don’t forget to check out “Our Community” magazine here!

Happy Decorating!!!!

If Life Hands You Lemons – Decorate!


If you want to add some fun and a little smile to your décor consider decorating with lemons.  Lemons are a great way to add that little pop of color and a little zest to your space.


They make great arrangements of various kinds that add a refreshing touch to your home.



Mix with limes for another fun twist of color.


Just adding the color “lemon yellow” adds a bit of sunshine to your space.  These yellow flowers paired with the branches and birdcages would look great in a sunroom or enclosed patio.


Aren’t they cheerful and fun?


You can simply fill a large clear vase for an interesting, fun look.  Pair a vase of lemons with a vase of limes – just vary the sizes of the vases.  Great way to fill a space and add color.


Add them to a topiary….


Throw them in assorted textured containers and place inside a lemon wreath.


Or just hang on the wreath on the door.


Accessorize in complimentary colors like these fun blocks and containers to play up the “happy vibe” of the lemons and limes.


Add some more fun details like these sweet towels.

So there you go…..if life hands you lemons….just have fun with them and decorate!

Happy Decorating!

Décor That Dazzles The Domain!


Don’t forget that just like adding accessories to your outfit can change your look – dressing it up or down, for glitz or for fun – so do the accessories you choose for your home.  And, just like creating our own unique style of dress tells a lot about who we are and what kind of personality we have, we need to create our own unique style of décor for our homes for the same reason.  And, my motto is never be ordinary.  Whenever possible always lean to décor that is unique and makes a statement.  Like this wall art below:


Cool, huh?



Love the drama and attitude this brings to a space.


These pieces make much more of a statement than an ordinary print or something along those lines.  Make a statement in your space.  Loud and clear!


Screens are a great way to incorporate color and interest.  Tuck one into a corner, behind a bed for a headboard, use as a space divider.


How’s this for a unique coffee table?


Or this?  I put this in a clients living room and it looks amazing.  She was a little nervous at first, because it’s so unusual, but that’s what she loves about it now.  Be unique!


Great lamps.


Love this accent table.


I put these in the same clients house on the black coffee table above.  They look spectacular.


So fun!


Time to dazzle your domain with cool décor, too.  Like I’ve said before don’t be ordinary….be extraordinary. Let your personality shine through and find unusual accessories to display throughout your home.  Make a statement with your space!

Happy Decorating!



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