With busy work weeks consuming my life and the weeks whirling by so quickly there are times when it’s necessary to stop the madness and have a little fun.  Right?  And, what better way to do it than spend time with the girls. 

And, by girls I mean my granddaughter, daughter and my mom!


So a sleepover at my moms was in order.  And, since my sweet little princess loves to bake – we donned our matching aprons (beautifully embroidered by my talented friend, Shirley Wood) and bake we did.



Kaisley was in complete control and more than happy to get the cupcakes going.  She mixed her own batter…..


Plopped it by spoonful’s into the cupcake holders….


With just a wee bit of help from her Mimi J.


Then she added the icing….


And, finally, meticulously added one little jelly bean to the top of each one.  (Since her great-grandmother, Mimi J, always has a bowl of jelly beans on hand just for her.)


When all were done she proudly displayed them for a picture.


Okay so maybe she added a few more jelly beans to her own personal cupcake…..but, hey, what happens at Mimi J’s stays at Mimi J’s…..Right!!!


When Aunt Aly got off work she came over to join in on the fun….


KK, always happy to see her…..


Couldn’t get enough…..


And was more than happy to share her creation.


The next morning it was time for crafts…..


A walk to the park (with the babies, of course)……


Where we did a little rock climbing…


A little swinging….


A little swinging the babies, too (of course!)..…




Then there was little rope climbing….


And, other fun stuff…..



Like going down the slide – babies in tow. Smile

Perfect “girl time” reprieve from a busy work life.

Now Kaisley already has our next slumber party all planned out:  Pizza party, Fort Building, Movie and Popcorn. And, with her grandmother, great-grandmother and aunt as her slumber party pals….I’m thinking she’ll get just what she wants.

And, I for one can’t wait!




In all my “busy-ness”  I never got around to posting my “Happy Anniversary blog” to my kids.  And, late or not, I just have to take the time now to do it!  Both boys got married the same time of year so since I’m late anyway – I can seize the moment in a 2 for 1 and say Happy Anniversary to both of them!


Six years ago my oldest son, Ryan, got married to my precious, beautiful daughter-in-law, Katie…..


And, as I look back at these pictures it seems impossible it’s gone by so quickly….


And, now they’re raising a beautiful family of their own.  (With one more on the way…..woo-hoo!)


Daniel and Melissa, my other “amazingly beautiful on the inside and out” daughter-in-law got married just a year ago…


But the time has flown just the same.


No babies yet Smile….just enjoying the newlywed lifestyle….


The blessings I feel with my growing family knows no bounds.  I couldn’t have asked for more perfect daughter-in-laws for my boys.  And, the addition of my grandkids are a blessing beyond words.  (All you fellow grannies out there get my drift!)

Happy Belated Anniversary to my amazing kids!

And as always……

Happy Decorating!

An Extraordinary Ordinary Life

Given the recent unrest in this world which gets more chaotic everyday…..along with my birthday earlier this month and other events in my life – it’s made me a bit reflective, nostalgic and introspective.  It leads me to sort of think about my place in this crazy, volatile world – and the incredible blessings God has bestowed upon me in my simple, quiet little life – one I very much take for granted.   I know I’m right where God would have me be at this stage of my life….and, sometimes, in the midst of all the “busy-ness” (though not often enough) I stop a minute and realize just how precious my ordinary life is.

My Ordinary Life

I’m an ordinary girl

With an ordinary life…

I’m an ordinary mom

And an ordinary wife


I live on an ordinary street

In an ordinary house

I have ordinary children

And an ordinary spouse


I’m extraordinarily grateful

For this ordinary life

Which brings extraordinary joy

To this mother and this wife

I see extraordinary things

In this ordinary-“ness”

For I know in my heart

I’m extraordinarily blessed…


For my ordinary children

Are extraordinary to me –

My ordinary spouse

The best a man could be -


A roof over my head…

An extraordinary thing

Food on the table

An extra blessing –


Let me never lose sight

Of these extraordinary gifts

In my ordinary life…

That I so greatly cherish

by Sheri Martin © 2012

The Important Things In Life!


I’m SO SORRY for the delay in blog posts lately.  My days are full and my cup runneth over!  Aside from working full time on several large projects with my design business I’m preparing and planning for a busy, busy, busy upcoming weekend at the end of May.  Many of you know my son is getting married and the time is drawing nigh! 


So right now I’m planning and decorating for the rehearsal dinner for this young, happy (and dare I say beautiful!) couple.  Lots of fun, but tedious details to attend to (caterer, video, decorating, etc…) for this event on Friday evening – the night before the wedding….


And with Melissa’s mom up north in Minnesota I’m helping out with the decorating for the wedding at this charming wedding venue (that Julie – Melissa’s mother – found) as well.   This the front entrance…

back of building

This is the back…


It opens up into a courtyard…..isn’t it so cute?


And this is the part of the courtyard where they will be getting married.  Lots and lots…..and lots of details and design to take care of for the big event Saturday night.  Lots of work for everyone -  Melissa, Julie and myself all working toward the same goal for what we hope will be a very special, magical evening…

Aly and Paige

And last, but not least, a high school graduation party for my daughter and my sweet niece at my house on Sunday.  Of course, I don’t want their event to get lost in the wedding weekend.  I want that to be just as special for them.  Which means more food preparation and more decorating.

Whew!  So now you know why I’m having trouble sitting down to blog.  Please be patient with me.  I have so much to blog about as soon as I have time.  I just need about six more hours in each day and I could do it.  But, I promise I’ll get back to my regular blogging just as soon as I can.

In the mean time…

Happy Decorating!

A Happy, Heavenly Birthday For My Dad In Heaven! So Many Sweet Memories…


For those of you whose dads are still here are on earth with you – don’t forget to hug their necks and tell them you love them – often.  If your dad is like mine the thing they love most in the whole world is their family.  They love their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren dearly and their world is happiest when the family is together….laughing, talking eating – just hanging out.

dads last birthday

Happy Birthday, Dad!

(I’m quite sure cake tastes even better in heaven!)

my birthday with mom and dad

For those of you who are daddy’s girls and are lucky enough to still have them here with you – you know how special that relationship is.  So take a moment today and remind yourself how fortunate, how blessed you are that they are still here….


It’s so easy to take time for granted, but one day God chooses to take them home. And, it’s harder than words can express….

dad and mom holding hands

So hard to let go….

But, our family has such sweet memories of our lives with him, memories we will cherish forever…..


I wish a happy, heavenly birthday to the kindest, sweetest, gentlest man I’ve ever known…

My father. 

We all miss you so much and look forward to the day we’ll celebrate in heaven with you again!

Party Décor Ideas: Festive, Fun Family Weekend


Last weekend was one of those busy, busy, busy – but very fun family weekends that turned out to be one long celebration – one event after another.  First on the agenda was my granddaughter’s second birthday.  Her mommy planned a “tea party” themed party for the birthday girl – with painful consideration given to every last detail.


The table was set with a burlap runner topped with trims and beads for that girly flair.  She hand made these cute floral centerpieces and the placemats – which were simply coloring book pages adhered to colorful craft paper squares.  How cute is that?!  And, fun for the kiddo’s, too.


Each little guest had their own sippy cup with their name on it.  These are mason jars that they drilled holes in for the straw.  A small piece of pink construction paper was cut to fit the lid and held in place with the screw on rim.  So creative and cute!  And, functional – helping to keep spills to a minimum.


My daughter-in-law, Katie, (Kaisley’s mama) made these little flowers with crepe paper by sewing along the edge to create a gathered look.  Then she rolled them into these adorable flowers and added the stems. 



She even melted down crayons into these little tea pot molds for the children to color their placemats with.  How adorable!


Each place setting was complete with their own teapot name tag. 


More flowers were made on a larger scale to hang from the ceiling for a festive touch over the mantel of colorful flags.


Excited little girls peeked out the window anxiously awaiting the arrival of fellow tea partiers (not to be confused with the political group!).


When the all the guests arrived the festivities began.  Here are all the little cutey-pies sitting politely at the table.  All very well behaved I must say!


One of the tea partier’s little brother’s refused to be left out of the action.


When it was time to open gifts you can see from Kaisley’s face this little “girly girl’ took her clothes quite seriously – almost as much as the toys….


Mom and dad look on while their big girl happily unwrapped gift after gift.



A successful tea party – and a very happy birthday girl!

But, the partying continued……


After nap time it was time for her great-grandmother’s 75th birthday that evening and a carry over celebration of Kaisley’s 2nd birthday party.  So I went to my “go-to” birthday dessert – a cupcake tower.  I got the colorful cupcakes from Kroger, then just added some matching flowers I got from the Dollar Store and some colorful ribbon I curly-q’d up and draped as streamers.  I covered it all with sprinkles.


Her birthday card matched so well I took it out of the envelope and stuck it on the top cupcake as a topper!


I used my fun martini vases for the gumdrops…..


And the nut mix.


I added a vase filled with Twizzlers, a vase of horn blowers and the party hats.  I just added more curly-q colorful ribbon on the table for fun……


And a vase of colorful lollypops – yummy and decorative.  (Inside the round box with the flower is her gift.  It worked great as part of the table decorations.)


And, here are the birthday girls decked out together in birthday crowns and birthday ribbons – courtesy of the Dollar Store, of course! (I think great-grandma and great-granddaughter look alike here!)


Even my daughter’s Chihuahua, Harley, (my granddog) got in the action.


Family and dogs alike…..


Harley’s cousin, Luke…..


All celebrated the birthday girls…..


Until one of the birthday girls was plum tuckered out after an action packed day……

And, then the next day we were all off to my soon to be grandson’s baby shower hosted by a couple of Katie’s friends – where there were more fun decorating ideas.  Like this adorable little diaper cake wrapped with neck tie’s.


So cute. (Yet macho!)


And how sweet is this mantel?  The awesome lettered blocks are going in my grandson’s room as part of his decor.  (Elijah Wyatt is his name)  They look great here as part of the shower decorations.  And I love the little clothesline with his cute itty-bitty clothes hanging on it!  Adorable!


Mom to be here in the middle with her sister-in-law and sister-in-law to be on the left and my nieces 0n the right. 


Me with my cute little mama and sister there to share in all the festivities.

A great family weekend with my great family!  Hope you got some decorating ideas of your own from my family’s fun, festive weekend.

Happy Decorating!

The Proposal


Okay, well, I know this has nothing to do with decorating, but since it’s my blog and I’m a mom – I have to share the big news.  My son just got engaged!  And the best part is the entire family was there for “the proposal”. 

Melissa’s family was in town from Minnesota and we had them over for a family dinner along with my parents.  My son, Daniel, wasn’t going to pop the question unless he was able to slip out with her father, Terry, at some point and ask for his blessing.  Once he did – he told me it was “on” and to get the camera….. 


….Which was nerve wracking, because it was my job to get everyone out back without telling them why.  The pretense was to go outside to get family pictures and then he would pop the question in front of the whole family (who had no idea).  But it was so stinking hot nobody was much interested in going outside! He was hoping for a sunset proposal, but it was dark before I convinced everyone to go outside for pictures “real quick”.


Once there, he dropped to his knee to “tie his shoe”, and then pulled out the ring.  Melissa was completely, utterly shocked.


It was precious!


They were both glowing and we were all in tears!


(And, no, that’s not a cemetery behind them…’s my backyard!)  Several of Daniel’s co-workers asked him if he proposed at a cemetery!


So sweet!


Time for celebration…….


And group hugs.


Melissa’s surprised, but happy family (minus her brother).


My elated family (minus my granddaughter).


The proud and happy grandparents, my mom and dad.


And the oh-so-happy couple!  Precious!

Time for more showers, a rehearsal dinner, etc……So fun!  And though this particular post had absolutely nothing to do with it…..

Happy Decorating!

A Little Bit French, A Little Bit Southwest…and A Little Newlywed Game?


I’m blessed in many ways, but one of those ways is my wonderful friendships.  My family is fortunate enough to be in a group friendship with four other families.  We’ve all been friends for a dozen years or more – some as many as 20 or more.  We’ve been through thick and thin – watched each others children grow up, graduate, leave for college, come home, get “real jobs”, get married and have babies.  And one way we support each other is showers…..for everything.   Weddings, babies….you name it.  But, one unfortunate young couple was so busy before their wedding nuptials, and our schedules were so hard to coordinate we finally gave up and opted for a “Newlywed Partay” instead.  So we waited until after the big day had passed and all the hoopla had settled back down and finally were able to celebrate. 

Our good friend Barbie opened up her beautiful home for the event.


And this is where the little bit French comes it.


She has a spectacular home with a wonderfully large living room filled with antiques, great textures, French furnishings…..and a touch of Southwest. Notice the picture above her fireplace? An unusual mix, but it works beautifully


Barbie graduated from college with three degrees, one of which was interior design, so notably reflected in her gorgeous home!



If you look closely you can see our group of “moms” in this picture she keeps on display. Our group nickname is the “Rita’s”.  (We came up with that one day while sipping on margaritas on a hot Texas summer afternoon years ago.  Senioritas sipping on margaritas.  Get it?!)  All the hubbies and kids refer to us as “the Rita’s” - and have for years.


Another little touch of France here with these cool wall accessories on the way to the den.  Notice her window dressings? It’s berry vine.  How creative is that!?


When you move into their den/game room you see where the main Southwest Theme really comes in.  Look at this great paneling.  Barbie and Cindy (another Rita) did this technique themselves.  Doesn’t it look cool?



I had to throw in her cool kitchen backsplash.  Very cool.


And, I’m incredibly jealous she’s managed to keep her backyard looking amazing in this stifling Texas heat.



We did what we moms do best – created a great spread of food, some catered by the fabulous Woody B’s Barbecue and some made by us.



After a great meal we moved to the living room – with the “newlyweds” front and center - to have some fun and play our own version of the Newlywed Game!  Just a fun little something to put them on the spot! 


Barbie put me in charge of the game so I headed out to one of my favorite places to gather the props – The Dollar Store! – and picked up these signs.  Then I printed off their names and glued them on.



I bought these baby award ribbons used for baby showers and called them the “High Five Spouse Award” for the winning spouse!


I bought these note pads for $1.00 each (Love the Dollar Store!) and changed out the front cover to make the “contestant pads”.


This is where they wrote their answers.


Myself, my hubby, my son and his girlfriend came up with the questions….


Complete with a score board.


We sat them down on opposite sides of the room (with flower lei’s) and started the questions….


The spectators sat back and enjoyed the show…..


We had some laughs…..


And, more laughs watching them struggle with questions most of us “older marrieds” couldn’t answer either….


And, in the end – Maripat was the winner!


But, we had mercy on Holston and gave him a “High Five Spouse Award”, too!!!


Next they opened their long awaited “Rita” gift….


Matching white monogrammed robes. 

Aaaaaaaahhhhhh, newlyweds… sweet!

So there you have it….a little decorating and a little fun!

And as always…

Happy Decorating!


Time Flies: Happy Anniversary


Time really does fly by and no more so than when there are children in the house and special events that mark the passage of time.  All moms out there know the tugging of the heart at certain stages along the path of life and there’s nothing more impactful than your child getting married.  This post is to celebrate four happy years of marriage for my son and his beautiful wife.  I feel like four years ago I blinked and here we are today.  I’m sure they feel the same way.


That special day four years ago.


Our smiling, happy family celebrating the occasion.  And, my husband and I so thankful that our son found someone so precious to marry and another family to love him like we do.

I just don’t understand how my boys went from this:


To this:


Or how time slipped by so fast from this happy mother/son dance:


To this joyful wedding dance:


They’ve gone from being so small and dependent on mom:


To growing up and becoming so independent:


How did that happen so fast?

And, now this sweet couple has started a family of their own.



With another baby on the way. 

They will now embark on their own sweet memories.  And I know they will cherish each step along the way and all the moments that mark the passage of time with their own beloved family.  A word of advice – be careful not to blink… goes by so fast.

Life is so precious.

Happy Anniversary!

Prom Time Fun!


It is such a fun time and such great memories when high school prom time comes around.  Not just for the teens, but for the parents as well.

My daughter recently attended two proms.  One for her high school and one for another high school. She had a couple of girlfriends over to get ready for her own high school prom so I thought I’d create a little spa-like atmosphere where they could get ready in style.


I brought them orange water on a gold tray with lollypops and girlie napkins.


I let them have my bathroom for the occasion. 


A little cheers before the completed look.


Ready for the big night.


So cute… fun.


Her dad……still in shock that his baby girl is old enough for such things.


Proud mom (with a bad hair day!) and her sweet, beautiful daughter.


All dressed up and ready for the evening. 


Prom #2 her big brother, home from college, was there to greet her date along with her parents, much to his surprise.




Awkward moments with parents and brother there to watch.



But, soon he was comfortable and having fun.


Another fun night…..another memory.  Good times!


And, even though this doesn’t have a whole lot to do with it….

Happy Decorating!!!

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